Friday, June 29, 2012

Evel Dick Stays Strong--Day #5 Without Cigs #BB14

Well, Evel Dick is staying busy on Twitter.  I think he is one of the best Twitterers out there (along with Alton Brown).  He mixes it up with the fans and has excellent grammar, spelling and punctuation.  This gives his unfiltered thoughts credibility and gravitas, in my opinion.  And I often laugh loud (for real, not like "LOL") while reading them (see below).  I love it when he unloads on someone.

Evel Dick ain't no dumbass.  That's for sure.

About the smoking:  Turns he was pulling our leg about the BB14 house being a smoke-free zone.  I wrote about it last night, and you can find it here.  That did sound unbelievable to me.

First of all, I don't think Alison Grodner Productions cares if the Big Brother house guests get lung cancer, as long as it doesn't interfere with their production schedule.  Also, those cameras and microphones above the outdoor couch get so much play...and the fact that this is the smoking section is a big part of that.

You can't deny someone their (legal) addiction and expect them to perform in the Big Brother pressure cooker!  I should have known better---Evel Dick doesn't participate in the pre-season rumor mill.  No, not him.

One exception to what I just said is that if a house guest runs out of cigarettes, they are S.O.L. as far as Production is concerned.  You have to bring enough smokes to last the entire season, if you make it that far.  Kent from BB2 ran out of of cigarettes and Production was kind enough to provide nicotine patches for him.  Kent was a hard core, long-time smoker, so I'm sure that was a challenge for him, and also his cast mates.

Evel Dick is the ONLY houseguest who Production bought a carton of smokes for, after Jen Johnson (BB8) either destroyed, stole, or hid one of his cartons.  But he was BY FAR the STAR of that season and they were loving him.  They even built a special cordoned-off area for him to have a few cigarettes while the backyard was being prepared for a competition.

I wonder how many cigarettes Shelly (BB13) took into the BB house?  Because Jeff and Cassi smoked her stash all summer.   Jeff really got into it, too.  He was a smoking fool out there on the patio.

But, back to Evel Dick's Twitter account.  He says the Mentor Twist rumors are bullshit, and he doesn't know what we are all talking about.

And don't you DARE tweet him about the rumors.  He will BLOCK your ass if you do.


1.  Are the Mentor Twist rumors true?  Hmmm.  I have been paying close attention to the rumors, and have noticed a few things that smell funny.  More on that later.

2.  Regarding the outdoor smoking section in the Big Brother back yard, prepare to get douchechills:  Last year Adam said on the feeds that he expected future house guests to refer to it as "Adam's Cove".


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