Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rachel Reilly on The Talk

I have to say that both Brendon and Rachel were precious on this show.  They just radiate joy, and why not?  Not only is their wedding paid for now, but they can also cover Brendon's college loans, and probably still buy a place to live.

Most of all, Rachel beams when Julie tells her that she went from America loving to hate her, from America loving to love her.

This is a two segment show.  The first segment features the Zingbot, who gets in some good zingers about all of the hosts on The Talk.  I don't know that black chick's name, but after she got Zinged the audience was dead silent---it did seem very mean but then Zingbot seemed to win the audience over.  Each one of them had a look of extreme dread on their faces waiting for the punchline.

Here is the first segment:

The second segment features a competition between Rachel and Sarah Gilbert, who are both good sports about it.  Let's just say that they make Rachel work very hard for the prize.   Well done, Brenchal, well done.

Here is the second segment:

Adam's Conduct at the Finale

Let me just take a moment to say that I think Adam's conduct on the live finale last night was:

*  Deplorable
*  Obnoxious
*  Asinine
*  Egotistical
*  Moronic
*  and just plain Ignorant.

I did like his speech to Rachel to try to get her to evict Porsche, but everything after that made my skin crawl.

I think he actually thinks he was the star of the show!  Can you believe that?  He thinks he is a fan favorite (and said repeatedly that he would win America's Choice) and had the balls to mention coming back for Big Brother All Stars!

Who the fuck does he think he is?

Oh yeah, the heavy Metal Teddy Bear.


SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Jordan Lloyd

Finally "Spicy Pants" is able to get Jordan over for an interview.  She greets Jordan by calling her "cute as a button", even "more so in person".

1. Jordan says it was much harder this time around, since there was a big target on her back from the very first day.  Last time she "didn't know what she was doin'" and this time she was aware of "all the backstabbin'" which made it more difficult to handle.

2.  Jordan also is asked to look directly at the camera (see Kalia's SuperPass interview where the same thing happened) and apologizes.  Jordan:  Oh, I'm sorry!  I thought I was talkin' to you!   Spicy takes the blame, telling Jordan it's her first time doing this.

3.  I really don't like Jordan's dress.  I don't like the colors....or the print....or the shape....I think she should have chosen a different look.

4.  Spicy says that Jordan probably has the most fans of anybody out there and Jordan seems genuinely surprised and pleased.  She was worried "after the Shelly thing when she went off on her" that people wouldn't like her.  (Jordan:  I went off on a Mom!)  (I guess she doesn't know about the death threats yet..)

5.  Rachel is an awesome girl, and Brendon is so nice...she wouldn't have thought that she would have an alliance with them. She and Rachel even had an alliance name (Team Jorjel) and they had a blast together.

6.  She didn't think that she could actually win again, but there was a chance.  She really wanted Jeff to win but they failed at that.  Spicy assures her she didn't fail at anything.

7.  She loved her Unitard and tutu and was glad she got to wear it.

8.  She's not mad at Shelly and just wants to have fun tonight, no drama, etc.

9.  Spice mentions Porsche putting the Benefiber in the Muscle Milk before Jordan drank it, giving her a tummy ache.  (Finally, a good fucking topic by Spicy Pants.)  Jordan doesn't know what Benefiber is and Spicy has to explain again what Porsche did.  Jordan is SHOCKED and says how mean that was.

Jordan:  That is so mean!

Spicy:  Are you going to go over there and beat her up?

Jordan:  No wonder my stomach was makin' music!  I can't believe she did that.

Spicy:  I just squealed.....

10.  Last time she was on the show it made her grow up--she hadn't been away from home before.  This time it made her relationship with Jeff stronger--they know they can get through anything now.  She got to meet great people and repeats again that she loves Brendon and Rachel.  She hung out with people she never thought she'd hang out with and it was great.

11.  She's going to go back to school.  Spicy asks if she's going to visit SuperPass in Seattle and Jordan says yes and asks where Chelsia is.  Spicy says she is watching at home and Jordan says hello to Chelsia and tells Spicy that she and Rachel love Chelsia and talked about her all the time in the house.  She and Jeff want to move to the same state and figure out what to do as far as that goes.

12.  She doesn't have anything to say on Twitter and doesn't think she does anything interesting at all.  (Jordan: I wake up, I go to work, I walk the dog...)  But she will try to Tweet more for the fans.

