Saturday, June 30, 2012

Media Day Pictures from Inside the Big Brother House! #BB14

If you are a Big Brother fan, you probably know that last weekend (June 22 - 23rd) was the annual Big Brother Media Day.

A very lucky select group of media personnel get to tour the new Big Brother house and they usually get to play some competitions, eat slop, etc.  They even had a nomination ceremony.   This year Brendon and Rachel appeared to host Media Day, which was surely an experience for those in attendance.

(That alone is one reason why I don't think Rachel should be a Mentor this year, but whatever.  I'll get over it.  See the latest rumor here.)

The house looks like a spaceship!  The decor is insane!  I think there may even be some video game references, particularly in the hallway to the Diary Room, but that's not my area of expertise, to say the least.

(I play Bejeweled on my iPhone, but that's about it.)

These pictures are courtesy of WeLoveBigBrother, and you can see all of them linked here.

I don't think we should get excited by that chicken in one of the photos---I'm pretty sure he was used somehow in the  Media Day competition.  I don't think he is a permanent resident.  I hope they don't eat him.

I'm not sure I like the decor this year.  It doesn't look like a real house in any way, shape or form.  But of course that won't stop my BB addiction....


Every single year, some jackass on the internet says that they have early pictures of the Big Brother house guests, and it turns out that the pictures are the Media Day people.  So don't be taken in by those jackasses.  After seeing the pictures at the above link, you will know a lot  more than they do.


You might recall way back last week (at least a year ago, in BB time) that there was a rumor leak that the house would have an 80's decor.  Well, of course that prediction was fake.  It came from the phonies at TheCornerOffice.  You can read about the rumors they initially tweeted, and then about the reveal of the hoax here.

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