Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shane: Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. #BB14

Shane has issued three Tweets in his reign as HOH.  He actually tweeted these yesterday, but they were released in the past hour.

I think the big game move he refers to is the POV ceremony.

I can't poke fun at Shane because he hasn't given me any material to work with.  Who is Shane? 

See Frank Run. See Frank and Wil Run. #BB14

Janelle: Sorry Nana! #BB14

Janelle is in the HOH with Ashley, Danielle and Britney.  Frank told Wil that tonight there is going to be a blowup between him and Joe.

He is going to call Joe out on his lies.  (Basically, if Frank is going to try to make a big play, tonight is the night, because they need to go to bed early Wednesday night to get ready for Thursday's live show.)

Janelle is going to call Frank out for telling Ashley that Wil needs to go, then turning right around and telling Wil that Ashley needs to go.

Janelle:  Frank is the biggest snake in this house!  He needs to go!  Sorry Nana!

Janelle's husband calls her lamb.  She has known him for 12 years.  Their first date was in October and he borrowed money from his mother to take her to Perkins.  She had a chicken quesadilla.

Danielle has to have Perkins explained to her.  They decide it is like Cracker Barrel.

Britney plans to take a nap.  They want to hang out in the HOH tonight so that they avoid all of the drama.

Britney:  If there is any calling out tonight I don't want to be part of it.

She watches the Spy Cam after the girls leave and says "what is Ashley thinking?" and "why is Ashley willing to do Janelle's dirty work?"

A Tale of Two House Guests #BB14

Britney pulled Danielle aside to see if she had any information about Wil's possible change of heart.  Danielle describes the incident as Janelle approaching Wil and saying somethng like "the only reason you are here is because me and Ashley went in there and kissed Shane's ass for you because you wouldn't do it".

Britney is scandalized  by this, since it differs so much from what Janelle just told her.  (a very watered down version of that)

Danielle:  I hate Janelle!  I don't trust her at all!

Britney tells her that Janelle makes up lies to get ahead in the game.   They agree to work together to get out Team Janelle in the coming weeks.  Britney thinks Ashley doesn't  really like Janelle, based on thngs she has said recently.

After the HOH Picture break, Janelle pulled Ashley aside and Ashley said that if Wil votes to keep Frank, he's screwing their whole team over.  She can't believe that would happen!  She didn't think Wil was mad at Janelle last night, but realizes that she should not talk about the Coach's coming back in because it gets everybody so upset.

Ashley:  I hate all of this he said, she said....

A few minutes ago, Janelle weighed herself and said the scale can't be correct---there is no way she has lost 10 pounds!

HOH Picture Time #BB14

Britney has a mini-tantrum that the HOH Room is locked.  She doesn't want to take pictures wearing her pajamas with no makeup, so she goes back downstairs and uses Janelle's makeup to get ready.

Danielle scrambles to get made up, too.

This is a cute picture of the Have Nots with slop, cereal and salmon.

Janelle and Britney Worry Session #BB14

Britney and Janelle make sure no one is in the bathroom before they start whispering.

They wonder if Mike Boogie negotiated more money if he goes into sequester.  Janelle isn't sure, but doesn't think so.

Britney:  I can't believe there are going to be individual cottages...

FISH on that.  I guess the Jury will be separated?  Or maybe the former coaches?


Britney tells Janelle that Wil got very upset last night when Ashley brought up the Coaches going into the game.

Janelle says he is going to be very hard to work with long term, that he won't be loyal to her.  She says that he has "a crush on Frank" and she is worried now that he will keep him this week.  Britney mentions that Wil has said over and over again that he will never vote against Joe and she hopes he meant it.

Britney:  He swore on the life of Belle that he would vote to evict Frank.  (his dog) Do you think he meant it?

Janelle says that if Julie announces before the vote that the Coaches are coming in the game, or if they tell the Coaches during a break to get their athletic gear ready, they are both screwed.  Wil will never vote to evict Frank then.  Britney says that Wil thinks if Janelle comes into the game he needs to fight with Frank against the Coaches.

Janelle:  He's an idiot!  I need to talk to him today.  He won't look at me today.  He's mad at me!

Britney:  If we don't get that vote, we're screwed!

Janelle is making uncharacteristic statements that if Frank stays, she just wants to be nominated and go home, so she can be with her baby Violet and not go into sequester.  (That is an Un-Janelle thing to say.)

According to Janelle, Wil got mad because Janelle said "me and Trixie worked hard to keep you off the block this week".  Then Wil went downstairs and announced his "team is in jeopardy".

Janelle considers making up a lie and telling Wil that Frank wanted to put him up on the block.  She will say that Frank told  JoJo that she would be going up against Wil so she had a chance to stay.  They will say that Shane refused to do that, but Brit wants to throw someone under the bus who isn't there anymore.

