Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Brother After Dark? Maybe. Maybe Not.

I did some searching on the Showtime website to see if it looked like Big Brother After Dark would be returning this year.

In case you don't know, since BB7 the Powers-that-Be behind Big Brother US have teamed with the Showtime premium cable company to provide three hours of daily live feed coverage on cable TV.  The show airs starting at midnight EST for three hours, seven days a week.

BB Production does their best to make sure all of the house guests are awake and active during this time.  This is frequently the time when the storage room is stocked with booze, too.  Coincidence???  They also minimize any live feed interruptions during this time ---when you see the "We'll Be Right Back" sign during BB After Dark you know something BIG is going down.  (Like when Evel Dick burned Jen with a cigarette during BB8!)

So I looked up the schedule for Friday July 13th, since midnight is the time the feeds would be typically going live on RealNetwork SuperPass, and also on Showtime.  But this schedule doesn't look like Big Brother After Dark will be broadcast.

Don't get me wrong---I don't think we have any reason to believe that BBAD won't be airing this year.  I just don't think they've updated the Showtime website yet.

That first moment when the feeds go live is so exciting.  I'm on the east coast, so it's hard for me to stay up all night to watch the drama unfold live, but I try to hang in there as long as I can.  Here are my memories of the last three season's live feed premieres:

BB11 - The live feed coverage began with Laura (who?) and Jordan getting all tarted up, in satin slips and tons of makeup.  They knew they were about to be on TV and Laura was ensuring they would be getting maximum camera coverage.  Then they walked out to the backyard like they were walking onstage at the Cheetah Club.  It was my first impression of Jordan, and it wasn't necessarily indicative of who she is.  You could describe Jordan in many different ways, but I don't think slutty is one of them.

BB12 - The live feed coverage began in the back yard with a lot of drama surrounding an incident that occurred with Andrew (Captain Kosher) and Annie (the doomed Saboteur).  Apparently Andrew made some sort of horny gesture towards Annie's crotch and she likened it to being assaulted in some way.  That wasn't a very accurate first impression of Andrew, was it?  Annie, maybe.  She was very dramatic in that house.  She was also the first one voted out, so you be the judge.

BB13 - The live feed coverage began in the storage room, with frantic whispering between Rachel and Porsche.  Then we learned that Evel Dick had been called into the Diary Room hours earlier and hadn't been seen since.  This created real drama in the house, as his alliance and his daughter all wondered where the hell he was.  The fans wondered, too.  Evel Dick may have been many places at that point, but he wasn't in the Big Brother house anymore.  And Rachel and Porsche ended up as the Final that whispering might have done some good.

Big Brother may or may not be on Showtime this year, but the live feeds will indeed be on RealNetworks SuperPass.  In fact, the Early Bird Special Offer starts today --see the link in the top left of the webpage.


  1. I only keep Showtime for Big Brother. I'll cancel if there's no BBAD.

  2. Never fear Linda.;postID=3008404946847373669


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