Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Day, Another Rumor - The Mentor Twist #BB14

As the BB14 season draws closer tantalizing information is disclosed....

This latest rumor is from a renowned source, who has a history of having accurate inside information about Survivor, so it's not hard to imagine that they would know a little about Big Brother, also a CBS show, of course.

The source has a protected Twitter account---I don't want to publish pictures of the Tweets in case it pisses someone off.  I don't want to be blocked, since more scoop is forthcoming.


Big Brother 14 will feature some sort of Mentor twist, where former Big Brother players will somehow interact with the house guests.  I don't know any details about this twist (for example, if they will live in the house, etc.), but the source disclosed one of the Mentors who has accepted the offer.

Who is it?

Mike Boogie Malin, from BB2 and winner of BB All Stars.

I protested when I heard this news.  I wasn't happy about it, for numerous reasons:

What about all of the Mike Boogie scandals?   Whenever we see Mike Boogie Malin in the news, it is usually for very negative reasons.  For example, when he assaulted a waitress in a Colorado sports bar,  had legal beef with the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, even the cockroach situation at Lemon Basket .

And let's not forget the "Uncle Jerry" accusations.  I don't know if this turned out to be true, and I don't know if this refers to the Penn State "Uncle Jerry", but I think this proves wrong the old saying that any publicity is good publicity. 

Plus the twist sounds lame.  But admittedly I know next-to-nothing about it.

But the source confirmed the rumor as true, even after I pointed out some of the information above.  So there you go.....

By the way, the picture above has a website listed at the bottom.  If you go to that website today (mikeboogiemalin.com), this is what you will see.

I would love it if someone could translate that for me.  Please, please, please.

So would Big Brother want to to drag themselves into the Mike Boogie Malin circus again this summer?

What is he worth to the show without Dr. Will?  What about the drug rumors?  What about how horribly he treated Erica Landin during the BB7 finale?  You know, when he told the audience that he used her up and basically hit it and quit it.  He didn't even hug or shake her hand when he won --he just got up and ran out of the house to collect his prize from Julie Chen.

So after totally trashing Mike Boogie, I will give some positive news via a recent article about how he and his partner Lonnie Moore have been so successful in the LA area.  To continue on a positive note, I won't mention how douchey Mike's partner Lonnie looks, or the legal problems he has had.  Sorry, I couldn't resist.  


From the same source....the name of another former Big Brother house guest who DECLINED the BB14 Mentor offer will be disclosed soon.  I'm guessing it's Dr. Will---why would they make an offer to Mike Boogie if they weren't making the same offer to Dr. Will?

(You all know that for BB7 All Stars Will refused to appear unless his buddy Mike Boogie was also cast, right?)

And the source says a new villain is coming who will make us forget all about the other reality TV villains.

We can only hope, right?

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