Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mike Boogie has Cockroaches

This is from TMZ - the shitty restaurant that Mike Boogie opened up pursuant to that shitty VH1 show  was chock-full of cockroaches!  Bon Appetit!

(Why did they name it Lemon Basket?)

'Famous Food' Restaurant
Re-Opening After Closure for Cockroaches

Lemon Basket -- the restaurant that was at the center of the VH1 show "Famous Food" -- is re-opening tonight after being closed for a few days thanks to a little problem ... with cockroaches.

According to our sources, the restaurant -- located on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood -- was shut down for a couple of days after being cited for health violations involving "cockroach infestation."

But it's all good now -- we're told the restaurant remedied all their issues and is taking reservations for dinner tonight.

Who's hungry?

Tidbits from This Afternoon

I have been watching the feeds while I work today.  (Big tax deadline coming up this Thursday...)

1. Rachel spoke privately with both Porsche and Adam, encouraging them and making it seem like she was aligned only with them.  (She'd better glue herself to both of them for the duration to make sure they don't compare notes.)   She encouraged both of them to win today, and also dropped big hints about how the Jury would vote for the other person instead of her.  She is clearly painting herself as the 2nd place winner, even saying that she doesn't think Jeff would vote for her because they "butted heads all summer".  She told Porsche to remember that "Adam is Jeff's boy".

2.  Porsche is ultra-sensitive to any compliments to Kalia's game---she doesn't understand why Kalia "gets all the credit" and seems to think she (Porsche) will be regarded as a great Big Brother player.  Rachel is keeping her mouth shut and agreeing with her.

3.  They are joking about the competition today.  Rachel remembers that in Allstars, Boogie and Erica competed on an intense laser competition high above the backyard and Boogie won a Pontiac Solstice.  Porsche says that if Adam lets her win today she will give him a car, and later says if he lets her win she will buy him a Camaro.

4.  Adam thinks there is a big heavy metal concert on the night of the finale that his friends may go to instead of watching.  He actually thinks they may flash a congratulations sign at the concert that "Heavy Metal Fan Adam Wins Big Brother".  Yes, he said that.

5.  Porsche and Adam asked Rachel about the amount of her stipend.  Rachel clams that the veterans "got the same contract they got last year" and "got the chance to win again".  She denies that their stipend is double what the newbies receive.  Porsche said that Dani told Kalia that and that Kalia 'was positive about it'.  Rachel mocked this and wondered if Dani said that on her way out to hurt the other veterans.

6.  Their stipend is taxed like ordinary income, but according to Rachel any winnings from competitions are "taxed at game show rates".

7.  Both Porsche and Adam have studied the picture wall over and over and over.  Who knows if that is the competition though.

8.  Adam gives a shout out to Massage Envy in Hoboken.  That is where he goes...

9.  They said that Dani "broke all of the rules in her speech" as she left.  They mentioned her shout outs to CBS and Production, and then they discuss her comment that she is the only one who respects the game.  Adam doesn't like this and neither did Rachel.  Porsche weakly tries to defend Dani whenever they bring up stuff like this.

10.  Out of the blue, Porsche starts talking about an MTV True Life episode about a dominatrix who moved to Atlanta because "the business was better there".  She went on for quite a bit about it.  Hmmmm.  Why is Porsche thinking about that?

11.  They discussed what Jordan wore on Thursday night.  Apparently the DR told her that she could wear whatever she wanted, but they advised her to wear athletic wear so that the viewers were kept in suspense about the game.  (Remember she had a special eviction dress but wore athletic wear on the show.)

12.  Porsche made a number of derogatory comments about Jordan, including saying that BB must have chosen competitions at the end of BB11 that favored her.  BB didn't like Porsche insinuating that.

The Final Three Lay in the Dark and Talk About Shelly

You can hear various thumping sounds behind the walls.

Porsche:  Do you think the people in the Jury House know who Shelly is?

Rachel:  Who Shelly is?

Porsche:  You know, Michelle....

When the feeds come back it seems that they are all sure that Shelly was America's Player, although I am not sure why...  They think Shelly appeared at the Jury House with a case of Monster, ready to party.

They are discussing all of the competitions and Adam is still worrying about Jeff possibly throwing the Cornhole competition, which would mean that Adam didn't really win it.

Part 2 of the Final HOH series will happen sometime today.  Rachel has been acting like she will take Porsche and the two of them seem quite chummy.  But Porsche acts the same way with Adam.

