Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Rumor Updates - The Mentor Twist - #BB14

Another day, another flurry of rumors.

I'm going to go ahead and name my source for the Mentor Twist rumors.  I don't think they will mind, and it is already spreading quickly throughout the internet.


Big Brother 14 will feature four mentors from previous seasons of the show.  So far the rules of their engagement are only speculative, but the source has confirmed that there will be two men and two women.

*  Mike Boogie Malin is confirmed as one of the males
*  The other males WILL NOT include Jase (BB5), Dr. Will Kirby, or Evel Dick (!).
*  Evel Dick WAS NOT considered, nor invited to participate.  (If this is true, I can't imagine he will be very supportive of the new season.)
*  It doesn't seem like Jessie is the other male mentor.  (Whew!)
*  One of the female mentors is on the fence about it, and may back out. 
*  I don't think Janelle is ruled out....hmmm.
*  Colton Cumbie from Survivor is apparently not one of the new house guests, nor is Alex Stein from The Glass House.
*  The new villian is going to be a Real Bitch!
*  Another tweeter chimed in that they heard Kaysar is one of the mentors.  (I think his Big Brother game was HORRIBLE both seasons he played, but certainly the BB fans loved him, and he has BAD BLOOD with Mike Boogie, so I could justify this casting.  IF he still looks good...)
*  The cast is going into the house this Sunday.  (Therefore, the Media Day gag order expires on Monday!)

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I have excerpted tweets from the source---Missyae is famous for Survivor Spoilers and is a very generous tweeter.  Information like this is so fun to dish about!

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