Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Janelle Frenzy Has Begun. Will She...or Won't She? The Picture Fraud. #BB14

Who would think there would be such a scandalous cluster on a quiet, steamy (102 degrees) Saturday afternoon?

In case you've been actually out there in the world having a life, let me bring you up on the events of today, as they relate to Janelle Pierzina, Big Brother Goddess.


This is very old news at this point, from Wednesday (years in Big Brother Pre-Season time).  Janelle was identified by Jim, aka Missyae @TheGameSurvivor who is the only credible source right now for BB14 rumors, as one of the four mentors involved with the upcoming Big Brother season.  You can read about that here.

Missyae has also said that the Mentors will "go inside" on Sunday (tomorrow).  I think that means they are going into sequester, since the season doesn't premiere until July 12th.  Typically the house guests enter the house 4-5 days before the show premieres on CBS.  The house guests get settled in, get schooled on the rules, and start getting used to the cameras.  After the west coast premiere ends, the live feeds start, in conjunction with the first episode of Showtime's Big Brother After Dark (i.e. 12:00 am EST July 13th)

Due to this rumored Mentor Twist, however, I think the time period between entering the house and the show's premiere is longer this year to include the introduction of the Mentors to the houseguests.  I'm guessing that the house guests have some sort of audition period with the mentors, maybe even interview with them for a spot on their team.  Then the Mentors will pick their teams somehow, a draft of sorts.  I hope we will see that happen live, but it is likely to be presented on tape during the first episode, or will be teased for the second CBS episode.  It's their hook this year. This is the payoff pitch.

[I'm just guessing about the last paragraph.  Other than my experience with Big Brother live feed watching and my own creativity, I have no inside information other than that provided by the usual public sources.]

OK, back to Janelle...

She has been tweeting about her great weekend and upcoming vacation, supposedly to Athens, Greece.  I wrote about that here.

Then, a few hours ago, she tweeting that her husband upgraded her flight to first class, and posted a picture which now seems so strange.  As you can see, it doesn't show her face---just a body that COULD be Janelle at the airport counter.  I wrote about it here

But then, the strange part.  Our friend Missyae at @TheGameSurvivor received some information from an internet sleuth.  The picture above was posted in W Magazine's website at least one year ago.  Here it the picture from W Magazine, included with a story about handbags:

And here's the thing.  Janelle's tweet with the picture attached has disappeared. It's gonzo.

But of course I took a picture of it, so we'll always have it right here.  Now when I think about it, it is strange that Janelle didn't include a head shot.  She's not shy about showing pictures of herself.   In fact, just the other day she tweeted this.

Or did she?  Was someone else already covering her Twitter account for her while she is already embroiled in Big Brother 14?

The fans are having a strong reaction to all of this. More on that later....

But let me say a few things:

1.  Janelle is one of the biggest Big Brother fans out there.  She visits the websites, watches the live feeds, and obsesses about it every year just like we do.  Would she really use the hashtag #bigbrotherfansrnuts?  Followed by a #fuckya?  As far as she wants us to know, she is going on vacation.  What does she care what we think about it?  I have been following her on Twitter for over a year now, and she doesn't really tweet that much.  I think the tweets supposedly posted by her today are more than she would usually do in a month or more.

2.  Janelle understands the pre-season Big Brother excitement---would this minor incident be enough for her to call us all nuts?  After all, some of the scariest stalkers in all the land have contacted her during the Real SuperPass live Big Brother shows.  And Janelle barely blinked an eye at their batshit shennanigans.

3.  Don't believe me?  Well, you can read about it here.  And here

4.  So no, I don't think Janelle wrote this.

5. On the bright side, no one is talking about The Glass House anymore, are they?   As BB3's Roddy Mancuso would say, "it's a big SO WHAT!"

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