Supposedly this competition is going to be skill-related, so that could be anybody's game.  It will be very interesting to see what happens after the competition today.  The houseguest who will not compete in the Final HOH battle live on Wednesday will really start to scramble and start making pleas to the other two houseguests.

I don't know if Porsche will do that, though.  She is kind of a mystery.  She hasn't really seemed to care much about the outcome of the game all summer.

Yesterday they discussed having a Final Three lunch together the day after the finale.  They think that the lunch will happen on Friday afternoon, rather than Thursday.  Rachel wants to eat sushi at Universal Citiwalk, since that will be "near their hotel".

She has said several times that they need to do that, no matter what, and intends for Fara to join them as well.  She said the winner of BB will pay for lunch.

But whoever wins isn't going to be having lunch with the other two, even if they wanted to.  Their next couple of days will be totally booked with appearances and network events.

I heard Jordan say that she wasn't allowed to go out after she won, but Jeff went out to dinner with his brother and sister-in-law.

Remembering September 11th in the Big Brother House

When the tragedy of September 11th happened, Big Brother Season Two was in it's final days.  They were down to the Final Three, just as they will be tomorrow on the 10th anniversary.

After it happened, all of the Big Brother fans were wondering if Production would tell the houseguests anything about it.  I remember watching the Evil Dr. Will in the backyard, looking at the sky and wondering why there had been no airplane traffic for days.  (US airline traffic screeched to a halt for about a week, if you don't remember.)

How ironic is it that one of the Final Three had a family member who went to work that morning at the World Trade Center, and was never seen again. (Statistically, that has to be a longshot.)

As you can see in this video of BB2 show excerpts, Production first brought Monica into the DR alone to tell her about it, then brought in Will and Nicole to discuss it with them as well.  They didn't tell them all of the details (Will thought the pilot ditched the plane in Pennsylvania.), but they told them enough to let them know our country was in chaos.  

On a side note, you will see how different Julie Chen looked back then (pre-Chenbot days), and how truly ugly the back yard was.  Production didn't start using a soundstage until BB6, and I guess they didn't have much of a budget for set decoration.  

I hope Monica is doing well and that her family knows how much we all care about them.

Everybody Has Hobbies.....

Speaking of, I get a kick out of the posters who create these elaborate banners to express themselves.

("Kick" = Douchechills)

Here is a sampling of a few of the banners.  Additionally, many of the posters select names designed to let everyone know where they stand..  One of the posters is calling herself "Dani", and many of them use avatars with pictures of former houseguests to illustrate their own identities.  For some reason Keesha from BB10 seems to be a particular favorite.  (?)

Jokers' Interview with Jordan After Her Eviction

I think this "exclusive" interview demonstrates the primary flaws of  Many of the people who post there are out of their fucking minds.  I am as big a fan of Big Brother as anybody else--that is why I take the time and effort to document the season on this website.

But this "interviewer" asks a decent series of questions, and then adds some real bullshit at the end.  Basically they think that Porsche and Dani went after Jeff romantically in the house and Jordan was jealous.  That would indicate that the "interviewer" is one of those people who watch the live feeds and then argue on the Jokers message boards about a bunch of stupid shit.  They actually get into name-calling fights over "their players".

Trust me no such thing ever happened.

(Do you understand the title of the article? More proof this bitch is crazy.....)

Jokers Updates Exclusive Interview with Jordan Lloyd
Jordan Lloyd, Elizabeth Bennet and Gracie Allen All Say Goodnight

By BestBBEver, September 09, 2011

Photo - CBS

Jordan Lloyd has been the most popular houseguest of this season on the JokersUpdate "Rate the BB13 Houseguests." She has never slipped form her position as Numero Uno, no matter what happened in the game. This year, Jordan came into the house more confident, more woman than girl, but still carrying all the endearing personality traits of that cookie dough eating, chest-bumping young lady we came to know and love on Big Brother season 11.

Then the Big Brother 13 game began and the duplicity and double dealing in the BB house soon had Jordan pulling on her bangs in that tell we have come to recognize as a sign of her anxiety. She seemed uncomfortable, irritated and confused over her decision to play a second season of Big Brother and having Jeff in the house with her didn't seem to help as much as you might think, for a woman in love.

Having made promises to herself and her family about public displays of affection, Jordan seemed confused about what to do with herself, Jeff and everyone else playing the game. She needn't have worried so much. She played the game like the champion she is and even though her inability to win competitions appeared to be her downfall, trusting the wrong people and ignoring others was ultimately what lead to her demise.

