Monday, November 28, 2011

Jeff's Clown Shoe Art for Sale Again

Someone based in Salt Lake City is apparently selling Jeff's jury house art.  I remember CBS holding the auctions for the jury paintings shortly after the BB13 season ended, so I guess the buyer is flipping it.  Assuming the art is the original.  I'm just sayin'....

Here is a link to an earlier post about the Jury House art sessions.

Two tips for bidders:

1.  Ask the seller how they came into possession of Jeff's painting.  I think the fact that nothing is mentioned about this is suspect.  Also, the shipping details make sure to point out that if the buyer returns the painting to the seller, the buyer must pay for the shipping cost. Kind of sketchy.

2.  If you want to buy it, wait until the final minutes of the auction to get involved.  Otherwise you are just driving up the price for everybody else.  Some people call this 'sniping'.  I just call it being a smart consumer.  Why would you pay more for something if you don't need to?

And here is a bonus photo that Jeff posted on Twitter a long time ago.  Apparently there is some sort of Clown Shoe Beer on the market and Jeff received some liquid freebees.

Did Jeff and Jordan ever move in together as discussed last summer?  Are they still together?