Friday, September 9, 2011

Porsche Poolside

for her fans.  Or maybe just people who want to ogle her.  Whatever.


Adam cooked up a DiGourno Pizza so Rachel and Porsche went inside to grab a slice.  I have noticed that Porsche seems to do a lot of eating while standing up in the kitchen.  Some people think those calories don't count.

But they do count Porsche.

Adam Compares Himself to Howie

Adam:  Am I fatter than Howie?

Both girls say Howie "wasn't fat in All Stars".  Rachel adds that his upper body was toned.  (So, I think that was a "Yes", Adam.)

Adam:  Am I like Chicken George?  Or Howie?

Rachel:  You're like Howie.

Adam:  I'm just trying to figure out where I stand on the Big Brother Goofy Guy list.  Am I funnier than Enzo?

Rachel:  A lot of people didn't think Enzo was funny.

Oooo.  Ouch.

They are playing Disney trivia.  Rachel seems to know everything about Disney animated movies.

Their Laundry Doesn't Look So Good

and it looks like the paint-type substance sprayed on them during last night's competition isn't coming clean.  They are going to turn the clothes inside out and wash them again.

Rachel holds up the blue T-shirt she has been wearing this season with the yellow "P" on it.

Rachel:  This is actually from Andrew Gordon from last season.  He left it hanging on the shark in the Have Not Room for some reason so  I took it.

The "P" stands for Princeton.  Rachel's dad went there so she kept it and obviously wears it now.

(Thousands of people visit here looking for pictures of Porsche's ass.  Enjoy, horny people.)

Here is Rachel's ass, as well.

Inside TV Interviews Jordan

'Big Brother': Jordan says 'Rachel deserves to win'

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Alas, poor Jordan Lloyd: The 24-year-old winner of Big Brother 11 couldn’t pull off another triumph for her beloved Jeff Schroeder. That’s the only reason the North Carolina belle agreed to do the 13th season; otherwise she would have stayed home and watched other people spar and self-destruct on national TV.
“It’s really hard. It’s mentally draining in there,” Lloyd admitted to EW. “I did this for Jeff. I had already done it! I wanted to go to school! I really did think Jeff would go far and that maybe I would go out before him. But I could help him try to win the money.”

It didn’t help that Lloyd was pretty weak in the challenges. She only won one Head of Household competition, mostly because her boyfriend Schroeder made it happen. (She also won the luxury competition with David Hasselhoff. Yey?) Lloyd can’t figure out why she didn’t triumph in more. “I don’t know. I’m not a competitor. I’m really not. The only reason why I made it so far was because I’m a great social player. That’s why me and Rachel [Reilly] work so well together. She’s a great competitor. They didn’t trust her so I did all the talking.”

As for her latest partner-in-crime, Reilly may have rubbed other players the wrong way but Lloyd admitted that she bonded with the fiery redhead. “I know she said when she came back this time she wanted to change the way she looked from her season. I know she was a little feisty in the beginning, but after Brendon left, I think [viewers] began to love her. I think she wasn’t being so outspoken. She was kind of being herself, a great game player. People should like her.”

That’s why she thinks Reilly — not Porsche Briggs — should win if the two make it to the finals. “Rachel told me her goodbye messages were kind of mean, so I hope people don’t use that against her,” Lloyd said. “I hope people look at how she played the game. She really did a great job. For 50 days, all Porsche did was bake cookies and lay out in the sun. She never talked game. She was very hard to talk to, just different. I could not read that girl for anything. She doesn’t show any emotions.”

Lloyd, in contrast, showed a whole spectrum of feelings when she realized that Shelly Moore flipped on the veterans’ alliance and pushed to save Daniele Donato. In a rare display of rage, Lloyd let her have it. “I don’t regret it,” she admitted. “I was so mad because she was somebody I felt like I trusted 100 percent. Afterwards, though, I was kind of embarrassed. I didn’t want my mom to be embarrassed.  I didn’t want to look like this crazy person. I don’t go off on people. But that was the worst day ever and I flipped out.”
But hey — Lloyd has one thing to be proud about: She maintained her weight! “During my season I gained 15, 17 pounds. When I got out, none of my clothes fit!” Lloyd recalled. “All I did was eat. It’s easy to eat. This time, Rachel and I worked out every single day. A couple of times after working out hard, I did eat some chocolate. But I tried to stay away from the cookie dough.”

Adam's HOH Blog

Here is is, word-for-word.  This is one of the best HOH blogs of the year, in my opinion.  He doesn't do the pointless exercise of addressing each cast member and is well-spoken.  He has had years to think about this, and it shows.

That piece of stuffed bacon that he is snuggling with has wire in it so it is bendable.  He also got a clown doll that has yellow shoes.  He joked about cutting off one of the feet and sending it to Jeff.

HoH Blog: Adam

Posted on Sep 8, 2011 09:06pm

WOW! Who would have thought that 4 years ago, when I went to my first open audition for Big Brother that one day, I would be writing an HOH Blog? After being a huge fan of this show for years, and all my friends telling me I would be great on here, I still never thought it would actually happen. But I am SOOOOO glad I was persistent and stayed with it, and FINALLY got on! My goals were this - 1) DON'T be the first one evicted. 2) Become Jury eligible 3) Make it to the final 6 where you get to play in every VETO comp and control your own destiny, and then 4) Make it to the final 3 and a shot to win the big prize. Well looky here! I have done all of that - now I just need to win 2 more comps to secure my seat in the final 2. There is still a chance I can go to the final 2 if I don't win - but I would rather earn my way there and then I would be able to make a good case to the jury why they should give me the money!