There were at least a hundred questions we would have liked to ask Jordan if we had the time but we are happy and delighted with the time we did get and the answers she gave us: You told Julie that you were a fool for being so trusting of Shelly but you turned around and put almost the same amount of trust in Adam, do you think that was wise in terms of getting closer to winning the money?

Jordan: Adam, I felt, was more honest and seemed to keep his word. And, I got to be a lot closer with him. I genuinely like Adam and I knew he would take me to the final 2. Of all of the houseguests this year, who do you think you will keep in touch with and why?

Jordan: I think I would like to keep in touch with everyone from this season. I really liked everyone. It seemed like Big Brother season 13 was harder for you than season 11, do you know why you stayed so stressed this season and did you feel as if you and Jeff came into the house with big targets on your back from day one?

Jordan: I know we came into the house with big targets on our back. It was harder because season 11 I didn’t know what I was doing and was more go with the flow. This season I knew much more about Big Brother since I played before and it was hard because I was more serious about it than I was last time. As much as you want to share with us, what is the real reason that you decided to do Big Brother 13?

Jordan: Jeff wanted to come back and try to win again, and since we had been doing long distance it was a good opportunity to spend some time together. We thought it would be fun to try to win again and get to see each other all summer. The last day that you were in the house, it seemed like it would be a fairly easy argument to convince Porsche to keep you since Rachel is a monster at endurance comps & this year you have been in a slump, so why didn't you try? It was killing me that you didn't even try. I know you care about Rachel but you had as much right to try to win the money and be in the Final 2 as anyone else, why didn't you fight harder to get Porsche to keep you?

Jordan: I knew there was no convincing Porsche and that she would be sending me out of the house. You have been a fun Big Brother houseguest to watch and root for or even boo, for some of your non-fans, but what is next in your life for yourself, your Mother and Peyton and of course, with Jeff? As much as you would like to share because we would really like to know............

Jordan: Maybe marriage, soon enough. And just back to work and school. Securing a home for your Mother, yourself and your brother, Peyton, seems to have put you in a much happier place. Could you tell us what it means to you to have the security of a home you love, again?

Jordan: It’s the best feeling in the world to know that you took care of your family and that you don’t have to worry about them. It seemed like you were always having to explain Jeff to your fellow houseguests this year, the way he talks to you, the way he talks to others. I grew up with a lot of loud Catholic brothers, so I "get" Jeff but why do you think other people have such a hard time understanding his subtle kindnesses, motives and sense of humor?

Jordan: I think a lot of people were intimidated by him and they didn’t get his humor. Because he has a stern voice and speaks louder (they think) he is being mean, but that is just Jeff. Finally, from your experience Jordan, what do you think was the good, the bad and the ugly of your Big Brother 13 season, this summer?

The good – coming back and playing the game with Jeff.

The bad – being evicted.

The ugly – the feud with Shelly.

Thank you again Jordan, for taking the time to answer our questions and for taking the time to play Big Brother once again!

Saying goodbye to Jordan was not an easy thing for me because I enjoyed watching her gameplay and watching her love-story unfold, but I think she made a big error this season when a factor she hadn't prepared for, entered the mix. I thought I saw something crop up this season, that was never a concern during season 11. The classic "reality TV vixen" setting her sights on Jeff, right in front of Jordan.

Jeff would have told Jordan, you keep your friends close and you keep your enemies even closer and early on in the game I believe that Jordan saw Dani and Porsche as threats. Not for the ultimate prize of half a million dollars but wily, seductive BB houseguests that wanted to put some of their whammy on Jeff and Jordan wasn't having it. For all of Rachel's hilarious posturing about anything coming between her and her man, there is nothing in this world more powerful than a steel magnolia when her home-wrecker detector is going off.

And amusing for everyone but Jordan, it was Jeff that set her detector off. His innocent off hand comments about how he liked Dani and thought Porsche looked a little like Jordan, crawled into her unconscious and the game was ON and it wasn't the BB game. Her last comments about Porsche using her "feminine ways" was one of my favorite Jordan moments of the season.

I think I'll send her a copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice or maybe just the DVD, because with a little help from Elizabeth Bennet I think Jordan and Porsche could have and should have been sitting in the Final 2. But let me know which DVD to send her; the BBC version with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy or the newer, Matthew Macfadyen version of Mr. Darcy? hmmmmmmmmm, Mr. Darcy! What about Jeff as the Chicago Mr. Darcy, now that is some escapist fare I would definitely watch.