So now they agree that the lie will be that Wil was going to to up on the block after JoJo was saved, but it never happened.  Britney is going to tell Wil she was there and heard this, and Janelle will back it up later.

They took a break in the conversation twice, once when Mike came in to pee, and again when Danielle went into the bathroom and announced she is PMS'ing.

Then Britney asked to look at Danielle's bra and started a whole conversation about shopping for bras at Victoria's Secret and her own boobs.  Britney is very competitive with Janelle.  They are both D's, but Janelle wears a 34 and Britney wears a 32.  Janelle couldn't even fit into VS bras when she was pregnant.

Britney points out that her waist is much smaller than her chest size.  I think she wanted a reaction from Janelle, but I don't think the Blonde Bombshell gives a shit about that.

Baby Name Negotiations #BB14

Mike tells the group that he wanted to name the baby Brady, and if it was a girl he wanted to spell it "Bradi".  Brady's mom agreed to it, but Mike says if it had been a girl it would have been a tougher sell.

He explained to Ashley that they weren't married, and kind of made it clear that no marriage was pending with her.

Janelle and her husband had two names narrowed down---Violet and Stella.  Her husband favored Stella, but Janelle really liked Violet.  One night her husband wanted to go play poker with his friends and Janelle wouldn't let him.  She was pregnant and didn't think the late night poker games were a good idea for a husband and father.

Finally she said he could go if they agreed to name the baby Violet and he agreed.  If she has another girl they are going to name her Liliana, so that Janelle's kids are Violet and Lily.

Britney likes the name Stella, but Mike thinks it sounds like a Cat Lady name, kind of old and crotchety.  It reminds Frank of the Marlon Brando movie.  (me too)

Janelle and her husband went to Catholic pre-marriage counseling and she thinks it was very helpful since they learned so much more about each other and how to make compromises.  She says figuring out which of their parents' homes to spend Christmas in was a very hard decision.

Mike asked Dan if he thinks it might have helped to live with his fiance before marriage.  Dan thinks it is better to figure it out after getting married.  I can tell Mike doesn't agree at all.

Dan says that Chelsea's dog was poorly behaved, so after they got married and moved in together he put the dog right in the crate.

Britney gasped when she heard that.  I have heard Dan tell the cameras a number of time that Chelsea better not have the dog in bed with her while he's gone.

***I could never, ever, live with someone as conservative and rigid as Dan.***

But I'm sure the feeling would be mutual....

Promo for Wedneday's Show #BB14

This is a commercial running for Wednesday's Big Brother CBS program.

Even after watching the live feeds so much, as well as Big Brother After Dark, it is still exciting for me to see this.  A lot of it is Diary Room stuff.

Mike Has Learned to Cook #BB14

Mike usually doesn't cook much for himself, but he thinks he might start doing that more since he picked up a few pointers from Joe this summer.

They asked him if he eats at his restaurants and he does, but if he leaves work by six or seven PM he takes food home with him---sushi if he is at Geisha House.

Janelle asked him what happened with his old roommates---Mike used to have a "party house" before the baby came.

Mike:  Well, Sylvan moved in with his girlfriend, and the Scottish guys.....a couple of them got caught up in the "whole LA thing"..

Quick FISH, since I think that was code for becoming a drug addict.

Mike:....so they went back to Scotland.  I'm sure you're familiar with that since you lived in LA.  Then the other Scottish guy moved in with a couple of my bartenders.  We kind of transferred the party house to their house.

Janelle put on her shades and took her coffee outside. 

Mike is eating what looks like a bowl of imitation crabmeat.

Dan is cooking himself some eggs and adds some hot sauce as they cook.  It is a fresh bottle of hot sauce and he had to work to remove the plastic around the top.  I'm guessing there are at least two bottles of open hot sauce in the fridge already.

Late Night for Joe and Janelle #BB14

They were the last two up last night, until 5:30 am.  Janelle was wide awake since she took a long nap and didn't wake up until 10:30 pm, and Joe didn't want to go to bed in the Have Not room.

Joe ended up laying on the floor and Mike seems surprised BB let him do that.  Mike greeted Ashley this morning by commenting on how dressed up she was, with hair and make up.

The first wake up song was Sabotage by the Beastie Boys.  I don't know the other song, but it was an old song by a group with two female singers.   Wil said it was a one hit wonder.

Britney appeared on the scene and immediately wanted to know who stayed up the latest.  She is obsessed with keeping track of this.  Britney had fun last night with the volleyball.  Frank also enjoyed the hot tub fun.  They also had a late night pool party after Showtime ended.

Now Janelle dragged out of bed and Wil greets her as Sleeping Beauty.  She is sore from working out yesterday.

Wil is going to work out now.  Janelle might stretch with him later.  Ashley munches a Red Delicious apple.