Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ashley Has Big Legal Troubles...And a Past? #BB14

According to the NY Post, she agreed to appear in a bondage video produced by her much-older "boyfriend" and bounced on it, leaving him with disgruntled investors.

Big Bro’ gal’s 800G reality lesson

Last Updated: 6:52 AM, July 15, 2012

A “Big Brother” contestant who vowed never to “boink on camera” to win is accused of screwing her ex out of big bucks.

So claims former S&M king Anthony Marini, who is suing his ex-flame Ashley Iocco in Manhattan Supreme Court for $820,000.

“She’s a thief,” charged Marini. “Nobody understands what this girl is doing.”

Marini, 56, who in the 1990s ran The Vault — a notorious bondage den in the Meatpacking District — cast the 26-year-old buxom blonde as the star of his first feature film in 2010.
A few months into the shoot, the two began dating.

But Iocco, after completing just eight scenes for a trailer, bolted to California, causing a $700,000 investor to back out, Marini alleges.  Iocco, a Pittsburgh native who operates a mobile spray-tanning business in Hollywood, couldn’t be reached for comment.

But she filed an answer to the complaint in which she denied the charges, including the claim that she and Marini had a binding contract.

You can read the story in the Post here.

Here's a picture of Anthony Marini.  He used to own The Vault in NYC and was/is mixed up with some Wise Guys.

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