Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jokers' Interview with Shelly After Her Eviction

Shelly did an interview with I wonder why they didn't get an interview with the other evictees?

Note that they asked Rachel about the way she "confronted Jordan" and Shelly says that Jordan "wasn't ready to talk".  I watched the footage of that little fight four times, and Shelly is the one who raised her voice and started leaning into Jordan with her index finger in her face.  Shelly seems to have forgotten about that part.

She also explains the "two fingered kiss" signal during the live shows. Exclusive Interview with evicted houseguest Shelly Moore
That's Her Story & She's Sticking To It

By BestBBEver, September 02, 2011 Exclusive Interview with evicted houseguest Shelly Moore

Photo - CBS

Shelly Moore proved to be one of the most polarizing houseguests in the history of Big Brother. Love her or leave her, Shelly definitely stirred emotions and drama in the house. An established, successful business woman in the real world, her game strategy seemed to be working successfully until her dramatic move away from her loyalty to the vets, especially Jeff & Jordan. Shelly's sudden, and some say ill-timed, move to the other side, led by vet player and newbie guru Dani Danato, proved to be the catalyst to the most dramatic moments of the BB13 season. She may be out of the running for the grand prize but her brand of Big Brother gameplay is destined to be referenced and debated for years.

After her eviction, Jokers Updates had a special opportunity to interview Shelly and ask a few questions about Big Brother and her time in the Big Brother house. As we've come to expect, Shelly's answers were as fun and surprising as they were frustrating. How much do you hate Pandora’s box now and being a Big Brother fan, how did it feel to have one of the classic “twists” turn out to ruin your game?

Shelly: I do not like Pandora’s box, it threw a big old wrench in my game. If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be here now. I did get to experience classic Big Brother. I fell victim to a twist! If you could go back in time knowing what you know now, of all the newbies, who would you pick as your duo partner?

Shelly: I would still pick Cassi. After Jeff was evicted you overheard Jordan saying she thought herself an idiot for trusting you but you said you were hurting too. Did you think it would help your game to confront Jordan right then and tell her you were hurting too?

Shelly: Yeah, I wanted her to know that I felt bad and that I was sorry and it was certainly a game move and not a personal move, but she wasn’t ready to talk. You seemed to have come into the game with a preconceived notion of Rachel based on her behavior last season and that didn’t seem to change during your time in the BB house. What do you think of Rachel now?

Shelly: I really did come in with a preconceived notion of Rachel. When I saw her come into the house, I thought maybe I could help her see the light and do things differently and play a better social game. But she doesn’t learn much and is not one of my favorite people in the house. Rachel only thinks about Rachel and her whole world revolves around Brendon. She is a game player through and through, but her social game is way behind where it should be in life and in the game compared to where it should be for her age. How do you feel about going out sixth when sticking with your Jeff and Jordan alliance seemed to guarantee you Final 3?

Shelly: I would have loved to be in final three, but if I made it there with Jeff and Jordan I would be in the same spot I am now in terms of the reward. I was playing to coast to the third spot and leave then, I was trying to play for final two. You have to make game moves which is what I was doing. You appeared to be using a lot of salesmen’s tactics to build relationships with the other houseguests, do you think that was a good strategy for you?

Shelly: Absolutely and that’s very observant. I was trying to build a little Big Brother 13 LLC and have business partners and vendors and that is absolutely what I was trying to do. Everyone is given a gift and I am not good at everything, but I am good with people and was trying to use that skill the best I could in the game. Do you truly believe you played a game of integrity or was that just an angle you used to try to get the Houseguests to trust you more?

Shelly: That’s an interesting question. I absolutely had to lie in the game. But my personal integrity, I believe, is in tact. The lies you tell in the house are for the game. I looked out for people when it came to personal things. I never tried to personally attack anyone or make them feel bad. Integrity can be looking out for someone that couldn’t look after themselves, like telling Porsche her skirt may be too short when she is on national TV. Overall, I am proud of how I played the game. In your words, what would you say were the good, the bad & the ugly of your Big Brother experience?

Shelly: The good – I met some lifelong friends and it was pure joy being in the Big Brother house. I never imagined it could be as great as it was. The people involved in the show are incredible and it was an outstanding experience.

The bad – when you have to make decisions in the house you would never make in real life. Normally you don’t have to make the decision between friendship and money ever.

The ugly – I didn’t like some things I saw in people. The rude comments, the personal attacks. In the last veto competition, Rachel made a comment “oh look who fell off, someone will have to win the veto for her.” I have a rod and screws in my back and it was a personal attack on me. What was the exact meaning of your kiss at the end of your Diary Room voting sessions?

Shelly: That is for my little girl. I always do that with Josie and have done that for a long time. Whenever she is doing something across the room, I do that when she sees me. She knows that is just between she and I and that went out to her every time. I wanted her to know that she was always at the front of my mind. 

No Evel Dick Updates Yet

Well, there is no update, unfortunately.  Dick's last tweet was the one I posted here on September 1st when he announced his gall bladder surgery.

How long does it take to recover from something like that?  I hope he is okay and comes back raring to go.  Maybe even nicotine-free?

I was hesitant to post the following, but I will do so anyway.

I read somewhere on JokersUpdates that Adam mentioned that earlier in the season, all of the house guests had to go outside immediately due to some sort of "suspicious activity" inside.   I just looked to see if I could find that post again, to re-read it and then watch a Flashback of the conversation but was not successful.  It concerns me that BB would have mentioned "suspicious activity" to them---that part seems strange to me so I wanted to hear it for myself.

