Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The CornerOffice is At it Again - Rumors Fly #BB14

The fine folks at the CornerOffice are still at work this year, dishing spoilers about the upcoming Big Brother season.

Before we get to the juicy rumors, lets take a look at how they fared with their predictions last year.  The CornerOffice Twitter account for BB13 was actually shut down  after a flurry of tweets were posted about BB13, indicating that the information was indeed highly classified.  I actually thought at the time that the twitter account was staffed by Alison Grodner Productions, to add a little excitement and to distract from some of the other rumors floating around out there.

That process would make sense, wouldn't it?  Let's say that the current gossip about the Mentor Twist is true---wouldn't they want to put something else out there to cast some doubt?  Here is the link to the CornerOffice13 predictions last year.  As you can see, some of the rumored spoilers were true--for example, Lawon was indeed on another planet (and still is).  But some of the other information was way off base.

I'm guessing all of the rumors start with a grain of truth, and that how much the insider knows about the truth depends on their job grade.  For example,  Alison knows everything, but she isn't telling.  But someone lower down the ranks, like a Production Assistant, might know exactly how many women will be on the cast, and how big they are---because they have to arrange for the costumes for the first food challenge, for example.

But enough about my thoughts, lets get on with the BB14 chatter.


*  These rumors from CornerOffice14 also feature returning house guests, but instead of being Mentors, the returning house guests will work as hosts for challenges and competitions.  Or something like that. (Don't we do that already?  With Janelle, Jeff & Jordan, etc.)
*  The returning house guests won't have much of an impact on the game.  (Then why have them?)
*  The house has been renovated, and now has an arcade.
*  There will be "upstairs neighbors".  (Better not be the effing Fortune Teller.)

I don't want to crap all over their rumors, but they still sound kind of corporate to me.  The content, and the voice writing them.  For example, the punctuation is perfect, and the twitter account is not locked.  In fact, I predict there will be more bombshell rumors coming from this account, and then it too will be shut down for the year.  This might even be from CBS---the details about the house, just as The Talk is about to televise a tour makes me suspicious.

Controversy sells.

But I thank TheCornerOffice for sharing what they know.  I love all the mystery and speculation.  So fun.

***Haven't heard about the Mentor Twist?  You can catch up with everything I know as of right now, at this link.***

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