Saturday, June 30, 2012

AGP Scrambles to Plug the Leak... #BB14

Our favorite spoiler this year, Missyae @TheGameSurvivor  has a few comments for us this afternoon about what is happening in Big Brother Land.

 As I have said in the past, this guy is a professional and runs several reality show websites.  I don't think Jim would jeopardize his Reality Reputation by creating bogus rumors.  (Hear that, TheCornerOffice?)

If you have been out of the country (maybe playing Survivor?) and don't know about the Mentor Twist, you can read about the the man behind @TheGameSurvivor and find links to all of my Mentor Twist posts here. There are a few Mentor Twist posts that I wrote more recently that aren't linked in that post, but you can use the search box for the Mentor Twist label if you feel you need more info.

OK--so according to Missyae, there is a lot of blaming and finger-pointing going on behind the scenes regarding the release of this information.  You can just feel the paranoia and panic.

For the most part, these rumors are only drumming up excitement about the upcoming season.  But I guess in some circumstances releasing this information could hurt the game.

For example, if the newbies are home trolling the internet for information about the upcoming season (I would be...) their knowledge of the Mentors could really screw things up.   I guess they could start doing extensive research on the Mentors, but more importantly the element of surprise would be gone.

And Production doesn't want to lose any house guests over naughty behavior.  You know, like trying feverishly to contact Janelle to beg, "Pick Me!!!  Pick Me!!"

So I'm thinking the newbies are already in sequester somewhere.  The Mentors are leaving their homes tomorrow (Sunday July 1st), but I'm guessing they enter the house shortly after the newbies go in, rocking their world and the game. 

Missyae runs a Big Brother Whispers Facebook page where (I'm guessing) he gives out some additional inside information.
I don't have a Facebook page.  I'm tempted, but I really can't handle another distraction right now.  I have my hands full with this, running my business, blah blah blah.

Please follow him on Facebook and tell him I sent you.  If something juicy comes up that he doesn't post on Twitter, maybe you can let me know?  You know I like to Dish the Dirt!

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