Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kalia has Locked Her Relationship Blog

Her Blackie Collins blog is now locked for uninvited readers.  I'm guessing some readers left some comments she might not have liked.

One of the most popular posts this year is this one discussing Kalia's online alter ego.  I did not discover the alter ego myself---someone left a comment on another post naming Kalia as Blackie Collins.

You can't keep much from the live feeders, Kalia.  You dug that grave before you even went into the BB13 House. You're a fan, you know how it works.

I liked Kalia for the first half of the game, and disliked her for most of the second half.  She can't be afraid of a little controversy --- if she wants to be a famous blogger NOW IS THE TIME to build readership, because the clock is ticking.

Tick tock, tick tock.

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Shelly & Adam

I'm kind of over the SuperPass interviews and am ready to move on to other, more juicy post-finale interviews.

Shelly came over and Spicy greeted her with a hug.

Shelly shouts out for the live feeds and has a pleasant enough conversation with Spicy.  Spicy asked her why she didn't cop to her scheming in the DR sessions.

Shelly:  I think I did----you say a lot in there and they only show this much (little bit) on the TV show.

OK. Yadda yadda yadda it's Adam's turn and Shelly greets him with a hug before moving on.

I didn't think it would be possible to be more annoyed with Adam, but I was wrong.   He makes all of those Heavy Metal voice noises and says "Bacon" and "90210" several times during the interview.  He also says that up until the time he walked into the house, he expected someone to tap him on the shoulder and say they are replacing him with someone else.

He also says that he thinks future houseguests will be in the house and say things like "I'm making bacon, just like Adam did!  I'm sitting in Adam's Cove now!"  (i.e. the fucking couch in the back yard)

Adam: That blows my mind!

He tells us that watching as a fan doesn't prepare you at all to actually be in the house--you don't really know what it's like until you've been in there.

As we all know, he has lost over 100 pounds since May 2010.  He started losing weight during the Finals for BB12.  He was in sequester and "had some gym time" and started losing the weight.  He got in better physical shape but it wasn't good enough in some of the challenges.  He lost even more weight in the house.

He blabs on and on about Tori Spelling.  Tori knows who he is now! (and so do the local authorities, Adam)

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Jeff Schroeder

Jeff makes his way over to "Spicy Pants" and she is practically hyperventilating.  If this is an indication of how women approach him when he is walking around alone, then I can't imagine how hard it would be to stay faithful to one person.  Women throw themselves at him.

(Jeff shaved off that soul patch and looks a lot better without it, if you ask me.  So maybe the Zingbot did some good this year.)

1.  She introduces herself as Spicy and he has a problem understanding that.  She has to repeat it for him and tells him her real name is "Carrie" but she goes by "Spicy".  She suddenly acts like it wasn't her idea to call herself that ridiculous name and that it is all a big joke.  Jeff laughs and says they're "getting off to a great start".  He also said, "Spicy, next to the stage!"  which is what they say in a strip club.  (ha ha ha)

Spicy:  Oh, he's gorgeous!

2.  Spicy moves in for the kill by asking if Jeff is "coming to Seattle to hang out or what"?  Jeff says sure, invite him back up there because he loves Seattle.  He's not just "sayin' that because you guys all work up there".  You can see Dominic on his cellphone in the picture below.

3.  Spicy tells him that she tried to get Jordan to move to Seattle and Jeff says What? Move there?  Then the following happens:

Jeff:  Let me just skip to that next question.  After this Jordan and I are going to take the next step and move in that not on your list? (of questions)

Spicy:  That's not on  my list!  (WTF is wrong with her?  She totally interrupted him while he was talking about a topic that most fans want to know.)

Jeff, confused:  Oh, well I was just trying to get the wheels movin'... I'll  let you do your job then.

4.  Spicy: Don't you ever get tired of everybody asking you if you're going to get engaged, or get married?

Jeff:  Well, people wanna know..we put ourselves out there so it's expected.

