Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Tale of Two House Guests #BB14

Britney pulled Danielle aside to see if she had any information about Wil's possible change of heart.  Danielle describes the incident as Janelle approaching Wil and saying somethng like "the only reason you are here is because me and Ashley went in there and kissed Shane's ass for you because you wouldn't do it".

Britney is scandalized  by this, since it differs so much from what Janelle just told her.  (a very watered down version of that)

Danielle:  I hate Janelle!  I don't trust her at all!

Britney tells her that Janelle makes up lies to get ahead in the game.   They agree to work together to get out Team Janelle in the coming weeks.  Britney thinks Ashley doesn't  really like Janelle, based on thngs she has said recently.

After the HOH Picture break, Janelle pulled Ashley aside and Ashley said that if Wil votes to keep Frank, he's screwing their whole team over.  She can't believe that would happen!  She didn't think Wil was mad at Janelle last night, but realizes that she should not talk about the Coach's coming back in because it gets everybody so upset.

Ashley:  I hate all of this he said, she said....

A few minutes ago, Janelle weighed herself and said the scale can't be correct---there is no way she has lost 10 pounds!

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