Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glass House Dead Feed Updates

Someone over there at ABC needs to get their shit together.  Yes, the show's fate is currently in the hands of a federal judge, and the Glass House Executive Producer has been under legal fire, but they need to tend to business over there.  Who knows, the show might actually air as planned next week.

Supposedly, the live feeds were supposed to start yesterday.  But I wasn't able to find any live feeds available anywhere.  I did find the following on the TV Grapevine website---I guess they are going to cover the action, if there is any action.

This just reeks of failure so far.  Here is the link, in case you want to monitor all of the exciting action.

You're a reality TV fan, have you been able to see any live action from The Glass House yet?

CBS might just want to let The Glass House go forward---give them enough rope to hang themselves.

I can't wait until the prisoners cast members are allowed to tell their behind-the-scenes stories.  I'll bet this whole thing is a cluster.

***UPDATE ***  I found the live feeds---you can read about that here.  

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