Friday, July 13, 2012

Ashley's Back from Wherever She Went #BB14

Kara finally finished her sandwich and asked Danielle if she wants to go to their room to eat it.  They want to talk but don't want to talk in front of Jenn, who is in the lounge room.  (don't know the name yet)

Kara sits on the floor and she and Danielle start talking to Ashley.  Well, Danielle talks and Kara eats.  She doesn't eat slowly, as much as carefully. 
That room would drive me crazy if I had to stay in there.  I guess that's why it is punishment.    When they came in Ashley was getting up and obviously struggling to move.  Her movements are that slow ramrod-straight movements that you have when the pain is excruciating.  She is trying to make small talk and move about normally, hiding it, but you can tell it is killing her.

She is headed into one of the bedrooms to take a nap in one of the beds--they are allowed to do that during the day, I think.  She stops at the door and breathes slowly.  I think she is dying inside.  (If you've hurt your back, you know....) 
She went into the next bedroom and eased down on the bed, appearing to hold her breath.  When she sat down she just sank into it and slowly lowered herself down.  Joe is just getting up from his nap across the room.

They are both silent.

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