5.  Jeff is told where the camera is, just like Kalia and Jordan had to be told.   Jeff has been on camera a gazillion times by now and thinks it's funny.  He addresses the camera and says again that it is expected that the fans want to know about their plans so they are going to take the next step and pick a city that they both want to live in.  (Evel Dick already told everybody during an RTVZone chat that they were both moving to LA.)

6.  Spicy wonders what he thinks about Jordan's game this year---did she step it up?  He definitely thinks she stepped it up this year, and she played a great game last time too since she won. This year she went out 4th and got a lot further than he did so he thinks she did well and carried herself through the game.  She has a good blend of social and game play and he doesn't.

7.  This year was much more stressful since they had a target on them from the first day.  The Golden Keys made it harder and once they got down to "regular Big Brother" without those keys he had a huge target on him.  He was more vocal this time and that got him in trouble and that was his demise.  You can't hide who you are in this game and he's going to work on that.

Spicy:  Well, you didn't lose any fans, that's for sure.

Jeff, laughing:  I have a big family!  Thanks for that!  (while kind of saluting us)

8.  Spicy asks about Shelly.  Jeff says he has to work on his temper and he was fired up when he couldn't find "that stupid clown shoe" and they did make amends in the Jury House and will be friends outside of this house.

9.  Jeff says Rachel has a big heart---a little outspoken at times---but a great heart.  Brendon is a really great guy and they made "real friends, more so in the Jury House".   He has learned not to judge a book by it's cover and uses Brendon and Rachel as an example.

10.  Jeff is a big thirsty guy and reaches down for his water bottle.  (Spicy:  You're doing just fine darlin'.)

11. Apparently the idea of Jeff returning next year is already being floated around by the Big Cheeses.  (On Survivor, having two All Star-type players lead teams was a big success last year, and is happening again for this season.)

Spicy:  Third times a charm---would you do it again?

Jeff:  Here's my answer for that.  I got a good one. I know I said after leaving the house that I was very vocal and said I would never go back in the house again.  It's a very stressful situation---people at home don't know and it's easy to stare at the TV and say, why didn't he do this, why didn't he talk to that person.  As far as coming back in the house I watched Justin Bieber's Never Say Never in the Jury House, so....(laughing)

12.  Spicy:  You and Jordan seem to have a super-strong relationship--you're not rushing into anything--you seem to be doing everything right.

Jeff:  Yeah!

Spicy:   Do you have any advice to other couples?  How do you make it work?

Jeff:  Me and Jordan's relationship is our own.  I know we met inside of this house, and we came back to put ourselves out there again, but me and Jordan are very comfortable about the way we feel about each other.  We don't have to express it all over the place.  I think just to respect each other--it's a 50/50 relationship and we definitely balance each other out.  I'm very competitive and I'm way up here (raising hand as if measuring his temper) and she calms me down and balances me out--she's the Yin to my Yang.  Did I say that right?

13.  Jeff is going to the BB wrap party but is skipping Vegas.

Jeff:  So I get to hear the expert's opinions on everything I did wrong... and to catch up with other people who did this game too.  Whether they like me or not is a different story, but...

Spicy:  Well, they love you!  (She doesn't even understand what Jeff is saying---most former BB players do hate him and are quite vocal about it.  Jeff knows that but he is laughing all the way to the bank, particularly after getting America's Choice again....)

14.  Spicy wraps it up.

Jeff:  Thank you Spicy!  That's how I like my chicken!

Shelly Talks to TMZ About the Death Threats

and according to her, everyone is "BFFs" now.  I'm not gonna lie--I had a hard time listening to this clip, which is just over one minute long, because I am sick of listening to Shelly drone on an on.

But then I saw a stalker-like guy lurking in the background and that kept me interested.  Turns out it is Tony Moore, Shelly's husband.  Can he talk?  He probably doesn't get much of a chance to, now that Big Mouth is home.

You can watch the video here.