13.  She is a better BB player with Jeff and definitely needed Jeff with her in the house.  She would not have done it this time without him.  They kept each other sane.  She will definitely stay in touch with Rachel--they grew up about 30 minutes away from each other in North Carolina.  She was hoping Rachel would take Adam to the end instead of Porsche.

14. Spicy ends the interview abruptly and Jordan walks off and starts talking to someone else.  Spicy comments that she didn't know how tall Jordan is--she thought Jordan would be "a little pipsqueak".  Maybe she didn't see Jordan's platform heels...Spicy is trying hard to be bubbly so I will try not to give her such a hard time.  It's just that name that makes me crazy.

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Cassi Colvin

Cassi makes her way over to chat with "Spicy Pants".  Actually, she was standing in the background of Kalia's interview for a few seconds, waiting for that one to wrap up.

1.  Right off the bat, Spicy is fawing over how beautiful Cassi is, and how good she looks tonight.  It takes Spicy a few minutes to organize herself---she has to lean over and find Cassi's question.  Spicy loves the dress.  (Yes, Cassi is wearing clothes, although you can't see them in that picture.)

2.  We get a mini-scoop from Cassi when she says she had a great black dress all picked out and ready to go---but then the "got the email two days ago that they weren't allowed to wear black" so she had to figure something out quickly.

3.   Spicy gets nosy about Cassi's eyelashes.  Cassi admits that she has on "corner pieces" and touches them for Spicy, who says she wears those sometimes, too.  (Cassi:  You're makin' me tell all my secrets!)

4.  Cassi is happy that most of the fan feedback has been positive.  She was worried about that when she first left the game.  There have been a "few Negative Nancy's out there" but most people have been very kind and she appreciates that.

5.   She knew that she might be targeted for being beautiful, but it is out of her control.  She just wanted to be herself so she "kicked around in her sweats" and "hung with the boys".

6.  Spicy loves her accent.  Cassi says not everyone does!  And they have said on Twitter 'she is so pretty but I hate her voice!"

7.  It was tough coming out of the house and it took her awhile to decompress.  She didn't talk to friends for a few days, but she kept in touch with Dominic.  It was very intense experience, even for the short period of time that she and Keith were in there.

8.  She was shocked to learn about Shelly.  Shelly was the last person in the house that she would have doubted or would throw her to the wolves so soon.  She says that she realizes everybody came in the house to win the game and get as far as possible, so she's not mad at her.  Knowing what she knows now, she would have liked to have a different partner going into the game.

9.  Spicy wants to know if Cassi believes that Dom is a virgin.  Cassi believes it.  Dom is such a sweet guy and is a jokester sometimes but he is actually very sincere.

10.  Cassi is back to work as a model now and life is pretty much the same.  She is new to Twitter but is glad so many complete strangers are nice to her.  There were a few fake Cassi Twitter accounts so that is why she started her own.

11.  Jordan walks through the picture again, and then does an interview right behind Cassi as you can see in these pictures.

10. She wishes they had shown more of her game moves instead of just "layin' around in her bikini".

11.  She is shooting the Bold & the Beautiful this week.  It's just a small part but "they offered it to her so hey!".  She's never done anything like this so it is out of her comfort zone so that's exciting.

12.  She would have voted for Porsche after watching the show, although she would have voted for Rachel if you asked her that at the beginning of the game.  She thinks Porsche "would have been a gracious winner", so I guess she is throwing a stone there.  She thought both Porsche and Rachel were lying when they said they would take each other to the end and would really take Adam.  She says Adam is a great guy but let's face it, not many of the people on the Jury had respect for the way he played the game.

13.  She mentions Rachel's nasty goodbye messages and is surprised that Rachel didn't think about the ramifications of leaving messages like that for Jury members.

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Kalia Booker

Kalia is led over for her interview with "Spicy" but before Spicy acknowledges her, she has to make a few adjustments to her microphone cord or something.  While she does that Kalia just kind of stands there and looks annoyed.

1.  Spicy greets Kalia by saying she always thought Kalia would be a great girlfriend.  Before she responds Kalia  wants an immediate clarification as to what exactly Spicy is referring to.  Spicy assures her that she means girlfriend, like a BFF.  Spicy assures all of us that she isn't into "girl sex acts"..  Kalia then states what a great loyal friend she is and that she is always ready to "ride out in a second".

