Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jeff and Jordan Do America - Live Chat

Jeff and Jordan did a "live chat" with their Facebook fans last Thursday, June 28th.  They are promoting their new show Jeff and Jordan Do America, which premieres on July 18th.

Where does it premiere?  On CBSi.  I'm not sure where that is, or how we will find it.  Maybe we will find it on You Tube.  Who knows.

This "live chat" features Jeff and Jordan sitting in front of a blue screen, reading questions from fans about their new show, and their new life together in California.   There is a strange white spot on the blue screen that I found distracting, but that's me.

A few notes:

*  Jordan hates the traffic and the noise of Southern California, but likes everything else.

*  They have a little one-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica that Jeff describes as a good "starter apartment". 

*  Turns out Jeff hurt his arm when a bull gored him!  Wow.  I wrote about Jeff's injury and have pictures of their new apartment here.

*  They really are cute together, and have a great rapport.  Jeff has so much experience now with hosting and being filmed--he's a natural.  I think he would be great on ESPN or Fox Sports, but he would need to get some speech training first.  His pronunciation of some basic words drives me crazy.  (Dese and dose).  He even coaches Jordan throughout the video on how to read the questions, etc.

*  They get asked when Jeff is going to propose every time they leave the house.  You can tell Jeff is annoyed by this--he kinds of goes off about it but in true Jeff fashion it is charming.

*  They plan to watch Big Brother this summer.  They just got TIVO so Jeff says there is no excuse not to.

*  Jordan had lunch with Rachel a few weeks ago, and Brendon wished Jeff a Happy Birthday.  It sounds like that is about the extent of their contract with Brenchal but they put a positive slant on it.

*  The video is posted below--the short promo clip is tacked on the front but the total playing time is over 30 minutes.  If you are a Jeff and Jordan fan it is a must.  You get a glimpse of their daily dramas about driving, cleaning, etc.  Just like a normal couple, as Jeff explains.

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