Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OK OK - One More Mentor Update! #BB14

@TheGameSurvivor just keeps giving it hardcore today!

Here is my wild guess - just putting it out there based on what I've seen so far:

"Good Mentors"

Kaysar Ridha
Janelle Pierzina or Danielle Donato

"Bad Mentors"

Mike Boogie
Danielle Reyes or Danielle Donato

I am guessing "good" and "bad" mean straight game players vs. naughty liars.

NOTE:  It was rumored that Danielle Reyes hooked up with Mike Boogie after All Stars for a drunken one-nighter, leading to the eventual break up of her marriage.  Can you imagine that drama in the house?

I'm just sayin'.......

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