Thursday, June 28, 2012

So, Who is Behind the Mentor Twist Spoilers? #BB14

I knew that the person behind the Twitter account leaking the rumored Mentor Twist spoilers had been in a little trouble with CBS, but I must admit I didn't know the details.

Last night I noticed that people were bitterly disparaging those spoilers on Twitter, and the source they came from, so I decided to do some sleuthing.  And boy was it interesting.

Apparently Missyae, aka @TheGameSurvivor was sued by CBS in 2011 for publishing an ordered list of Survivors booted off two consecutive seasons.  Missyae is actually a man who lives in Arkansas, who was befriended by Russell Hantz, who couldn't wait to spill the beans about the two back-to-back seasons he appeared on.

So once the tweeter (let's call him "Jim", since that is his name) told CBS that he was merely repeating what Russell told him, and backed it up with emails, CBS apparently dropped the lawsuit and scurried away with their tail between their legs.

Andy Denhart from Reality Blurred did some great reporting on this story and you can find one of the articles here

Based on what I know now, I have the following comments:

1.  This is a fascinating age we live in, where the fan of a prime time Top 10 TV show is contacted on the internet by the attention-hungry, ego-driven star of the series.  And thus a scandal is born.

2.  At the end of the day, CBS should be thrilled that there are enough rabid Survivor fans to keep a website like Survivor Sucks going strong for so many years.  There is a cult of fans who love to discuss the game and the players.  Every TV show should be so lucky.

3.  If someone wants to post spoilers (particularly those that are actually true), they should do so in a way that doesn't impact the fans who DON'T want to know that information.  Maybe post in a special SPOILER thread or something, so the reader knows what they are getting into.  Otherwise it is impolite and probably hostile, to say the least.  This issue seems to be the main one that has angered Survivor fans so much, that the series was ruined for them as they innocently looked at the message board.  This happened to Andy Denhart as he researched his story. 

4.  Each Survivor signs a Big Fat Contract that includes a $5,000,000 penalty if they disclose confidential information about the show before it airs.  So......what happened to Russell Hantz after Jim proved that was how he got his information?  Was Russell fined?  Why does CBS continue to hire Russell and his family?

5.  That's what I want to know.

6.  Jim has said that since he was sued, information about Survivor is now just sent to him anonymously.  For example, someone mailed him hotel receipts for the cast who I guess is filming Survivor All Stars.  And a member of the crew stupidly left a call sheet for filming a previous season somewhere at the hotel, and someone who picked it up sent it to Jim.  (I found said call sheet online last night, and was absolutely fascinated by it.  This call sheet is from the season that Boston Rob won so looking at it didn't spoil it for me.)

7.  So...having said all of this, do I still think the Mentor Twist rumors are true?  I do.  And I hope my heart is not broken if Janelle doesn't appear on my TV screen on July 12th.

8.  Missyae @TheGameSurvivor is a very friendly tweeter and has been kind and chatty with me, as a newbie to his Twitter streams.  I think he welcomes your follow requests and has tweeted about how nice all of his new Big Brother fan followers are, but beware that if you follow him you will also see spoiler tweets about Survivor, particularly the season that is filming now.  I already know too much about it, to be honest, and am a little heartbroken.  (It sounds fascinating, by the way......)

9.  If Big Brother was a show that was filmed in advance, like Survivor, I would not be trolling for and posting spoilers.  (This website would not exist, since there would be no live feeds.)  I don't want to know what happens on Survivor before it is aired.  I have too much respect for Jeff Probst for that.

10.  If you need to catch up on the Mentor Twist, I have posted about it at the following links:

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12.  And as always,  trust that I will be covering all of the action right here....

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  1. You have written one of the truest commentaries about Missyae. I know Jim Early and you are right, he is a fine man. Follow him on twitter or in one of his groups (Survivor Whispers, Survivor Whispers Premier, Big Brother Whispers, and Wresting Whispers. ;)


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