Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Name Negotiations #BB14

Mike tells the group that he wanted to name the baby Brady, and if it was a girl he wanted to spell it "Bradi".  Brady's mom agreed to it, but Mike says if it had been a girl it would have been a tougher sell.

He explained to Ashley that they weren't married, and kind of made it clear that no marriage was pending with her.

Janelle and her husband had two names narrowed down---Violet and Stella.  Her husband favored Stella, but Janelle really liked Violet.  One night her husband wanted to go play poker with his friends and Janelle wouldn't let him.  She was pregnant and didn't think the late night poker games were a good idea for a husband and father.

Finally she said he could go if they agreed to name the baby Violet and he agreed.  If she has another girl they are going to name her Liliana, so that Janelle's kids are Violet and Lily.

Britney likes the name Stella, but Mike thinks it sounds like a Cat Lady name, kind of old and crotchety.  It reminds Frank of the Marlon Brando movie.  (me too)

Janelle and her husband went to Catholic pre-marriage counseling and she thinks it was very helpful since they learned so much more about each other and how to make compromises.  She says figuring out which of their parents' homes to spend Christmas in was a very hard decision.

Mike asked Dan if he thinks it might have helped to live with his fiance before marriage.  Dan thinks it is better to figure it out after getting married.  I can tell Mike doesn't agree at all.

Dan says that Chelsea's dog was poorly behaved, so after they got married and moved in together he put the dog right in the crate.

Britney gasped when she heard that.  I have heard Dan tell the cameras a number of time that Chelsea better not have the dog in bed with her while he's gone.

***I could never, ever, live with someone as conservative and rigid as Dan.***

But I'm sure the feeling would be mutual....

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