Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let's Kickoff the BB14 Casting Rumors...

You know, the last time Big Brothers had an All Star season was BB7.  So I guess it is reasonable to assume that we'd be ready for another one for BB14, huh?

Today there was an energetic volley of tweets between Evel Dick (BB8, BB13), James Rhine (BB6 & BB7), Matt Hoffman (BB12) and Ronnie Talbot (BB11).

They are implying that they received visits from Big Brother production to shoot some footage.  Adam Poch (BB13) tried to horn in on the conversation but was shooed away.  I think we have a better chance of seeing Adam in The Glass House than we do Big Brother All Stars.

Of course, this is all way too obvious to be true.  I guess Big Brother could be filming commercial teasers for BB14 using former Big Brother stars. (They should show these during The Glass House, huh?)  Evel Dick and Ronnie in a commercial together?  I can hear the bleeps now.  TV gold right there.

But being this blatant about the upcoming All Stars season?  I just don't see it.

Last time, for BB7, the public voted on who was coming in the house, so the All Star potential players ran campaigns to win votes.  I think we're way past the time for that now.

Or are we?  Is Big Brother visiting them to film the voting campaign?

Nah.  Couldn't be.  Could it?

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