Saturday, June 30, 2012

Welcome to Big Brother 14

The past week has been a whirl of excitement and rumors.  The upcoming week is sure to include the same.

I just want to take a moment to welcome new visitors to my website, and to thank those that keep coming back for their support.  I have been writing live feed updates for years, but only started keeping my own website during BB11.  I actually set up the website and started posting a day or two before Chima Simone's unprecedented breakdown and expulsion.  That ended up being great timing!  I was right there with the story at the right time.

Some people wonder where I get the time to do this every summer.  Sometimes I do, too.  I own my own business and try to schedule my appointments and commitments around my Feed Watching schedule as much as possible. 

I will be writing live feed updates every day, and taking pictures as well.  Sometimes when the feeds are down I watch the Flashbacks and then I recap those, too.  My favorite events to recap are the live HOH endurance competitions---last year they had more of them then ever, so I hope we can expect the same for BB14. 

In the past week, visitors from the following countries have visited the website.

Do you all read the site in English?  Or is it converted into other languages?  What a trip it would be to see one of my posts in Russian!

Also, from time-to-time I post the leading search terms here on the website.  This will give us all an idea of what people are searching for on the internet.  Sometimes I am amused that they typed those words or phrases into Google and were linked here on my blog, and other times I am horrified! 

Here are the most popular search terms in the past week that brought people here to my website.  As you might expect, there is A LOT of interest in the BB14 rumors and TV schedules.  But there are a few surprises---why does someone keep searching for Michael Donnellan (BB6)?  Michael, is that you?  If so, you are even creepier than I thought....

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