Thursday, June 28, 2012

***Breaking*** Third Mentor Revealed #BB14

Missyae @TheGameSurvivor has just released new info regarding the rumored Mentor Twist.


The second "Good" mentor, and the third released so far is:

Dan Gheesling, winner of BB10.

This is definitely exciting news.  Dan was a game player who was the total package.  I just hope he doesn't yell at us in the DR this year.

Also, some other news was released regarding the Mentor Rejects:

I don't think it's right for them to say that about Jeff.  Chances are he's already annoyed about something else.  It might not be this, huh?  (ha ha ha).

Lisa and Hayden were boring as hell on the live feeds.  Eye candy can only take you so far.

Now that I think about it, the Mentor Twist sounds like a great way for Big Brother to leverage it's star-power without ensuring a one-sided slam.  Because at least from the beginning, the mentors are competing against each other.  (Maybe the last mentor standing gets to play for the prize?)

Last year Dominic said he didn't expect to come into the house and be "gang banged by All Stars".  That's pretty much what happened!

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