Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rachel's HOH Blog

Here is Rachel's latest HOH Blog, word-for-word.  I heard Shelly say that Rachel told her she was dyslexic---is that true?  Or another one of Shelly's lies?

I have loved all of  Rachel's nasty goodbye messages, but if she makes it to the end in the Final Two, she may wish she had held her tongue just a little longer.  Particularly when she got personal...

HOH Blog: Rachel

Posted on Sep 7, 2011 08:50pm

FIRST THANK YOU AMERICA FOR VOTING BRENDON BACK!!!!!!!!! Sorry that he wasn't here longer

WOW! I cant believe that I am here, I cant believe that I am HOH again and that its final 5! I am SHOCKED! I AM SO EXCITED! and I AM NERVOUS!!!!! Next week is HUGEEEE for me and Jordan final 4 and hopefully final 3! This season of BB has been a ROLLER COASTER FOR ME FOR SURE! With my fighting fire in the beginning of the summer winning ALOT and having Brendon to fight with, then loosing Brendon and trying it alone.  (Some how I help convince the house guests to keep me vote out Lawon, and that brought Brendon BACK into the house!) Then again Brendon back but my "alliance" pretty much turning on us by voting Brendon out 5 to 1-- throwing or not throwing a veto??? And me in the house alone again, then fighting again basically alone and then with Jeff leaving in the fast forward really having to fight for Jordan and I when everyone wanted me out as the next target-I've had to REALLY evolve my game play this season and adapt and have grown a lot as a player and person!

I have had so many ups & downs in the game this season and I think that I have really had to work and fight and do whatever to stay here and make it even this far! From basically always being a target, being nominated 4times and surviving, to winning 3 HOHs 2 Vetos and wheeling and dealing when I was down and alone, I've constantly had to FIGHT to be here.  Every time I play this game I have ALOT of people gunning for me and coming after me and all for different reasons! Its been really hard but I truly can say that I DO LOVE THE GAME, RESPECT THE GAME and want to fight to be here at any cost and play to the end!

In this game you see how much it can change in a week or even more in a day, and you have to evolve and accept every change roll with it and LITERALLY EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!!!!! I have to really buckle down now at this point in the game and finish on top if I want to win and fight in EVERY competition, I was able to win the veto to save Jordan and myself (YAY!) and win HOH in the final 5 to guerentee that Jordan and I can be in the final 4, but next week I have to win the veto and that last veto is SOOOOO IMPORTANT I HAVE TO WIN TO STAY or Im out of the game! I don't think that in the beginning of the summer I would have thought that the remaining people in the house would have been the final 5 but thats Big Brother for you! If I had one piece of advice for people who want to play and stay in the game I would say adapt! I think its crazy to think that Brendon, Danni, and Jeff are in the jury but I know that I have to fight for myself to be here and for Brendon and thats what he would want me to do, FIGHT and WIN and I know he doesn't want to see me in the jury house AT ALL! The decisions that you make in this part of the game are so key because if I make the wrong choice then I may be voted out and go home next week.  So I am considering alllllllll my options, I really want to be in the final 3 and have Jordan right there with me, and I cant play in HOH so its all up to the VETO NEXT WEEK! I have one shot!

I am so blessed that I can come back and play the game and have gotten to really fight hard and to play every aspect of the game, the social game the competitive game and the all around big brother deals game!

I know my mom is reading this so I CANT WAIT TO PLAN MORE WEDDING FUN and I can't wait to finally MARRY THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!! :) I am so in love and so ready to be his wife! :) I never thought that I would meet some one that is so perfect for me and that we could have such a real love, its not always butterflies and sparks but its real and were best friends and one DYNAMIC DUO if I do say so myself :) Its so amazing to be able to come into this game again and fight beside the love of your life and to have the opportunity to play for a chance to start a life for your selves! One of my favorite moments this summer was playing in the V-tropolis Veto with Brendon because he and I make such a great pair, (and he speaks my language…I need a triangle haha) It touched my heart so much when Brendon used the veto to save me, it was so self-less and thoughtful especially when he knew that he was probally going to get voted out, but for him to give up the chance to win a half million dollars(AGAIN) I know that I have some one SO AMAZING AND SPECIAL and that I HAVE TO STAY HERE and pull this off for our future lives together! :) Other favorite moments of the summer were my Big Brother back yard Trash Bag wedding with our BB vows! :) and when Brendon came back because he knew he wanted to spend at least one more week with me! Knowing that Brendon has so much faith in me to use a veto on me and to know that he believes in me enough to win this game and fight and keep trying even at my lowest points, is so special and makes me really want to continue to fight for us and for our love and for our future!!!  I truly feel like I am one lucky girl and that I am so blessed! :) I think we have an epic love story! :) and funny enough we met on big brother, and we may win money on this show that can help us start our lives, and now I have a one in four chance of that happening! Its sooooooo surreal to think about-and to think that I was just a fan over a year ago and now I've played this game twice and its changed my life so much!

