Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ant Bitchfest Aftermath... #BB14

Willie came outside and smoked a cigarette and caught the tail-end of the Mike Boogie bitchfest about the filthy kitchen.

Frank is one cool dude and says he is very disappointed that Ted (their mascot bear) sat right there all night and didn't step up to stop the ants.

Mike Boogie agrees and says he expected more from Ted.

Frank:  I know what I want to ask him...Hey Ted, is it true that you really shit in the woods?

(ha ha ha)

Mike:  Yeah, and tell us about that tree that fell when no one was around!

Joe shared some stories about his father.  He was in the military and was never the same after combat.  (Viet Nam, I think?)  He couldn't sleep at night and had PTSD and got boxes of drugs delivered to the house from the VA.  Joe thinks it is sad that the government just threw drugs at the problem.  He saw his dad crush up Percosets and put the dust in his eye. 

This caused a conversation about non-conventional ways to ingest drugs and alcohol.  Shane had a lot of knowledge about various energy drinks, including Loco, which is under the gun from the FDA.  (?)

Willie pulled both JoJo and Shane aside individually and warned them not to get caught up in bitching about the kitchen problems.  He said Mike Boogie just wants to stir up shit to deflect and they should stay out of it and not respond.

Maybe Shane can control his impulses about this, but JoJo?  I'll believe that when I see it.

Lots of FISH as Mike talks about Production and they don't like it.  Then they started quoting the South Park guys' movies and TV shows.   Mike told a story about Trey Parker and Matt Stone coming in one of his clubs for an afterparty and paying $1,000 for some Big Macs and shakes.

Frank watches Comedy Central and says those guys turn an episode of South Park around in 6 days. Jenn can't wait to see the Book of Mormon and says they killed it on Broadway.

Willie wants to know how long that show has been on and Ian tells him the year.  Then Willie basically accuses Ian of being a genius and saying he remembers everything.

(A clear ploy to let everybody know that Mike's team is a threat.)

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