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Kalia's Eviction Interview

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Wow this interviewer didn't exactly keep his opinions to himself, huh?  (See the closing paragraph.)  Why didn't food come up in the questions, then? Exclusive Interview with Evicted Houseguest Kalia Booker
The Queen Ran Out of Moves
By BestBBEver, September 08, 2011

Photo - CBS

Kalia Booker was evicted from the CBS Big Brother house last night, after a flurry of last minute tears and manipulations that got her nowhere. She left the house, after finally returning the missing black queen from the chess board and that symbolism seemed to speak volumes about her gameplay during season 13 of Big Brother. The queen can move anywhere on the chess board but she is only as powerful as the pawns she keeps herself protected by and in the end, Kalia's self-proclaimed 'gift of gab' seemed to have talked all her pawns out of any desire to protect her. Bad move Kalia. Check and checkmate.

We got the chance to ask Kalia a few questions about her gameplay this summer and she stayed true to form, blaming most of her loss on one of the knights that refused to do her bidding. Of the Final 4, Rachel, Jordan, Porsche and Adam, who would you like to see in the Final 2 and why?

I am rooting for Porsche because she is the last remaining person from my alliance. With the 20/20 vision only hindsight can provide, do you think you would have done better with Jordan as your strongest ally rather than Dani?

I made a pact with Jordan early on, and there were times when I wasn't sure if that was the best choice since Jordan didn't win many competitions. But I wanted to keep my word to her. Being aligned with a strong player like Daniele, and making big moves in the house, made us a strong power in the house. You got furious with Adam for not sticking to a newbie alliance, after all the double dealing in the BB house this summer, why were you so shocked?

I think Adam is an idiot and I don’t think he makes the best game choices or decisions. He had the chance to use the veto on Porsche or I and he didn’t. Whatever deal he made with Jordan and Rachel must have been golden. When he made his veto speech about keeping his word I kept wondering why he said he was keeping his word after he had made deals with our newbie group. People have said or done a lot of things in the BB house that they later wish they hadn’t, is there something you wish you hadn’t said or done this summer in the BB house?

My only regret is that I got evicted and didn’t win. Were you prepared for the wild ride that is the Big Brother Experience this summer or did it take you by surprise?

I am so happy I did Big Brother. It is a show that I’ve watched for years and years and years. So to actually play was a goal of mine. It was what I expected in that I expected it to be very hard. But it was way more turbulent than I would have ever guessed. The first 3 weeks of BB you campaigned pretty hard to get Lawon and yourself on the block, did you really not like Lawon or did you just want that Golden Key of safety?

Lawon and I were close. Our relationship started out very rocky because I caught him in a lie that involved me and I wanted him gone. I also felt I was linked up with one of the weaker players in the game which made it hard. But once the sides of the house were clearly drawn, we had a very candid conversation about what had happened and how we could play together. But on a personal level, Lawon and I totally connected and always had fun together. What would you say was the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of your Big Brother experience?

The best part of playing Big Brother was the genuine, funny connecting conversations that you had at 3am with people who wound up becoming some of your closest friends. And let’s be honest, the competitions are so creative they are awesome. Nerve-racking, but awesome.

Living in the BB house is easily (one of) the top three hardest things I’ve ever done. Its such a social experiment, and then you throw the competitive gaming into it that it is so much pressure. You can have such euphoric highs one minute and the next morning you can have such incredible lows because of the shifts in the house. On top of that, you take away your connection to everything that keeps you strong in life, your family, your friends, your therapist (laughs). Even the beauty of listening to a CD or watching television is taken away from you so you can’t relax that way. And there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

There were a dozen more questions to ask Kalia and a zillion more chess analogies to ponder but I would sincerely like to thank Kalia for getting herself evicted so that we can all watch the last days of the live feeds without the constant interruption that sent us to the palm trees courtesy of Kalia singing, again. I truly believe Kalia could have gone all the way and won Big Brother 13, but I suggest the next time she wants to bond with another human being, perhaps taking a moment to breathe and then listen to the other person, well that might help. During this match, the Queen lost half a dozen alliance opportunities by talking her pawn to death. 

Adam the Drama Queen

is limping and cursing and seems to have forgotten that both of those girls just kicked his ass!

