Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Fans Turn on (Faux) Janelle #BB14

OK.  So the big news of this evening is JanelleGate.  I just made up that stupid name, but you can read about the situation here.

The fans are all abuzz about this.  Of course. This is a Big Deal in BB Land.

But many fans are confronting "Janelle" on Twitter about the pictures.  No surprise there.  Anyone with a laptop knows that over 50% of the people who tweet are nasty bitches who would NEVER have the BALLS to speak to someone in person the way they speak to them on Twitter.

So I'm not surprised that people are being aggressive towards her.  What I am surprised about, however, is that she is responding to them so quickly. Isn't she on a plane on the way to a dream vacation in Greece?  Shouldn't she be sipping champagne and watching the personal video-on-demand in International First Class?  Snuggling with "the Hubs"?

Janelle isn't a very frequent Tweeter.  Her conduct today on Twitter is far from the norm.  If she is really going on vacation today, what does she care what we think about it?  She could just tweet a picture of herself, with her FACE, when she arrives in Greece to prove it to us, if she cares so much.  Or on the plane, for that matter, since she is apparently able to tweet over the ocean with ease. is a sample of the "Janelle" vs. "Fan" interactions.  What do you think?

When does Janelle ever "look like crap"?  Especially dressed like she was in the photograph, and working that designer bag to the nines?  Here is the picture she tweeted, in case you didn't see it before it was deleted.

And then the dreadful "Survivor Shannon" crawled out from the bushes of Louisiana (or whereever) and started taking pot shots at our Janie.  "Faux Janelle" has one thing in common with the Real Janelle--they don't put up with a lot of shit very easily. "Faux Janelle", who is supposedly on a plane en route to the vacation of her dreams with her husband, bitterly fought back with Shannon.

Boston Rob even got hit by the shrapnel.  How dare!

Note that I do believe the Real Janelle would use a hashtag called #fuckingdumbass.  In fact, we should all try to get that phrase to trend today, in honor of our Janie.

Who is Survivor Shannon?  I don't remember which Survivor season he was on, but he had a fresh mouth and talked like a bad ass.  I hear him "star" on podcasts and he is entertaining in a train wreck sort of way.  I'm not a "Johnny Fairplay" fan either, so maybe this type of person is just not my cup of tea.  (Note that he needs to use the word Survivor in his tweet name....otherwise he would just be a man named Shannon.)

Then, Missyae from @TheGameSurvivor appears and tweets the following---note that he has previously stated that Survivor Shannon is a good friend of his.

And also:

Beau a moron?  Remember him from BB6?  I think calling Beau a moron would be a compliment, compared to his usual adjectives.

Please don't attack Faux Janelle.  Remember they are all doing their best to put a good show on for us this summer.  It's still nearly two weeks until the premiere, and we're all losing our shit already!

My Biggest Fear (as far as BB14 is concerned, that is):  Janelle won't be on BB14 at all, and I will stare at my computer screen blankly on July 12th, wondering where it all went wrong....

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