Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Glass House Has Evicted Melissa!

OK.  First of all, I don't plan to cover this show.  If it ever airs, I'll watch it, and probably yak about it here.  But I won't be providing Big Brother-type coverage.  My life gets disrupted enough every summer as it is.....good lord.

But the pre-season coverage of this show is fun.  Particularly due to the CBS lawsuit.  So I am announcing that there has already been a cast casualty on the show.  Take a look at the following picture from the original Glass House cast announcement I posted on June 4th.

See the nutty-looking girl in the top row with the curly blonde locks?  Well, that bitch has been replaced upgraded with a new chiquita named Holly.  They've scrambled the picture below to confuse us, but Holly is the new brunette with the skimpy top.  Kind of looks like Melissa Gorga from RHONJ.  Wowza.  I'll bet the other ladies on the show are pissed. 

Did Melissa back out?  Or are the Producers monitoring all of the pre-season chatter about how "normal" everyone looks?  Maybe Melissa wasn't going to be Good TV.  Who knows?  Here is a close up of Holly, in the interest of good reporting.

The Glass House casting department has also added the Brooklyn-Type Dude with the glasses on the bottom left.  I wouldn't be surprised if Big Brother didn't have one of these hipster-type guys this year, either.  They appear to multiply exponentially every weekend.  You know, with the plaid shirts and tight trousers.

Here is a close up of Jeffrey.  I was just kidding about him being a Brooklyn-Type Dude before, but it turns out he really is.  Ha ha ha.  I'm good.  

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