Wait a minute, what were we talking about, I got a little distracted. Oh yes, saying goodbye to Jordan. Goodbye Jordan, you will be missed but forever remembered for your great BB gameplay, your winning smile and wonderful personality and your spot-on, Gracie Allen/Burns impersonation.

Thank you and say goodnight Jordan!

Final note from the author:
I do not believe Jordan was ever jealous of Porsche or Dani, nor do I believe she was ever concerned about Jeff possibly straying. Perhaps I should have written; "....amusing for everyone but Jordan, it MAY HAVE BEEN Jeff that set her detector off."

Jordan is an intelligent, perceptive individual and I believe she saw some pretty, bored, BB houseguests make a beeline for the sweetest nectar in the house and put their "flirt" on for Jeff. In many parts of our society, despite what you see on 'reality TV', the sanctity of an established relationship is respected and NOT considered "fair game". Not so much in the BB house.

On the last Friday night of live feeds, Porsche said that her photo on the picture wall said, "I'll steal your man and stab you in the back!" Rachel continued, pretending to be Porsche, and said, "and I don't even care" and Porsche smiled and said "Yeah!"

That is my point. Jordan wasn't jealous and she wasn't concerned about Jeff, she was concerned about the brazen hussy's who seemed to think BB13 was the war part of "all is fair in love and war" and no civilized person believes that saying has any merit.

These party/club persona's were not something Jordan had to deal with on BB11. Russell and Jesse had to deal with it, but not Jordan or Jeff and I don't think she was prepared to deal with it on BB13. I think it left her a little unsettled and off-kilter, so please, don't let me be misunderstood. Capisce?

Digital Spy Interviews Jordan

Funny how none of these interviews discuss her future with Jeff.....

Big Brother 13 Jordan Lloyd on Jeff, the veteran alliance and coming up short
Friday, September 9 2011, 6:30pm EDT

By Jennifer Still, Entertainment Reporter

Big Brother USA Season 13: Jordan Lloyd

Having already won the show's 11th season, it seemed that Jordan Lloyd didn't have much left to prove upon entering the Big Brother house for its 13th cycle. Teaming up early with fellow former contestant and current boyfriend Jeff Schroeder, the 25-year-old was part of the veteran alliance which slowly dwindled as weeks passed. Despite holding out as one of the final two returning players in the game, her time came to an end during Thursday night's live eviction show and she was sent home, taking fourth place in the competition.

Here's what Jordan told Digital Spy about her second time in the competition.

You really seemed to have come to terms with leaving the house. Did having won the competition previously sort of lighten the blow of losing this close to the end?
"Yeah, I mean I am disappointed because I did want to make it to the Top 3 to prove I could do it again. But it wouldn't have felt right if Rachel had left before me because I feel that I would have been benefiting from Rachel's work that she had done to keep us there. Plus, Rachel was closer to Porsche and I wasn't."

Rachel mentioned wanting to remain friends outside the house. Can you see that happening or was your friendship more opportunistic because of your alliance?
"No, we will be friends outside the house."

Why do you think you struggled so much to win competitions?
"In the beginning, I didn't really need to win. I was safer. But when I needed to win, like with the questions, I would get so close and then lose. It just wasn't in the cards for me this year."

How difficult was it to continue to keep your head and heart in the game after Jeff left?
"It was hard, but once he left, it was like, 'OK, I've done this before. I don't need to give up, I just need to pick my head up and do what I did last time'. And it helped that I had Rachel there with me."

What do you plan to do after the game is completely over? You mentioned on the show wanting to try a different job.
"I'm going back to the salon and I've got to go to school. The salon works with my school schedule, they are really good to me."

Do you have any regrets in the game? Is there anything you wish you would have done differently?
"Nope, no regrets."

The veteran alliance started out so strong. Where do you think it went wrong and do you think there was a chance that all vets could have actually made it to the end?
"It went wrong whenever Dani tried to backdoor Jeff, then it went downhill from there. But, if the vets did stick together we would have wiped the entire house and it would be all vets in the end, for sure."

You mentioned in your exit interview that you think Rachel is the best player. Who else's skills did you admire in the competition?
"Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Dani were all the best competitors on the show and I think that is why Brendon, Dani and Jeff got evicted because they were so good and nobody thought they could beat them. Rachel sort of snuck by."

What was your favorite memory from this season of Big Brother?
"When David Hasselhoff came, because I won that!"

Now that you've played twice, would you ever play again? Why or why not?
"No, I am done and am retiring from Big Brother. It was a great experience to come back and I'm glad I did it, but I think I am done. It was a lot harder mentally this time around."