Saturday, June 30, 2012

Update: The Final Mentor Was Revealed #BB14

Well, last night our trusty source for all of the juicy rumors revealed the 4th and final rumored mentor for this summer's show.


After much ado, the final "bad" mentor is none other than:

Rachel Reilly.

Yes, Rachel.

I saw this info posted last night by Missyae @TheGameSurvivor, and I was very disappointed by it.  So I just kept doing what I was doing and didn't update the blog.

Sorry.  It was 103 degrees yesterday (for real) and I had two cold beers last night and some smoked eggplant dip and pretty much passed out.

You know, I consider myself a Rachel fan, and wanted her to win last year.  But I was getting really excited about the possibility of seeing some old faces that we haven't seen lately.

Like Natalie from BB11---I was thinking that casting her as the villain mentor would be genius.  Most of the fans despised her during and after her season, but it takes a special kind of talent to create that type of controversy.  She was brilliantly deviant during BB11, and was in the background pulling a lot of strings.

I think she would have won, and probably should have won instead of Jordan.  Yes, Jordan pulled it out at the end by winning the final competitions, but Natalie kept beating the odds week after week in that house.  The Jury House chatter is what ruined her---Jessie heard the news from the recently-evicted house guests about her real age, and how she had been trash talking him.  So she lost his vote, and a few others.

And of course Jeff was spending his time in the Jury House trying to convince everyone to vote for Jordan.  Then the Big Brother world got swept in Jeff & Jordan fever, so Natalie was pretty much forgotten.

The BB12 house guests did spend a fair amount of time on the live feeds badmouthing Natalie, particularly Matt Hoffman.  It was very funny, in my opinion.

Natalie was a devious little bitch who rarely bathed, but I was looking forward to seeing her in action again this summer.  I pictured her joining forces with Mike Boogie and and clashing with Janelle.

Anyway.  Moving on...

I'm sure Rachel will once again provide plenty of drama.  She is quite a different player when Brendon isn't around, and we all know how competitive she can be.  I think she is going to be star struck by Janelle (who wouldn't be?) but I'm guessing we will see a new Rachel this year.  She will have a different attitude.

I've watched Rachel on the live feeds for two years now, and last year she came in feeling like the underdog.  She and Brendon felt that everyone was against them, they had to fight every week, yadda yadda yadda.

This year (if the rumors are true...) she is coming in as a former Winner, and a finalist on The Amazing Race.  She is a CBS contract player now, so I think she should relax and let it play out.

Can you imagine being a newbie house guest and finding out that you are going to get picked in a house guest draft by either:

Mike Boogie
Rachel Reilly
Janelle Pierzina
Dan Gheesling

Wouldn't you be crapping your pants?  I wouldn't want to get stuck with Mike Boogie.  I have heard Janelle say many times that she is a fan of Rachel's and she didn't like the way Brendon spoke to her on the show.

I think Rachel and Janelle will bond and create some great TV for us.  I think Dan Gheesling will be playing from the moment he walks in that house---they should all watch out for him.

It almost makes you forget that there are other houseguests, right?  And as Missyae says, there are some surprises coming about former Survivor contestants who will be cast on this year's show.

Hmmm..  If it's Boston Rob, I don't think I can take it.  (I love, love, love me some Boston Rob.)  I just don't think I can back away from the live feeds if Boston Rob is anywhere in that house.

I officially have a Boston Rob Problem.

So there are still plenty of surprises left to reveal....I guess we will have to wait and see!

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