Friday, June 29, 2012

So, Should We Believe The Mentor Twist? #BB14

I don't need to tell you that the web is bursting with news about the upcoming season of Big Brother 14.  The hottest rumors going right now involve the Mentor Twist.

Should we all believe the Mentor Twist?  Well, I'd like to, but I will also say I am cautiously optimistic.  I thought it sounded lame at first, but since the rumored Mentors are not the same old Big Brother faces I got excited about it.  I think we all need a Brenchal and JeJo free household this summer.

Otherwise, it would just be ridiculous.  Let's save some of that for All Stars, right?

So, I have made a list of the PROS and CONS regarding believing in this twist.


1.  The source for the rumors has a documented history of receiving inside information about Survivor.  In fact, CBS sued his ass due to the information he exposed. I wrote about the source and his background here.   People with the inside scoop would want to give it to him either directly or anonymously----he's already proved that he isn't scared to stand up to the Powers-that-Be and tell them to shove it.

2.  Said source, Missyae @TheGameSurvivor  tweeted early on in this process that the information about the Mentor Twist "just fell into his lap".  I think it is plausible that someone (with BALLS) provided this information to him.   Also, the source is a professional.  He's pacing the information updates carefully to achieve the maximum excitement.  He's running a business, and why would he screw up that reputation by publishing blatant lies?

3.  I don't have any other credible rumors to believe right now.  This is all there is right now, trust me.  TheCornerOffice was revealed as a hoax, of course, and no one else has stepped up yet with fresh rumors.  I wrote about TheCornerOffice situation here.

4.  This is Big Brother PreSeason, and this is What We Do.  Speculate.  Debate.  Anticipate.  It's fun.


I've already stated that I believe the rumors, with caution.  But there are just a few little things that trouble me.  In the interest of fair reporting I am presenting them here. 

1.  After Mike Boogies name was announced as the first "Bad" mentor, the source tweeting information that indicated that there was a female Mentor who said yes, but was shaky about it.  She was on the fence and it was possible she would back out.  Apparently she was worried that the fans would think she was a terrible mother to leave her baby.  It wouldn't take a genius to determine that this is Janelle.  He even said we should let her know that we all supported her.

But last night the source tweeted the following info:

So does that indicate that Janelle got off the fence?  Or is this mysterious 4th female mentor the one that is on-the-fence?   We don't have any potential "Bad" female mentors who are new mothers, do we?  Did Dani Donato just pop out a kid?  Because you have to assume that the Mentors were good at the game of Big Brother, and were fun and engaging to watch all summer.  And there aren't many contestants that fit that mold to choose from. No, not many.  Or any...

Maybe the source made a mistake, a typo.  It happens.  I'm just sayin'.

2.  The source has mentioned two former BB stars who were unhappy that they weren't selected as mentors ---Jeff Schroeder and Evel Dick.  Regarding Evel Dick, the source has tweeted a number of times that Dick wasn't even considered as a mentor.  Last night, the following tweet went out:

Here's what bothers me about this---if CBS didn't even consider Evel Dick as a potential mentor, how would they know he was "infuriated"?  Did he call up when he heard the rumors himself and rip Alison Grodner a new asshole?

We've all applied for jobs before where it didn't work out.  We interview, and then someone calls or writes to let us know that we weren't the right candidate, or that someone else was just a little bit better.  If we're lucky --sometimes you don't hear at  all.

But it's not like Evel Dick needs to apply for a job as a Big Brother mentor, or audition for the role.  The Powers-that-Be already know all about Evel Dick.

So..what I'm getting at is why would they even have that discussion with Evel Dick, if they weren't even considering him?

If we don't submit an application for a job, why would the company let us know they weren't even considering us?  It just doesn't make sense.

How harsh would life be if we all continually received messages out of the blue like this:

Company:  "FeedWatcher, we'd just like to let you know that we have an exciting job opportunity available this summer, but we are not even going to consider you!  Oh, and its a Big Secret, so please don't tell anybody!"

Maybe this is easily explained.  I don't know.....I will gladly review and evaluate all other credible rumors that come up.

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