Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Was Messy

They had to dig through pies to find the pictures they were looking for.  Last year the pictures were right there on the CDs, without having to dig for them.

I think the pies were chocolate and peanut butter.  Rachel is pissed that she didn't win.  Jordan tells her that when she was alone with Adam in the storage room, he told her that it was him, Rachel and Jordan, and that the POV would go in the box and stay in the box.

Jordan:  He gave me Fara's necklace to prove we are final three, and I know how he feels about Fara.

Rachel:  I think we made the right decision.  Shelly would never have been able to win that.  And we need somebody who would fight for us.  And Adam really cared about Jeff, so he would never turn on you.

Jordan:  He seems like an honest man.

Rachel:  Yeah, he does.

Brendon would shit a brick if he knew Rachel was showing all this skin on camera.

Jordan manages to cover it all up.

They decide to evict Kalia on Thursday.  They think she could win competitions with questions and maybe endurance.  They also think that if either of them make it to Final Two with her, she might win.

Jordan:  But if it was you and Kalia, you would have three votes from me, Jeff and Brendon.  You only need one more.

Jordan knows that Porsche doesn't like her and wants her out.

Rachel:  I would rather give you $500,000 then give Porsche $50,000.

And We're Back

the POV is over, and Adam won.  It was OTEV.  And Porsche came in second.

Rachel just got out of the shower and tells Jordan they have to win the POV next week.

Rachel:  I'm scared Adam and Porsche will make a Final Three deal.

Jordan:  Men always win OTEV.  And I was the first one out--how sucky am I?

Jordan doesn't think Adam will betray them.  Rachel thinks he may feel more like a competitor now and will not be as scared of the two of them.

Jordan:  I just felt bad when they were crying.

Rachel:  I don't!  They didn't feel bad when we were crying!  And they were dancing around the backyard wearing the HOH key!

Jordan: That was a cool set up.

Rachel:  Yeah.  I'll bet that looks great on TV.

I think they had to find pieces of pie?

Meanwhile, downstairs in the bathroom:

Kalia:  I'm mad.  And I knew all of the answers.

Rachel Tells Porsche's Secrets

Jordan and Rachel are talking in the HOH.

Jordan:  I just don't trust Porsche.  I think she's got it out for me...ever since Jeff left I think she wants me out.  And you're closer to her...

Rachel:  No, I'm not.  We're not close anymore at all.

Jordan:  All I know about her is she wears bikinis, she lives in Miami, and she likes some guy named Julian.

Rachel, giggling:  I know she has two Sugar Daddies!

FYI  I have heard Porsche talk about this Julian character.  I think he is a club promoter in Southern California.  I heard Porsche say that he has all of her stuff and her dog Tequila.  She also indicated that he didn't sign the release papers to allow her to talk about him.  After she made HOH, I think he signed them so she could mention his name.  But I'm not sure about that....every time the subject comes up the feeds get cut.

Remember Jamie Kern from BB1?

Don't feel bad if the answer is No.  I didn't expect everyone to jump up and down and say "I do!  I do!".

Jamie Kern can best be remembered from the first season of BB1 for the following:

1.  Wearing WAY too much lipgloss.

2.  Thinking she looked great wearing WAY too much lipgloss.

3.  Not having enough balls to say why she was nominating two houseguests for eviction. (Jamie:  I flipped a coin!)

4.  Choosing to meet with a Casting Director in the DR instead of seeing her Mother after winning a reward challenge.  And then totally blowing it with the Casting Director as the interview was broadcast live.  (Casting Director:  Are you interested in film, TV or hosting?  Jamie: Oh, I'm interested in anything!  I'll do anything!)

5.  Being Miss Oregon, or some shit like that.

Anyway, Jamie has apparently married someone and now goes by Jamie Kern-Lima.  She hypenates.  And it looks like Jamie is ready for another Fifteen minutes, from the looks of it.  Calling Michelle from BB11 a slut and slamming her fake tits and botox!  Getting into it with Marvin Latimer from BB5!  (Loved Marvin from BB5!)

This has got to be a joke, right?  She's attacking previous house guests specifically to provoke them.  If Jamie was really like this, BB1 could have been entertaining, right?

Porsche: Adam If You Win the POV, Things Look Good!

Adam agrees.  They are sitting and staring at the Picture Wall.

(If Adam wins the POV and uses it to save Porsche, that means he is turning on Rachel and Jordan.  Jordan will have to be nominated in Porsche's place, and it is pretty much a sure thing that Porsche and Adam would vote to evict Jordan.)