When I read that post, however, the first thing I thought about was Evel Dick.  And drugs, although that is only my speculation.  I do think that Evel Dick had to leave the Big Brother house due to drug use.  I think Production turned the other cheek once they knew what was going on and got as much Evel Dick footage as they could before the feeds went live.

Because he left the show just before the feeds went live.

I think Alison knew the live feeders would catch him and then CBS would be up the creek without a paddle.

Did anyone hear Adam talk about this supposed suspicious activity?

Rachel and Jordan Keep Running

They are running 10 laps, and then walking 10 laps.

Keep in mind that during all of this physical exertion, Kalia is parked right in the middle of the backyard, lazing in the sun.

Adam discusses airline flights with Porsche. He always tries to fly Jet Blue out of Hoboken, since the airport is 20 minutes from his house.

Ogle Kalia While You Can

because "she gone".

OTEV Chatter

Rachel and Jordan are jogging around the backyard.  They are on an outdoor lockdown.

Adam and Porsche are strolling (can't even call it a walk) around the back yard.

Kalia just sits and watches.  They joke about finding a deck of cards when they go back inside, or maybe even a puppy.

The last OTEV question was:  Who lost each of the 17 competitions they played in?

The answer:  Shelly!

They joke about her being angry when she hears about that, and saying she threw at least 10 of them.

Adam and Porsche start jogging a little, too, and you can hear Adam breathing heavily.

More Info About Jordan

I know Jordan is very popular with the fans, so I found two old updates that I posted from BB11 that might be relevant now.

I wish I took more pictures back then---I know I missed out on some good ones.  Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.

Jordan's Dating History

This post is really about her sex life, let's be clear.  Also about Kevin Campbell's sex life.

You can read it here.

Jordan's Family Problems

Jordan's family really needed the money the year she won BB11.  It sounds like her life was a normal middle class one, until her Dad had a mid-life crisis and lost his shit.  I have heard Jordan talk about him this year and I think she has some sort of relationship with him now.

You can read it here.

At this point, I am pulling for Rachel Reilly to win BB13 if she makes it to the end of the game, but if Jordan is in the Final Two with Adam or Porsche, she will likely win Big Brother again.

And I'm okay with that, I guess.  She hasn't been winning much, but she is largely responsible for Rachel's transformation in the game these past few weeks.  Jeff tried to tame Rachel's behavior, but I think she thought he was mean to her.

Jordan has been a great influence on Rachel, and their friendship is going to strengthen Rachel's fan base. She won't be hated when she leaves the house this year, and that was one of her goals.

Also, if Jeff and Jordan do end up moving to LA when the season is over, it will be good for them to have another couple to hang out with.  I know Jeff has a lot of old friends out in LA from when he lived there, but if they are all single guys that is going to be a huge strain on the relationship.

If Rachel and Jordan make it to the end together, I'm pretty sure Rachel will win.  Jordan would get Jeff and Shelly's vote, but I think Rachel will take home the Big Prize.

Jordan Misses Jeff

The houseguests are still asleep now, but last night I was watching Big Brother After Dark and also the live feeds at the same time.  I had just attended a boozy dinner, so I don't remember whether I saw the following on BBAD or the live feeds.

Jordan is not one to talk about how she feels constantly, but she does let us know how she is feeling periodically.


She has asked Rachel numerous times what she thinks is going on in the Jury House.  (Jordan has never been to the Jury House and has said she would rather be evicted in the Final Four then the Final Three, since the last person evicted doesn't get to spend much, if any, time in the Jury House.  She thinks it would be fun, and I know she wants to see Jeff.)

Rachel always tells her that Brendon and Jeff are BFFs now, and they are probably working out and drinking every night and are so proud of the two of them for staying and fighting to win.

Jordan has also mentioned several times that she wonders what sort of reaction Jeff will have when he sees Shelly walk into the Jury House.


She was in the Tarot Room with all of the remaining houseguests (Final Five) and she just put it out there.

Jordan:  I miss Jeffrey.....

They all react to comfort her and she seems to get ahold of herself and tone it down a bit.

Jordan:  He just always makes me laugh.  He's always cracking on someone and it is so funny.  I love his personality.

She mentions how he suddenly sits up in bed to tell her to scoot over--that she is wasting the space on the bed and crowding him. It is funny when she imitates him.  Adam has heard Jeff do this and laughs about it.

Jordan:  It's funny.  Rachel and Brendon are always sleepin' like this (legs all entwined) and Jeff wants more room to sleep!

Porsche:  You two kill me with your separate blankets.

Kalia mentions that Porsche sleeps like a mummy, wrapping herself in blankets, too.

Early in the season Jordan announced that although she and Jeff would sleep in the same bed during BB13, they would always be under separate blankets so everyone will know there is no funny business going on while they are on camera.

Last week Jordan told Rachel that she wouldn't have sex with Jeff in the Jury House, either.  Rachel found this hard to believe and asked Kalia and Porsche if they felt the same way.  Rachel stressed that you have your own room, there are no cameras, etc.  Both girls said if they boyfriends were there, they would do it.  Even Shelly said "she wouldn't hesitate".

If Jordan goes to the Jury House, I think Jeff will change her mind.   And she will see how much privacy they have...

She does seem to have some guilt over sexuality and needs to get over that.  I heard her talk about sex with Jeff during BB11 on the live feeds and it sounded like she had only done it with one or two guys, and at least one of them used her.  At least that's the way she saw it....