Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sneak Peek into the Glass House

ABC has released some pictures of the interior of The Glass House.  It certainly looks snazzy.  Here is the bathroom:

I assume there is a place to sit in there somewhere.  Because they need a place to perch and whisper about each other. 

Also, it looks like the shower door is floor-to-ceiling---does that mean they can't drape towels over the door when they shower?  You can ask any former Big Brother house guest ---that is going to be borderline obscene.  I guess they can do that since the live feeds will only be online for a few hours each week. 

And here is one of the bedrooms.

I have stayed in hundreds of hotels during years of business travel, and this looks like a W Hotel in a city like Seattle or San Franscisco.   A nice room, but how will this look with a herd of house guests lounging in there?

Will the Glass House have Glass Housekeepers?  Because all of those shiny surfaces are going to smudge.  Big time.

You can see all of the pictures at this link

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