2.  Spicy compliments her dress. (Spicy must not watch the live feeds, huh?  Kalia has worn that tired schmatte all summer.)

3.  Someone off camera tells Kalia to look into the camera when she talks.  Spicy apologizes and says "I guess I need to do my job and tell you that."   Kalia says she is "used to being on your side of the camera" and she should know that, too.  (Where are the SuperPass lighting people?)

4.  Spicy tells Kalia that is live on SuperPass and Kalia says "Oh, the live feeds!  I'm sure the live feeders all love me---I said a few things to you this year!"  I think she was being sarcastic and poking fun at herself, which is nice.

5.  The Duos twist was "basically like, Kalia's nightmare".  The one thing she said coming in is that she didn't want to have to play with someone else, and that she didn't want to play with a bimbo and that is exactly what happened.  (???  Say what ???)

6.  The one good  thing about the Duos is that she and her partner Lawon were never split up and now "she has him as an amazing friend".

7.  Kalia thinks that if Evel Dick had been there, there is no way that Rachel would have won because "she is so insecure that he would have just killed her".  (So, I guess that solves the mystery about who the bimbo is..._)  All of this is said in Kalia's Valley Girl style with a lot of hair touching and gesturing.

8.  Jordan is led through the background by somebody and is having issues walking in her teetery shoes, apparently.  She also walked by during Dom's interview---she is being led from interview to interview which I guess is expected.

9.  Kalia tried to do whatever she could to get a Golden Key.  She know that she wasn't that popular with the Newbies in the early days, so she tried to strike a deal with the Vets early on.  She thinks having the Golden Key was a mixed blessing for someone like Daniele, who really wanted to compete, but it was a great twist.

10.  They thought whoever was evicted that big week would be offered money or to come back in the game and "she and Daniele talked about it" before deciding to nominate Lawon.  (I thought she wasn't playing Dani's game.)

11.  Dani taught Kalia a lot about the game.  What she learned the most from Dani was that "you could come into the game and find an amazing friend".  Gamewise Dani made Kalia stronger and taught her to play with less emotion.  Kalia is a fighter and Dani kind of lit the fire under her.

12.  Kalia claims to have never been a floater---unbeknownst to the HG who thought she was. (C'mon, never Kalia?)  She calls out Adam as a floater, and says that Rachel was the "biggest floater in the game after Brendon left".  Kalia is obviously VERY, VERY bitter about Rachel.

13.  Kalia says that Rachel is probably a great person outside of the house and she jokes that maybe she will go to the wedding.  Spicy says maybe she can be the flower girl (like the White Trash Wedding).

14.  This is interesting:  Kalia says that once you're in there for awhile you kind of forget where you are and start to change in view of the cameras, without thinking.  When she was sleeping she would open her eyes and a camera would zoom in from the ceiling, right on her face.  She makes the "zoom" noise while she describes that.  (That would creep me the fuck out. I would press the button and escape on Day #1...)  The cameras prevented her from sneaking up on people, too, with their zooming noises.

15.  Kalia is very bubbly and animated and enjoys this, obviously.

16.  She plans to continue doing on-air work--she covered the All Start Game  this year and really liked it.

17.  She loved the Double Eviction week and is surprised she won the Before and After competition.

18.  Spicy wants to know who played the cleanest game this year.  Kalia needs clarification on that----Spicy finally says the "least shady" person.  Kalia immediately named Keith since "he wasn't in there very long and didn't have time to be shady".

19.  Spicy asks which of the Fortune Teller's predictions will most likely come true?  Kalia says probably Jeff, with that clown shoe.  She mentions that it fell out of the bin---Kalia claims to have seen the clown shoe that he threw out, but mysteriously never found one in her own bin.

20.  She agrees with Rachel that if she had been in the Final Two she would have won.  If Rachel was afraid of her, then she probably played the game right.

21.  She claims that she and Dani made an alliance in Week One.  (Really?)

I Guess Cassi is Hooking Up With James Rhine

and he's not afraid for us to know that.

I follow James' tweets and a few weeks ago he went on some sort of  'mystery vacation' in a secret location and there were strong hints that he went to see Cassi somewhere. Nashville?  Texas?

Anyway now he tweets back and forth with Cassi's dad so who the hell knows.  Here are some pictures he has tweeted from last night, along with said tweets.


