Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adam: Dani's Best Friends at CBS Will Have Her Back

as the Final Three discuss who won what.

Kalia told Rachel that she should be kept in the house over Porsche, because if she left she was leaving empty-handed and Porsche won $5,000.

Porsche:  You know the truth, right?  (i.e. that Kalia won $5K too)

Rachel:  Yes, why does she lie?  It's so stupid!

Shortly thereafter, Adam made the comment in the title of this post and the feeds were cut.

Adam also asked again for us to vote for "America's Favorite Juror".

Voting is over, dumbass.  Let's hear more about Dani and CBS conspiring together....

Porsche Just Saw the Medic

in the DR due to her leg injury from the HOH Part #2 competition.

Before going to the DR she asked Rachel and Adam to take a look at her leg.  They both said the rash looks worse.

Rachel:  You should ask to see the Medic.  Because tomorrow is the last day and you don't have any health insurance.  You don't want to get out of here and be like, oh no...

When Porsche came out of the DR she was excited and said "Holy Crap!  There's like, a real person in there!  She's going to leave me some hydrocortisone cream..."

BB didn't like that and cut the feeds while she tries to brief Rachel on the issue.  She told Adam the Medic looked at her leg "through the screen" so I guess she didn't get face-to-face contact with them.

Adam has been grilling in the backyard and is very convincing when speaking with both Porsche and Rachel individually. I haven't heard him ask Rachel to take him to the end, but whenever he is alone with Porsche he starts working on her.

Here are various pictures of the last hour or so...

Also, Adam is hoping Fara will be there at the Finale. Her school gives her a hard time when she wants time off, and he is also worried about his job as well.  Maybe they got used to getting by without him and his job is getting eliminated.  (In the record industry, this would be a concern for me as well.....)

Adam:  I hope I haven't done anything in here to make my job questionable...

Rachel assured him that is not the case.

Adam: I Am So Sick of Her

he is saying to Porsche.  He is pissed about some things that Rachel said last night and tells Porsche that even if he is evicted, he is going to vote for her.

Adam:  I have lost all respect for her in this game.  But you gotta do what you gotta do...

Porsche:  I agree.  But I have to win, first.

Adam:  Some of the things she said to me...some of the things she said to you...

Porsche:  I know, she doesn't deserve it... And her speech...it's gonna be...

Rachel came outside and Adam quickly changed the subject to the overcast sky.  Rachel modeled the swimsuit that she tie-dyed recently.

(WTF did Rachel do last night?  I need to get up to speed.)

Countdown to Finale

This is a new screen we are seeing, along with FISH.

I'm guessing BB got them some movies to watch, so they don't have to babysit the Final Three for a few hours.

The girls are going to start packing tonight......

I wonder who Janelle is rooting for?  She has stated that she wants Rachel to win, but she is the one who should be blamed is responsible for the Casting of Porsche, so maybe she is rooting for her.

It kind of sucks that Porsche is probably going somewhere Janelle will never go...the Final Two.  No one deserved that more than Janelle, in my opinion.

Ho Hum

Sorry for the lack of updates, but this is a big week work-wise for me and let's face it---there isn't much to look in the Big Brother house these days.

Also, I think I'm getting my post-season BB blues, a few days early.

They have been getting ready for the HOH lockdown today.   Preparation includes gathering a variety of snacks to take upstairs (Porsche & Rachel) and smoking cigarette after cigarette (Adam).

Rachel dreamed about her ex-boyfriend and Brendon, but Brendon wasn't in the dream.  Rachel was at a party getting drunk and Rachel went to her ex-boyfriend's house and saw him hooking up with a bunch of random girls.  He blamed that behavior on her.  Then an old friend picked her up but instead of taking her home he took her to some boat dock.  Adam dreamed that he was on the show Burn Notice instead of Big Brother, and that Porsche survived some sort of shooting by being on a plane.

Before going upstairs the girls wondered what was wrong with Adam?  Rachel thought he was just sad and Porsche commented that he said he would not come back for All Stars.  Porsche thought that was crazy and said she'd come back in a heartbeat if "they" asked her too.

Rachel:  The only way I wouldn't come back is if I win.

Then Rachel realized the folly of saying that, in Porsche's eye's.

Rachel:  I mean, if I won "my season" I wouldn't have come back for this one.  Brendon said last time he would never come back...

(If Porsche thinks either she or Adam has a chance at being All Stars, she is sadly mistaken.  What a surprise they will both have when they work up the courage to troll the internet for mentions of themselves, huh?  Porsche's T & A pictures are among my most popular posts, however, so she should take pride and comfort in that.)

Adam was the last one upstairs in the HOH Room, muttering "sorry....sorry...sorry" the entire time he dragged his ass up the stairs, carrying an orange blanket for the girls.

The girls let him feed the fish.  I don't know if he had the chance to do that during his brief HOH reign.  (I've heard him say that he didn't have a chance to take a crap in the HOH bathroom during his HOH reign, much to his chagrin.  He only pooped as a visitor in the HOH bathroom this season.)