Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yet More Rumor Updates - Mentor Twist #BB14

Our trusty CBS spoiler source has  had plenty of caffeine today, from the looks of it.


OK, OK, by now you should surely be familiar with the rumored Mentor Twist.  If you aren't, you can get up to speed here.

@TheGameSurvivor is dishing out more info about the structure of the Mentor arrangement.  In other words, what's in it for them?

*  Cash money if one of the Mentees on their team wins the game.  $100K prize money, but apparently at that point they will not receive the $20,000 base salary and $2,000 weekly stipend.  (So even if the Mentor does a crappy job and all of their team gets the boot after Week #4, they would still receive $28,000 if they last a full month.  Assuming the $20K salary isn't prorated over the entire season.)

* The Mentors are hopeful that they can enter the game at some point for the big prize, but I don't think that is set in stone. (So, let's say they cast a bunch of Lawons and Adams this year, I guess having the Mentors enter the game would help save the summer TV ratings.  More eggs in the basket?   And Alison Grodner Productions needs a new casting director.)

@TheGameSurvivor also ruled out a few former house guests who have been rumored to be Mentors.

* No James Rhine. (He would have been a good coach, I think.)
* No Maggie.  (Who?)
* No Matt Hoffman.  (Probably would have been a shoe-in if he had reached the finals in BB12)
* No Ronnie Talbott.  (Probably better suited for All Stars.  We haven't seen enough of Ronnie, in my opinion.  A fascinating character and fan of the game.)

Once again this all may or may not be accurate.  But so far it is the most plausible set of rumors to date.



* No Lisa Donohue (BB3)
* No Eric Stein (BB8)
* No Chelsia Hart  (BB9)
* No Michelle Noonan (BB11)
* No Chima Simone (BB11  ha ha ha)

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