Rachel took the first hot shower and reported that the paint-type stuff washed right off. She went to Candy Land to get dressed.  Porsche was in the shower and Adam is waiting his turn.

Big Brother asks Rachel to put on her microphone.

Adam, to Porsche: Who's she talking to?

Porsche: I know, right?

Adam: Good Job, Rachel

Rachel seems calm and wants to know how long it lasted.

Adam:  Can we get a time check please?

No answer from Big Brother.

Rachel:  Final Three, guys!  I'm in the same spot as you guys!  I've never been this far before!  I've only made it to Number 9!

Porsche asks out loud for "cold care packs".  Rachel sees that it is 7:45 and she giggles about how short it all was.

Porsche: I'm Scared to Let Go

Porsche:  Adam, I know you're sore, but don't let me drown in this.

She is whimpering and we go to TRIVIA.  I think Rachel will be the winner any second now.

The visuals aren't near as good as that skiing competition, or BB12's paint can competition.

Oh Shit

The competition doesn't look that bad, but Porsche is in agony.

There is a loud grinding sound and Porsche gasps in a horrified way.

Rachel, sounding like her normal self:  Now THIS is Big Brother!

The beaters have lifted out of the batter--I think the grinding noise indicates they are moving up or down.  They are about a foot out of the water and Porsche doesn't like it.

Porsche:  Oh my god!  Are they going up or down?

Rachel, in a normal tone:  I have no idea.


Porsche:  I can't feel my hands.

Adam, creepily:  Good job girls.  Good job!


So who knows what the fuck is really going on.

Yes, Adam is Down

and I guess I told you so.

I'm betting on Rachel now.  She looks serene and isn't even talking trash.  Just silence and the sound of rushing water.  Kind of like standing by a rushing stream, except you are spinning in water and hanging on for dear life.  I wonder what that yellow stuff smells like?  Cake batter?

Adam continues to spit the word Fuck out of his mouth sporadically.


I"ll bet Adam won't be up there when the feeds come back.

He was either in real agony, or was acting up a storm just now.  He kept wiping his mouth with a cloth he had in his pocket.  I don't think they want us to see them puke, due to the unsavory nature of those pictures.  Which will never go away, will they?

I learned from listening to Jeff & Jordan this year that in their 'Graduation" HOH challenge most of the houseguests puked, and then when they dropped they fell into pools of puke.

I guess Allison doesn't want us to see that.

I tweeted Allison a while ago but don't expect a reply.  From her third assistant or whoever is manning the keyboard.

I'm kind of drunk.  Sorry, it's a Big Brother Thursday!

Adam: Goddammit!

Porsche:  Hang in there Adam!

Rachel:  Yeah, battle it out.

Adam: Oh Jesus!

CBS isn't going to be able to use any of this footage if Adam doesn't watch his fucking mouth.

You can hear a constant stream of water.

Adam:  Fuck!

Adam is Already Apologizing

and I feel nauseous just watching this.

Sure I've had a few Vodka Lemonades, but whatever.

Porsche:  I'm not gonna lie.  My shoulders hurt already...

Adam:  My legs hurt!

Rachel said she was okay and then she zipped it up and went back to work.

And We're Back

and it looks like the centrifugal force of the spinning and the water is starting to get to Adam.  He is holding his hands over his head, which will hurt him.  The girls are able to clasp their arms behind them to hang on, which is something most men can't do.

(Try it and see.)

Porsche thinks she may throw up soon, but it will only be oatmeal and water.

Porsche:  I ate a little too much today....

Adam is making bad sounds every now and then, and exclaiming "Jesus"!

Not a peep out of Rachel....

That is Jordan's Shirt

that Rachel is wearing.  I posted earlier that she asked Jordan to borrow it but Jordan said that she had already packed it and BB took her luggage away.

Obviously they went and got her luggage, because they made Jordan take off the special dress she was planning to wear and put on some athletic wear.


To show the audience that it wasn't already decided.  And to give Jordan a fighting chance if she stayed.

I'll be posting updates as soon as the feeds go live.

I'm guessing Adam is the first to give up.....

Jordan Prepares

Adam has been talking to her as she gets ready for tonight.  He asked her about how she and Kalia got together in the game and Jordan said it was mainly because Kalia's bed was next to her's and they talked a lot.

