Friday, July 20, 2012

All's Quiet in the BB House...So Far... #BB14

Everyone appears to be sleeping at this time.  Even Ted can be seen getting some shut eye in the HOH bedroom with Frank.

Note that Ted stays ON TOP of the covers in Frank's bed.  No Dutch Ovens for our Ted.

That is Ian in the lower right, still sleeping one of those damn Have Not beds from hell.

When will that end?  Today?  I hope so.

I think Nominations will be held today..also maybe the Coach's competition, and that is sure to be an exciting one, but only if Dan or Britney wins.  I don't think Boogie or Janelle would choose to make a trade. 

In fact, I'm sure that Mike Boogie doesn't need it, other than to protect both Ian and Jenn from being snatched up by another team.  He certainly doesn't need to protect anybody this week.

As if on cue, young Ian Terry rises from his Have Not bed and goes to the kitchen, and then the WC.  I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but Ian walks on his toes, never really using the heels of his feet for balance. 

Strange, huh?

and he stands still like a ballerina, almost in the 5th position.

Yes, I took ballet back in the day.  Chew on that, bitches.

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