Also, this is a retweet from Matt Hoffman's wife Stacy.  I guess she doesn't like Allison Grodner very much, huh?  Wonder why?  If you know please let us all know....

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Dominic Briones

"Spicy Pants" greets Dominic by saying the ladies all want to see Dominic, and that he is gorgeous in person.

1.  Dominic is very poised on camera and chews a piece of white gum between questions.

2.  When asked about a possible showmance with Cassi or Daniele, Dominic does some talking but finally says Cassi is like a sister.  I don't think he mentioned Daniele.

3.  It was horrible watching the show from home.  He was very frustrated and yelled at the TV.

4.  Is Dom shocked that Rachel won?  "Hell, yes", he was shocked.  She was a huge target when he left the house and with the power shifting so quickly he is surprised that she made it to the end.  He is happy with the outcome and feels Rachel deserved it.

5.  If he could do something over, he would have tried to play with Jeff, rather than Brendon and Rachel.  He didn't like the way they made promises to him and then decided at the last minute to not backdoor Jeff.

6.  He gets recognized a lot and is getting more modeling jobs. It's good and it's bad to be recognized.  He's trying to take some time off and the offers are rolling in.  Lots of opportunities for him, apparently.

7.  Who was the biggest floater?  Adam, without question. Dom doesn't think he was a bad guy, he laid low and did a good job getting to the end.  Dom basically lists all the newbies as floaters.

8.  They laugh about Adam continuing to insist that he would have won if Rachel took him to Final Two.  He doesn't know about that, but he would have voted for Rachel because she earned it, even though she "did him dirty".

9. He would have loved to do the competiton with the bubbles and running back and forth.  Even though "Big Jeff killed it" Dom jokes that on their own time he might challenge Jeff to go against him on that.

10.  Dom is single and is "ready to mingle" and "if there's a good girl out there, let's talk".

11.  In five years he would like to be done with college, with a good girl, "not fat" and happy with life.

12.  Dominic does plan to go to the wrap party and asks Spicy if "they're gonna dance"?  She says hell yeah and Dom says "it's a date" before wrapping up to move on to the next interview.

Dom really is a doll.  Why didn't Spicy ask him about Daniele and push the issue?  You know Missy would have.


SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Keith Henderson

I am just getting around to watching all of the post-finale interviews.  Last year SuperPass had Missy covering all of the backyard action and I think she did a great job.  What happened to Missy, SuperPass?  Damn.

This year "Spicy Pants" was apparently covering all of the backyard action.  I think she should just go by her fucking name or use a fake one.  Like Betty or Veronica.  I am going to try and suffer through her performance, but the first one didn't make it any easier.

Right now the interviews are apparently in one long loop.  After a few days, they will probably split them up by houseguest so I don't have to watch all of them.  As you might guess, the houseguests evicted first are the first ones interviewed--it's like that every year.  Usually there is a big To Do for only the finalists, but this year with Brendon, Jeff, Jordan & Daniele there is plenty of star power.

So, first up is Keith Henderson, who was evicted first.  Spicy and Keith seemed to "hit it off", if you know what I mean.

1.  Spicy and Keith hugged several times, and Keith twirled her around to look at her ass.  He is such a horndog.

2.  Spicy is "looking forward to hanging with him at some of the finale parties".  That is probably a good strategy as they both will need someone to talk to.

3.  Keith feels the Duo twist really rocked his plan for Keith's Angels.  If he had to do it again, he would still choose Porsche as a partner, but would have formed a side alliance with Brendon and Rachel along with Porsche when Rachel became the first HOH.

4.  Keith gets recognized frequently and says people chide him about being sequestered so long.

5.  Keith ate, worked out, and watched TV during sequester.  No mention of where he was (but Brendon went to Palm Springs).  He thought he was coming back into the house so he wanted to "stay sexy".

6.  Keith doesn't have Twitter---his job as a Human Resource Director prevents him from any sort of social media, but he wants us all to contact him at his email address, particularly the ladies.  As you might guess, Keith would like "nude pictures".  You can send him those at  He repeated the address at least twice, so have at it.

7.  Keith would love to come back on BB again, and mentions a possible season of "Worst Players Ever" or something like that as a joke.

8.  He feels he made genuine friendships this summer and welcomes all BB13 houseguests to be his guest when visiting Chicago.

9.  Let's take a look at that purple growth on Keith's shoulder.

10.  That's all I can really remember from this interview.

Moving on.............