Thanks to all my family and friends and to everyone rooting for me! :) I really appreciate all the support and y'all are my driving force!

To my family I promise I am fighting my heart out I know the opportunity comes once in a life time and that I have to take FULL advantage of this shot I have been given.Thank you for praying for me and believing in me.

Also to my future family in law! :) I cant wait to be your daughter in law & I am trying so hard to fight for Brendon and I and to take on this game and really play with my full heart.

Thank you to ALL THE FANS Of the game and the show and our cast! :) I hope y'all are having fun watching our season!!!

Did You Know that Kalia is a Bartender?

I watched Kalia all summer, but I didn't know that until one night late last week.  The other house guests didn't know, either.

One night on Big Brother After Dark she was talking to the girls and the topic came up.  Rachel and Porsche have discussed working in bars and clubs all summer long, so it is rather odd that Kalia just copped to the fact that she doesn't earn a living from being a writer like she said she did.  (That would make me very suspicious of her, if I were one of the remaining houseguests.)

Rachel walked out to the back yard with glasses of wine for Porsche and Kalia, doing "the dip" as she bent down and telling them that would be $12 each.  I think Kalia started talking about it shortly thereafter.

She said she moved out to California and needed a job to make ends meet.  I think she only had weekend shifts, as well as Monday.  Jordan was surprised that Kalia could just work a few days each week and afford to pay her rent.  (So as close as she and Jordan were at the beginning of this season, she didn't even tell her what she really did for a living...)

Kalia got in trouble with her boss due to the Big Brother auditions and interviews.  She got someone to cover for her at the last minute when she found out she was cleared for the next level of BB interviews, and somehow her boss at the restaurant got angry at her and I think she got fired.

One of the girls Kalia worked with was on "her list" for Big Brother (meaning that casting spoke with her while Kalia was auditioning) and when Kalia left the job she told that girl "All right...I'm leaving!"   That girl got really excited about it and Kalia told her that she could not say anything to anybody, but after the show started she wanted the girl to tell her manager why she did what she did, etc.

Kalia:  So I don't think I'm going back there!

Porsche:  Oh, I think you could.  I would think they would understand and it would be okay.

Rachel:  Yeah.  This is LA!  People leave to film things all of the time.

Kalia seemed skeptical.  But maybe she was already counting her Big Brother chickens before they hatched.  I guess being "Blackie Collins" needs a little help paying the bills.


Rachel made $59 an hour working in Vegas (plus tips).
Kalia earned $11 an hour working in LA  (plus tips).
Porsche earned $5 and change an hour working in South Florida (plus tips).

I worked in a restaurant growing up in Florida and they do pay a lower minimum wage rate, with the understanding that your tips will put you at the minimum wage, at least.  But I went into another profession, so I'm admittedly not an expert...

More Spoilers from Last Night

Props to Miss Cleo.  Much love Cleo, from the Super Fans.

Miss Cleo was in the live audience last night and shares some interesting news and insights about the live show taped last night.  Sounds like CBS has their hands full winding this season up.  (i.e. having to order the audience to clap??)

And we get to see the Toilet Cam tonight!  Bonus!

Do You Want to Know What Happened Last Night?

Someone who was in the live show that was taped last night has spilled the beans.

Who was evicted?

Kalia, with Rachel as HOH breaking the tie to evict her

Who won HOH?

Adam, by answering a series of questions

As far as what happens now, all of the power will really lie with the POV winner.  They will be the one to cast their vote to evict another houseguest.

Here is the link to the article reporting this information.