Friday, July 27, 2012

And We're Back #BB14

Dan and Danielle in the storage room whispering.  Dan takes her now in the Have Not room.  I don't think Dan won, because he made an excuse about not doing well.

 Something happened and Danielle was jumping up and down---Dan picked her and asked her if she was surprised.  Danielle is very happy.

Ian came in and they asked him to leave.  But in a nice way.

I don't know if the nominations happened yet, and I can't tell yet what happened with the competition.

Oh now we see Janelle in the storage room, wearing her costume.  She tells Wil to just win the competition--don't throw it! Just win!

Bowls of Froot Loops cereal nest in bowls behind her.  (Is that even sanitary?)

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