Saturday, June 9, 2012

CBS - ABC Legal Issues Go Down to the Wire

You all know that the new show ABC The Glass House is scheduled to premiere on Monday June 18th, and that CBS has slapped ABC with a Big Fat Lawsuit for basically stealing the format of Big Brother by hiring numerous ex-Big Brother employees.  Yadda yadda yadda.

I reported last week that the CBS lawyers grilled Kenny Rosen, an ex-BB producer and current Glass House Big Cheese for 7 hours last Sunday in a deposition.  You can read about that here.

Well, some new information has come out about Kenny's deposition.  Have you ever been grilled by attorneys for 7 hours?  I haven't, but I have seen it on TV and apparently you start confessing all sorts of stuff.

According to a website affiliated with the Glass House show, "Dawg" reports that Mr. Kenny Rosen copped to the following Big Brother sins:

1.   Kenny admitted that he took a copy of the Big Brother Guest Manual and had it typed up as a supporting document for the Glass House Manual. As the Big Brother Guest Manual is proprietary information and regarded as highly confidential by CBS, the lawyers are rightfully arguing that act of copying the document is a clear violation of the non-disclosure agreement signed by Kenny Rosen while working for CBS.

2.  Kenny admitted that he also “consulted” the CBS Big Brother Master Control schedule to determine how many individuals he would need to hire for the production of the ABC Glass House Reality TV show.

3.   Kenny admitted that even more former Big Brother staff than had previously been thought to be working on The Glass House project were hired. Rosen stated that the number of former Big Brother staff working on The Glass House were more in the range of 25-30.  (Previously that number was estimated as 19 former BB staffers.)

and, in what I think is the worst admission:

4.  Kenny admitted in court that he had purposefully deleted Glass House emails after the lawsuit was filed by CBS over the similarities between the two reality TV shows.

Remember Enron?  Well, deleting emails after legal actions have started is a bad, bad thing.

I think CBS is angling for a temporary restraining order to stop the show while they dig for more evidence.  ABC objected to this, but the judge squashed their objections.  By the end of the day on Monday, June 11th, the judge should rule on the restraining order.  Or something like that.

This much I know:  This has got to be effing up ABC's pre-production.  Big time.  You can read Dawg's entire article about this here.

Kenny might even be facing some personal legal issues, due to #4 above.  That's just me talking, though.

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