Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rachel Joins the Real Network Line Up

The Big Brother 14 SuperPass program is lining up their entertainment options for this summer.  They have announced that the live call-in show Rumor Control will return this year, with shows currently scheduled for Jun 28th and July 3rd.  I'm guessing they will add at least one more show, since the CBS season premiere isn't until July 12th.

This year's hosts will be Dani Donato and Rachel Reilly.  I don't have to tell you that this combo spells drama.  Dani also hosted this show last year, with Ragan Fox.  Ragan and Dani were friendly with each other, but as we all know there is some Bad Blood between Dani and Rachel.

Rumor Control is typically scheduled to coincide with the release of official information regarding this year's show.  For example, last year the broadcasts followed the release of pictures of the BB13 house, and then again after the cast was announced.  And by "cast", of course I mean last year's newbies.  Because Dani's Rumor Control hosting duties clearly didn't get in the way of being cast as one of the BB13 returning duos.

In the past, SuperPass tapes these live shows and makes them available for viewing by subscribers at any time.   The SuperPass Early Bird Special Offer kicked off this week --you can get 25% of the regular price of the BB14 live feeds if you order before July 12th.  There are some new features this year, including the following:

*  This year you can rewind the live feeds and pause, just like a DVR.
*  There is a new "One Click Screen Grab" system.  I don't know what that means, exactly, but I'm guessing you can grab screens with one click.
*  You can view the live feeds on a mobile device at no extra charge.

You can get started with SuperPass by clicking on the order icon in the upper left corner of the website. 

If you don't want to commit to the live feeds, trust that I will be covering the action here on this website.  You can subscribe to my twitter account (somewhere in the column to the left) to receive links to all BB14 posts.

For your infotainment, I have posted the links below to my coverage of Rumor Control last year.  Last year Dani was a snotty brat (in my opinion) on Rumor Control, but maybe the stress of appearing on the show with her dad Evel Dick was impacting her attitude.  Note that Dani was replaced by her Good Friend Annie (BB13) on the 3rd episode, since she was sequestered by then, or maybe even inside the house already.  They didn't say that, of course, but tiptoed around it as much as they could.

I'm sure Dani will be much more pleasant working alongside Rachel Reilly.  Ha ha ha.

From BB13:

Rumor Control - Episode 1

Rumor Control - Episode 2

Rumor Control - Episode 3 - Part 1 

Rumor Control - Episode 3 - Part 2

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