Friday, September 16, 2011

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Daniele Donato

Daniele comes running up to "Spicy Pants" for her SuperPass interview.  She is very energetic and is smiling, both very unusual based on my years of experience watching her.

It looks like she toned down that awful lipstick shade she was wearing on the Finale.  That was horrible.  You can see Jeff in the background in the first picture, and Dominic in the second picture.

1.  First they discuss Chelsia, who "is here, but is not HERE".  Dani says a few times that she LOVES Chelsia and can't wait to see her.

2.  Chelsia isn't going to Vegas and Dani is sad.

3.  Is she surprised that Rachel won?  Dani says people are "surprised that she isn't surprised", and that Rachel deserved to be in the Final Two.

Dani:  Do I think she is a nice person?  No, but she deserved to be there.

4.  Not playing with her dad was different since she had to make different relationships with people and figure out who to trust and that was a big contrast to BB8.

5.  What was her top "Awkward" moment in BB13?  She is embarrassed for her family and friends to see that she "was actually friends with Rachel in the beginning".

6.  When asked about Dom she wonders why everybody keeps bringing that up?  (Dani, you were all PT, PT, PT, and PT for weeks, just like you were with BB8's Nick.)  She loves him, but she doesn't love love him.  He's a sweetheart and she loved playing with him and adores him.

7.  She got frustrated with the people who didn't want to play the game.  She loves them and is friends with them, but wanted them to play harder.  (i.e. Lawon, etc.)

8.   Spicy brings up Dani turning on the Vets.  Dani didn't want to "hold hands and skip to my loo" with the Veterans.  She does think they could have made Final Five, but then says it wouldn't have happened because Jeff & Jordan and Brendon & Rachel would have turned on each other.  Confusing answer.  I guess it is hard to know it all.

9.  Her biggest downfall in BB8 was her social game.  Her biggest downfall this season was having so many good friends in the house and having a good social game.  (?)

10.  She wants to call her Grandma, she wants a cocktail, she wants to see her friends and the early evictees and eat whatever she wants to eat, etc.

11.  Dani is going to visit Seattle (Real Network is located there.)  and can't wait to go out with the girls up there.   She mentions needing a partner for something up there. (?)

12.  The word Floater comes up and Dani says Rachel was the biggest floater in the house.

Dani:  Girl, you're a floater!

13.  Her favorite competition was the skiing competition but she wishes she had played in more.  She is frustrated that some of the endurance competitions only lasted 30 minutes because as a fan and player, that is what she lives for.

Dani:  Like Adam...he needs to win to save his life in the game and he says he just can't go on after 30 minutes?  Your legs hurt and your knees hurt?  You're tired from standing on your feet for 30 mintues?  C'mon.  In our season the endurance competitions went on for hours, like 9 or 3 1/2 hours (true) and you would have to scrape my dead body off of that machine to get me down and people couldn't last longer than 40 minutes.

14.  Spicy brings up the new word Piggybacker that Dani coined.  Dani is excited that the word made it on the show.  She says if you take anything mean that she said about Brendon and Rachel and compare it to what they said about her, at least her comments were funny and not so mean.

15.  As Dani leaves you can see Jeff and Jordan in the background.  Jordan just walked up to Jeff and Dom and she and Jeff were kissing a little.  I was surprised to see Jeff kiss her cheek during the Finale at least twice.  He's not a big PDA guy.

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Porsche Briggs

Finalist Porsche Briggs made her way over to talk to "Spicy Pants".  Porsche is glowing and is wearing fresh lipgloss--I don't think I've ever seen her with shiny lips.

1.  Spicy gets right into into it by asking Porsche what is up with all the velour track suits?  (A great question, Spicy.)  Porsche immediately says she is burning the pink one but then says she might autograph it and send it to someone if they want it.  She got some of them at Victoria's Secret, some at Target, and says when hanging around the house you need to be comfortable.  (But doesn't she want to be a TV star?)

2.  Spicy compliments Porsche's butt.

3.  Spicy asks what type of advice Janelle gave her before the season started.  Porsche tries to blame the velour track suits on Janelle by saying that she was advised to be comfortable in the house.  She didn't get too much advice, but she wanted to "get a little bit further than her and that's what she did".

4.  Did Porsche think she would make it this far?   She did think so. Once you get to the Jury everybody wants to be Final Two and see how much further they can get---she just actually did it and brings up AGAIN that she got further in the game than Janelle did.  (I guess she must be tired of being asked about Janelle, but I don't think being insulting is the correct way to go, IMO.)

5.  Her game play was obviously slow in the beginning but she had the Golden Key and when one bridge burned, she got on another one.  You can call her a Floater, but she did win competitions and made it to the Final Two, so..."who's a floater now"?

6.  She thought she would make it to the end once she made that last Final Two deal with Rachel.

7.  When the Veterans first came in, they were different than she expected them to be. Once Evel Dick left, they "all fell apart and that was fun to watch".

8.  The hardest part of playing BB was being apart from her family.  She missed talking to her dad and brothers every day, but she was playing the game for them.

9.  Spicy brought up the Benefiber scandal and Porsche got a big laugh out of it, throwing her head back.  She says she was bored in the house and was looking for things to do.  She had never taken Benefiber before but didn't know the "benefits of it".  She doesn't know why everyone keeps bringing up Jordan,--I guess she thinks it impacted everybody in the house rather than just Jordan.  (Porsche: Obviously I don't care about that..)  She brings up Dani and Kalia and implies that they put her up to the prank.  I didn't hear her apologize for it.  Not at all.

10.  Her Twitter handle is PorscheMiami and her little brother is building a website for her called Hello Porsche.

11.  Spicy mentions her preseason interviews and how worried Porsche was about an ex-boyfriend coming in the house.  She laughs and says that exes need to stay in the past.

12.  She is going to stay in the LA area for awhile since she is used to the weather now.  (??)

13.  Her favorite competition was the Clown Shoes one, since she won it and it was fun.

14.  She's going to invest her winnings and take her family out to celebrate. She says she is the youngest person in the house and has a lot out there for her.

15.  In the background I see Dani run across the backyard to hug PT.  They are both talking to Shelly who is clutching a water bottle.

16.  Which Fortune Teller prediction will come true?  Porsche says Dani's and Spicy agrees.  I think it had something to do with Dani not talking to her dad for a nother three years, or something like that.

Brenchal to Wed This Weekend, According to TMZ

I'm guessing this is going to happen in Vegas????  You can watch the brief, possibly tipsy video here.