Sunday, June 24, 2012

More BB14 News and Rumors

 This time of year is very exciting for the Big Brother fans.  Kick-off is just a few weeks away, and lots of news, both real and bogus, is coming out daily. 

I think the lies are delicious, especially the blatant ones.

First, the news:


*  Did you know Lance Bass is a Big Brother fan?  Well, he is, and has been for years.  Apparently he has a weekly show on Sirius Radio called The Pop Ten.  Lance will be part of the Big Brother 14 media coverage team this year, and will score an interview with the evicted house guest each week on Friday, the day after they are eliminated.  Since Lance's show airs on Friday nights at 10:00 pm, I'm guessing he will air a taped interview.  I have a Sirius subscription so I will try to listen to this show if I can.  Of course I will blab about it here. 

* Media Day for BB14 started this weekend--I think on Friday.  Every year Big Brother has a Media Day, where a group of journalists are invited to visit the Big Brother house where they become privy to some Super Secret information.  Typically they also get to compete against each other in a few fun games, get to eat slop, etc.  Matt Whitfield from Yahoo participated again this is his tweet about the experience:

No one who participated can disclose information until July 2nd.  So mark that Monday on your calendar--that is sure to be a Big Day in BB14 Land.  July 2nd is also the revised date for the first Rumor Control show, starring Dani Donato and Rachel Reilly.  (I already discussed that here.)  I am digging Matt Whitfield's new Twitter picture.  Very chic.

*  So you may have seen this picture on the other Big Brother websites already--it was taken by one of the Media Day participants in conjunction with their visit--I'm not sure who to credit for it.  You can see their names are printed on the little HOH competition podiums.  And you can see podiums for Brendon and Rachel.  Does that mean that Brendon and Rachel will be on the show?  Probably not, since Production obviously intended for this picture to be leaked.  No way would anyone associated with Media Day break the confidentiality clause---there is too much at stake for them and their relationship with Production and the network.  I'm not discounting the fact that Rachel and Brendon may have participated in Media Day. Hell no.  That may have happened.


OK, now it gets exciting.  All you have to do to get 15 minutes of fame at this point is to post some "leaked information" about the upcoming BB14 season.  You know, that "your friend" in Production told you.

I love it all, but take it with a grain of salt.  I found a PowerPoint presentation that was posted on TV Grapevine with some truly outrageous information about the upcoming season.  The following is a summary of what was disclosed in the presentation.  You might want to sit down for this.

*  There will be 18 houseguests this year.
*  They are all new - no repeat Big Brother houseguests this year.
*   The first HOH will nominate three people, and 2 of them will be evicted.  (Twist #1)
*  You can win HOH every week if you'd like to--the HOH is no longer on the bench for the week following their HOH Reign.  (Twist #2)
*  There will be two double-evictions this year.  (Twist #3) 
*  The first HOH will also bestow an "Ultimate Golden Key" on another house guest soon after winning HOH.  (Twist #4)
*  This Ultimate Golden Key will keep the holder safe until the Final 8, however they will sit in sequester somewhere as a Have Not, waiting to come back in the game.  They will automatically be nominated when they return, unless they can win HOH.  (That would solve the "Porsche Problem", wouldn't it?)
*  Two previous Survivor contestants (Laura from Survivor #19 and Colton from the last Survivor) will be BB14 house guests, as well as "Joey Fitness" from the last season of The Amazing Race. 

Some of this sounds like it could be true-- but the Ultimate Golden Key situation sounds too risky for the Powers that Be.  Why would someone sit in sequester that long?  Wouldn't there be a huge chance they would leave?  Even if they weren't a Have Not I think that is a risk for Production.  After all, you can leave if you want to--and who could eat slop that whole time?  With cold showers? 

I could see why they would cast Colton---I think he would be a no-brainer as a BB house guest.  Dislike him or Hate him, he was good TV on the last season of Survivor, and his time was cut short after his appendicitis attack.  The Survivor season just wasn't the same after he was airlifted out.  I'd love to cover Colton on the Live Feeds.  Can you imagine what he would say when he's not "on"? So count me in on that.  In fact, the BB commercial talking about BB house guests you "love to hate" kind of describes Colton to a T. 

[Note to first HOH:  Please don't give Colton that Ultimate Golden Key.   We need Colton on all 4 cams please. Thank you].

And Laura?  WTF?  I've watched every season of Survivor, but I have no memory of this lady.  Do you remember her?  I thought she was that Janoo lady, but I guess not.

I'm not sure which of the Two Douches above are Joey Fitness.  I don't have time to pay attention to those types of details when I watch The Amazing Race (which is only when notable contestants like Brenchal or R'Amber compete).   I think they were both Jersey Guys, and they didn't do as well on some of the competitions as you would think they would.

In fact, the mere mention of Joey Fitness makes me think this whole pack of rumors is bogus.  It kind of has @MissCleoBB14 written all over it, doesn't it?  Just my two cents.

Once again, I don't know who to credit for the video containing these rumors, but I found it on the TV Grapevine website --it is about halfway down the page.  There is some snappy music in the background, so you can chair dance while you read all about the "leak" from "a really good friend".


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