Before I go any further - I must give a huge thank you to my wonderful girlfriend Fara. The day I asked her to be my girlfriend (10/10/10), I told her about my addiction to Big Brother and how I always wanted to be on it. I explained to her that I had been trying and for her to be prepared to be alone for an entire summer if I did get on. With her being a school teacher - and having summers off - it really sucks I cannot be with her. But that is how I know she is an amazing person, she never once told me no don't do it & supported me throughout the whole process. I really wanted to win HOH sooner so I could get a letter from her, and her picture. Better late than never! Thanks for the support baby, I love you, I miss you, and I will see ya soon!!!

When I walked into the house on the first night, and saw only 8 people, I knew something bad was going to happen. As soon as the doorbell started ringing and old house guests started returning, I thought "this is going to be one short summer!!" I mean, 2 past winners, a runner up, and 3 fierce competitors. How the heck was I ever going to be able to make it far in this game? I knew my sense of humor is a little odd, but hey - make em laugh and hopefully they will keep me around. When I showed I can be a good competitor as well, I feel they started to respect me. Now that I am in the final 4 and have an HOH & 2 Veto's under my belt - I hope everyone else out there respects me as well. The hard part of this whole ordeal is not knowing what is being said about you on the outside. I mean, I am a 40 year old Heavy Metal loving, Appletini sipping, Beverly Hills 90210 watching guy. My well rounded personality has helped me in this house - and I hope it is fun for all of you watching. As a huge fan of the show - I know there are going to be people that are rooting for me, and I know there are people that will be scratching their heads wondering how I got so far. I hope I have inspired people that it is ok to be unique and eclectic. As long as you are happy and comfortable with yourself - that's what matters most.

Some of my favorite memories of this summer have been - keeping up with Jeff in the ball rolling VETO comp, no one thought I would come so close - and that showed I was here to play for real. Winning my first VETO in the Cornhole comp - gave me the thrill of finally winning something and pulling myself off the block. My 40th birthday - definitely one I will never forget. Walking around, or should I say Dancing around the house for a week in an Elf suit. And of course - having the one and only Tori Spelling walk in here. There is not much time left in this house - but hopefully I am not done making good memories.

Some of the things I am looking forward to once I am out of here - METAL!!!!!! I miss my metal friends, and going to metal shows. This past summer there were a lot of good concerts & festivals I missed but there will be lots more to come. They say music tames the savage beast - and that is so true for this savage beast. SPORTS!!!! I do not even know if there is a pro football season going on. How are my beloved New York Yankees doing? Just like the concerts - there will be plenty of sports to watch in the future. Dining out in Hoboken & New York City. Gossiping with my girls. Hanging with my boys. Posting funny pictures and status updates on Facebook. Falling asleep watching TV, and not worrying who is "plotting my demise". And of course snuggling with my girl!!!

I am so grateful for this opportunity and have met some wonderful people in this house. I cannot wait to be able to talk to some of these people outside the house and not worry about what I say to them getting around, and end up with them evicting me. I also cannot wait to meet some family and friends of my fellow house guests. From all of the stories I have heard, I feel like I know them.

To my brother Seth - I really hope you have had fun watching me on TV. Just cause I am on the show Big Brother - you will always be my favorite Big Brother!! I know Mom & Dad are watching from above. I am just sad they could not still be here with us to enjoy it.

To my boss Dana - I know you have been watching and I hope I still have a job to come back to. Not gonna lie - I do not miss the stress and the emails and the phone calls - but you know how passionate I am about doing a good job - and I thank you for your support.

To "the Family" - Sad I missed the wedding down in B'More this summer - but I cannot wait to see pics and hear stories! Hope you all have had a great summer in Maryland, Maine, NJ, etc…

To my Hoboken crew - how funny was it I was hanging out with you guys a week before July 4th and we were talking about the party on the roof. The whole time I was laughing to myself cause I was hoping I was not going to be there. Also I hope the Trivia night at the bar has stayed successful without me.

To all my other friends & family around the country and around the world - I really do miss every single one of you. I know when I get my phone back, it will be blowing up with calls and texts. Thank you for the support!!!!!

Lastly to all the Big Brother fans - I really hope this season has been as fun for you to watch as it has been to play. I know the excitement of getting to know the new cast, watching the competitions, and rooting for your favorites. I cannot wait to watch next season as a fan again, because it is SOOOOO much easier to watch than it is to play. BUT, if you have a dream of being on this show - keep trying, it took me a while to get on here - but I am so glad I did. Not just for this show but also in life, follow your dreams, set goals, and never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. Give it your best shot - and if it doesn't work out - don't get discouraged. Some things are just not meant to be - but you will never know what you are capable of doing unless you try. Big Brother fans are the best fans in the world. No one loves any other show as much as we love this one!!!!!!