Monday, September 5, 2011

Porsche Weighed 140 at Age 12

She tells Adam she was about 5'4".  She started working out at around age 15 with little things, like doing 30 sit ups a day.  She wanted to be a cheerleader so she got serious.

Sounds like her Mom used to yell at her and send her to her room without dinner.  So when she visited her Dad she would bring home small boxes of cereal and soda cans in her knapsack to hide in her room for when she had to stay in there.  Or wanted to stay in there.

She moved out of her mom's house when she was fifteen (or eighteen?) and doesn't speak to her now.  Adam is asking when the last time she spoke with her and the feeds keep being cut.

Porsche's mothers son with another father is also close to Porsche's dad.

Porsche:  My little bro is like everything to me....everything.  And my older brother I met two years ago...

Adam asks questions and the feeds are cut. Porsche's had a hard life, huh?

Continuously Awesome HOH Pictures

and Adam gets suited up for Rachel's HOH pictures.  Rachel thought his sweatpants looked a little tight and it turns out he needed to switch pairs with Rachel. They made the switch right there in the kitchen.

Jordan isn't excited about posing right now, but she gets into to it.

Jordan: I look like butthole.

They go outside and start posing with weights.  Rachel is very enthusiastic and is laughing a lot.

Kalia set up the camera on automatic so she could run in front of the camera in sit-up position.

The House Guests Know About Tomorrow

specifically that the live show would be taped tomorrow.

Kalia and Porsche are moving around, starting to organize and pack things.

Jordan is with Adam and Rachel in the HOH and it sounds like Kalia is starting to get to Jordan. She is now thinking she should vote to keep Kalia.  (I think that would make Rachel cast the deciding vote.)

Adam:  I felt that I owed Jeff my vote.  If you feel like that about Kalia, go ahead and vote for her.

Rachel:  Kalia and Porsche are freaking out right now!

Jordan:  Oh, now Kalia's gonna mope.  I can't stand that...

Kalia just started a load of laundry on the patio.  (Can't she do that in the Jury House?)  I think she should make sure there is no lockdown coming up to mess up her laundry plans.

Adam is really happy with this news.  Jordan is still nervous about Adam's relationship with Porsche and he says he respects that.

Porsche is yapping downstairs about "not reading the manual where it talked about this".

Rachel announces in the Big Fake TV Voice that "HOH Picture Day is here!  Put on your Continuously Awesome gear and meet me in the backyard!"

Kalia starts to cry in the bedroom.  Or, maybe that was fake crying.. I think it was fake.

Evel Dick Lives

Finally, a tweet from Evel Dick today.

His grammar and sentence tone are very good for an ill-tempered, rocking hell-raiser.  I think he does his tweeting himself, too.

The POV Ceremony Happened Earlier Today

Adam didn't use the POV.

So Kalia will most likely say bye-bye on the show taped live on Tuesday night.  I'm not sure the houseguests know about the schedule change.

We will see the taped eviction on Wednesday's show.  It sucks for Kalia that her eviction won't be broadcast live---that would seem to be the bright side of being evicted--all of the attention.

Porsche has started campaigning for Final Three with Rachel and Jordan.

Adam: Day 66, and the Groveling Begins

He is standing in the backyard alone, pulling deeply on his cigarette.  He was standing up and stretching as he smoked, and the back door opened.

A female voice said to him:  Did you see this?

(Of course it was a female voice...what else is there right now?)

Adam mumbled something and we see Kalia fumbling back to her bed in the dark.

Adam sat down to smoke.

Adam, to himself:  I'm cracking the fuck up!