Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sure to be the Rumor of the Week

I discussed some of the rumors floating around the web about BB14 earlier today.  You can read about it here.

 Well, I can't trace the exact source of the rumors, but people apparently think Russell Hantz from Survivor will be a cast member.  Russell is a controversial Survivor player, and has dragged his nephew and brother into the Reality Spotlight with him.  He is ruthless and isn't concerned with making friends.  So I can see why Big Brother would consider him.   I used to follow Russell on Twitter, and I frequently saw ass-kissing messages from Russell's fans crowing about how Russell and Evel Dick should be on The Amazing Race together, blah blah blah.

So this might be the same type of people making up the same type of stories.

But rumors of Survivor and Amazing Race house guests have cropped up in other places.  This Russell rumor is very juicy and is sure to put the fans into a craze.  He polarizes people and I think most of the fans will be outraged by this rumor.  So I plan to enjoy seeing all of the evidence posted online this week to prove or disprove Russell's casting.

Would you want Russell in the BB14 house?  I don't think I would want to behold Russell Hantz on the live feeds 24/7.  I imagine he won't wash his hands very often, and that will send the Live Feeders over the edge.  I would much rather have Colton in the BB14 house than Russell, if I had a choice.   If I have to watch Russell hook up with some sleezy ho in the HOH Room, I might become violently ill.

Robyn Kass is the casting director of a number of reality shows, including Big Brother.  The good people behind Hamsterwatch have noticed that Russell follows Robyn's Twitter now.

So now the chatter level starts to rise.  Big Brother Insider is in on it now.

Meanwhile, Robyn Kass tweets about the great L.A. weather today and other generalities like this:

Has everyone been cast yet?  Is that why she is out flying kites and lollygagging?  

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