The spray that Jordan is using is some sort of Air Brush spray that she reports "gets all over you and stains, but whatever.."

They still haven't had the Face Morph challenge yet but Adam is worried about it.

Who Will Porsche Evict?

As I stated earlier today, if she wants to win the $500,000 prize, I think she she should evict Rachel.

On a night like tonight, with an endurance competition looming, the nominated house guests pack athletic clothes to wear in the event that they stay in the game and play for HOH.  The clothes are usually in the small Big Brother bag that they carry outside the house on their way to see Julie.  After the evicted houseguest leaves, they scramble around to grab the clothes and get dressed before the end of the next commercial break.

But Jordan told Rachel earlier today that she didn't even bother to do that.  Her endurance clothes are in her big suitcase which has already been removed from the house.  (Another dumbass move by our beloved Jordan Lloyd.)

I know this because Rachel asked Jordan if she could borrow something to wear for the competition.  I think she wanted Jordan's light blue long sleeved shirt that she wore in the OTEV challenge.  I think it was Underarmour which would be ideal in an endurance challenge.

Rachel said she could get by without it.....

 But what if Jordan stays?  And Porsche has lied about her voting plans tonight?

Then Jordan will be in the endurance competition wearing some sort of skimpy outfit, and that won't help her odds.  Not one bit.

We'll see how smart Porsche is tonight, live on CBS.

Craft Time at the Jury House

Has CBS ever featured bonus jury house footage on their website?  I think I remember seeing footage of BB4's Justin and Dana swimming around in a pool and discussing all the sex they were having, but that may have been on the CBS show.

I'm pretty sure that we haven't had three All Star quality houseguests in there at one time, though.  In the clip Brendon and Jeff have a craft session that Jeff uses as therapy, to work through his anger.  Dani drops by with a very douchey headband on and provides snarky commentary.

Jeff drew a yellow clown shoe, and "added a sole, although his yellow clown shoe had no sole".  He also added red tears and then money floating away above it.  Brendon painted a clown to help Jeff through his anxiety and grief.

Dani:  At least you got $15,000...that's more than we got!

(I think Jeff will end up taking home $40,000, but that is just a guess...)

If you have a few minutes this is actually very entertaining.  You can watch the footage here.

Vote for America's Favorite Houseguest

You are allowed to vote up to 10 times at this link.  You have to register first, but the process is not too bad and unlike texting the votes are free.  Unfortunately Evel Dick is not a voting choice--I thought it would be funny if he won....

I had a hard time figuring out my logon information--I guess I registered a few years ago and forgot my user name and password.

As of right now the user name fuckyoucbs is still available if someone wants to use it.....

Kalia's Eviction Interview with Julie Chen

Here is the link to Kalia's full-length interview with Julie Chen after her eviction. She is a good talker and did a good job as far as composure goes.

But who does Kalia think she is wearing those short shorts?  I know she thinks she is like Sarah Jessica Parker and is a fashion icon, but c'mon.  Get real.

Once again Rachel left a rude goodbye message.  I can tell it really bothered Kalia when Rachel compared her to a cow.  She kept repeating it during the rest of Rachel's message, and then brought it up again with Julie afterwards.

I think Jordan's message may have been critical, but any negative comments were edited out.  If you notice, Jordan makes a comment about Kalia's constant talking, and then the tape skips forward to discussion of Kalia's intelligence.

I would MUCH rather Kalia win than Porsche, however.  Anybody but Porsche, please.

Adam Had a Band at His "Key Party"

Rachel:  You had a band playing?  And people were there?  Who are you?

Adam:  They wanted to make it seem like I was at a show...

Adam said he got 30 signatures on the release form and Rachel is surprised.  Adam points to his pictures and tells Rachel and Jordan that he met all of his friends on MySpace.  He met one person first, and then went to a Halloween party and met everyone else and "friended" them.

Rachel: I"m Glad You are my Friend.

Jordan:  Well, if had been Kalia in here, you would be the one goin' home.

Rachel:  That's probably right.

Jordan:  Yeah, most likely.

Rachel:  I'm glad I got to know you.

Adam is making egg white omelets and Rachel asks for one, too.  Porsche is wearing that same reddish-pink hoodie that she won in the luxury competition.  Don't any of the other clothes fit her?

Jordan doesn't want an omelet, thank you.