Sunday, July 1, 2012

Apparently Janelle is Furious #BB14

Our trusty informant Missyae @TheGameSurvivor checked in last night with a few updates about the Big Brother 14 Mentor Twist situation.

There have been rumors threats floating around out there about Russell Hantz being one of the Big Brother house guests this year.  No dice on that.  That is the Russell Missyae is referring to below,  not the bald, angry, part-time UFC player who appeared on BB11.  (I wrote about the Russell Hantz rumors way back in June. You can read about it here.)

Also, we get an update on JanelleGate, which erupted yesterday when someone fake-tweeted a picture of Janelle getting on a plane to Greece, while talking about Rome.  (We think the tweeter was Beau, Janelle's friend from BB6, who probably doesn't have the time to actually learn the European capitals.  He's too busy with the US's 48 states!  ha ha ha)  If you don't know about JanelleGate, you can learn about it here and here.

Anyway, Janelle is FURIOUS with her blabber mouth friend who couldn't keep their trap shut about her rumored upcoming appearance on Big Brother 14 as one of the four mentors.  (Don't know about the Mentor Twist?  Just type that phase into the search box in the left margin of this website and you will discover a world of infotainment regarding this bombshell rumor.)

Well, who is Janelle mad at?  At first I thought it was Beau. I pictured him in a club in Miami doing rails ("allegedly") and chattering nonstop about his not-so-secret information.

But I must apologize to Beau for blaming him.  I should not have been so quick to judge.

James Rhine?  Whaaat?  Well, let's all just chew on that for awhile.

Regarding Dan Gheesling (another rumored Mentor for BB14), I don't follow his tweets, but I know he has been tweeting about his weekend escapades and even told one fan to check the GPS coordinates of a picture he tweeted, just to prove he is back home in Minneapolis or where ever it is he lives.  He's checking into Foursqure, too.  (I can't imagine why ANYONE would want to do that at ANY TIME, but that's just me.  I roll quietly.)

Apparently Mrs. Gheesling is the culprit.  Uh huh.

There are sure to be a flurry of Tweet Checkers out there regarding all of this.  In 24 hours, the novelty will wear off and we'll be on to the next topic.

But it's fun now.

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