Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bathing Beauties #BB14

Yes, most of the Big Brother 14 house guests are enjoying the California sunshine and the tiny pool in the backyard.

It's just after noon out West, so the sun is super strong now.

The guys carry on a conversation, but the girls mainly just lay there, baking.  (I think Jenn needs to step it up and start conversating more...Janelle doesn't like her and said she can't talk to her, so Britney is likely not far behind.  A solid HOH win could set her game straight.)

They discuss how you can place bets on many elements of the Big Brother game.  Like who will win HOH, etc.  Ian tells a story about how he placed a bet during BB6 about Janelle's showmance---he bet on Michael Donnellan to win but they figured out Ian was underage and pulled the bet.  (Lucky for him, huh?)

Last year we had Big Jeff, but Frank is this year's Sun God, I think.

During the HOH PowWow, Joe said that Frank is so charismatic and believable, he spoke with him for 10 minutes this morning but he "had him at Hello". 

Mike joins in on talks about TV.  They can't wait until Breaking Bad returns and they know they are missing it.  Boogie says the season premier is tomorrow night on AMC.  (Yo!  So excited!)

The movie Super Size Me comes up and Ian says the movie was required viewing at his school.  That grabs everyone's attention and Ian says watching the movie made him crave McDonald's food.

Dan, chuckling:  That makes perfect sense.

Frank:  Well, when I watch porn I wanna have sex!

Laughter all around.

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