(Would Adam really try to win the POV?  His losing strategy is working pretty well for him so far...)

Porsche:  Remember when Shelly had short hair and was a normal adult weight?

Those camera guys remember Cassi.  I'm sure they have plenty of pictures to remember her by...

Get well soon, Evel Dick.  I hope he is still planning to do post-finale interviews in the back yard.

That is the string from Jordan's key dangling in front of Jeff's face.  Porsche certainly isn't going to join Jeff's Fan Club anytime soon....

Porsche reads the Bible.  She's really just flipping the pages around, though.  Probably looking for pictures.

The Camera Stares at Adam's Breakfast

The camera lingers on the following picture, and returns to it repeatedly.  It's kind of like Food Porn, isn't it?  Adam announces to Porsche that it is a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Burrito.

Is Kalia the Target? Or is it Porsche?

Jordan just pulled Rachel into the Have Not room to discuss the matter.  She was up all night thinking about various scenarios.

They initially planned to target Kalia, since she has done so well in the Question Competitions.  Jordan would have won one of those if not for Kalia.  But Jordan is thinking about her season, and what the last few competitions were like.

Jordan:  The first HOH competition (for the final HOH showdown) was endurance---and we would win that.  And the second one we had was a skill, and Kalia is terrible at those.

Jordan knows that Porsche could win either of those.  Rachel listens, and says she is thinking about those same things today.  Jordan is also suspicious of Adam, thinking that he and Porsche have a Final Two deal.

After they finish talking, Rachel goes straight to the kitchen to ask Adam AGAIN if he plans to use the POV if he wins it.  He assures her that he won't, and Rachel looks satisfied.

Do you think she really believes him?

You can see two things in the above picture:

1.  How tiny the new dining room table is.  BB really rubs it in with that one.

2.  The 'Continuously Awesome" sweatpants that Rachel got from Jessie.

Porsche's (Lack of) Fashion Sense

She walked into the kitchen and Adam asked her, "did you just take a shower and put on the same clothes from yesterday"?

She says yes, and is once again wearing that pink hoodie she grabbed in the Big Brother Shopping Spree with Tori Spelling.

Porsche starts talking about how she loves Betsey Johnson (wacky clothing designer with long red extensions) and says that two of the dresses she has worn on the show were Betsey's.  She mentions "the green one", which I think was a skin tight number with VPL (Visible Panty Lines).  She was really stuffed into that one and had to waddle around in it.  I remember she wore it when Dani was HOH and when she left the room Dani and Kalia kind of laughed about it.  (Dani:  Uh...where is she going in that?)

The strapless plaid dress she wore when she first walked into the house was Betsey's, too.  I recently heard Kalia talking about that, saying "that dress was HORRIBLE".

It was horrible.  Both dresses had Clearance Rack written all over them.

Adam is cooking a pound of bacon and is snacking while he waits on it.

Remember When Brendon Had Hair?

One of the pictures in Rachel's HOH Room is a picture with Brendon with a full head of hair.  Everyone was talking about how good he looked, and apparently all of the girls were asked about it in the DR.  Rachel said she thinks the picture was taken one time when they went to Sunday brunch at a mexican restaurant with Brendon's family.

I found this screenshot from last year---he does look different.  A bit dorky, but hey that's Brendon.

Remember the Jumanji Room?  Loved that wallpaper....

Getting Ready to Get It Over With

Jordan has finished showering and  Porsche is in the shower now.

Rachel just went into the DR.  And Kalia?  Well, you guessed it.  She's eating.

Adam is making bacon.

Kalia babbles to Adam about the upcoming POV.  They are expecting it to be the OTEV challenge (extremely physical and would give Rachel the advantage) or the Face Morphing challenge.  They have all been staring at the picture wall just in case.

It took Jordan 12 minutes to finish the Face Morph challenge in BB11, so she has tried to prepare for a faster time this year, if applicable.

FYI There will be an eviction show aired this Wednesday night, which will be taped in front of a live audience on Tuesday night.  Then another live eviction on Thursday night, which will take us down to the Final Three.  And then the Finale will air on the following Wednesday.  I think the Sunday show is pre-empted, but I'm not certain about that.

Hey Alison, why not run a special one-hour show featuring the daily activities in the Jury House?  You know the fans would love it, and your ratings would surely spike if you promote it properly.  (i.e "Tune in to see if Jeff is still bogarting Shelly's cigarettes in the Jury House!?"  and "Does Dani still pine for PT in the Jury House?  Tune in to Learn the Truth!".  And so on...)