Friday, September 2, 2011

Adam: Here's the Deal

Adam: If I win the POV, I'm not using it.

Rachel:  OK, so you won't take them off?

Adam:  No.

Rachel:  But if you win HOH, then obviously you have to nominate one of us.

Adam goes through the scenarios.  If that happens and Porsche wins the POV, there isn't much he can do.  (Because she would be the only one to vote either Rachel or Jordan out.)

It sounds like they are all planning to boot Kalia on Thursday.

Jordan:  Kalia thinks she has this wrapped up.  She thinks this week it will be questions and then she's Final Three for sure.  For sure.

Adam: I think she's going to be the harder one to get out.  And I'm not saying that because I'm close to Porsche.

Rachel:  I don't understand why Porsche is so up Kalia's butt!

Adam:  Because of Dani.  They want your HOH to be ruined like their's were---to have you evict someone that you don't want to.

Adam told them that Kalia said she didn't vote to keep Adam because Rachel and Jordan told her that they were voting him out, too.

Adam:  I said, maybe Shelly's speech made them decide to vote her out, I don't know...

Rachel:  The speech?  We were voting her out, anyway!

Adam:  I know, but I just said that to Kalia.

(By the way, how great was it to see the other house guest's reactions to Shelly's speech?  Kalia's face was priceless, and Rachel sat and rolled her eyes.)

Jordan thinks Porsche got 10 G's from Pandora, rather than 5 G.

Jordan: I Don't Like Her. She's Fake!

(talking about Porsche to Rachel)

Jordan:  I don't like talkin' to her.  But both of them are comin' after us.  Adam told me that Porsche wants to go to the end with him, saying she wants it to be only Newbies.

Rachel describes conversations she has had with both Kalia and Porsche.

Jordan:  They're both kissin' your ass because you're HOH.

They moved to the Have Not room to have more privacy.

They decide to invite Adam up to the HOH to chat.

Jessie Served Rachel

a protein shake that he made, holding it out and saying "you're welcome"!.

Rachel:  I was watching all of you drink Appletinis and Jessie said, this is better for you!

They proudly display the picture of Jessie in the kitchen.

Rachel:  I said something about Brendon and Jessie said, "Who's Brendon?  You're going to forget all about Brendon!"

Adam, joking:  You're welcome!

Rachel:  I think Jessie is really sweet, though.

Jordan:  Oh yeah, he's sweet.  That's just his persona.

They discuss how short Jessie is and that he was the same height as Russell.

Now Adam makes a questionable decision of talking about how tall Jeff is.

Adam:  I know he says he's 6 foot, but he's really 5'10', 5'11', tops.

Jordan:  Really?

Adam:  Yeah.  I'm 6'1".

Now he goes into detail about how Jeff''s picture looks so young, but in person he has so much gray hair.  He compares him to Lawon, who is roughly the same age.  (Don't forget to keep kissing ass, Adam.)

Rachel says that Jessie had on some tight little wrestling briefs that said Mr. Pectacular in sparkley bling across his butt.

Rachel:  I didn't want to look, but his ass looked really good.

She describes how the buttcheeks of his briefs were shaped to show more.

Jordan Mentions Her Visit to BB12 with Jeff

She walked around behind the scenes first and saw Rachel and Brendon laying in bed and stood just a foot away from them.

Jordan:  Even though I had seen everybody on TV, it was still different to see them in person.

She said her heart was pounding and she was scared when they rang the doorbell to enter the house.

They think that Tori must have walked around backstage and saw them before coming in, too.  She greeted Adam by name and asked him if he would have a 90210-themed wedding.

Adam: Yeah I'll have a 90210 wedding!

Jordan:  But what about Fara?  It's her wedding, too!

Everyone is giddy with excitement and the nomination ceremony appears to be forgotten at the moment.

I don't know about you, but I hope some of those clothes actually fit Porsche.  Even if she doesn't stay in the house much longer it would be nice to see something other than the velour sweatsuits, the pink-and-gray striped top and the "Hi Dad" T-shirt.

Jordan apologizes to Rachel that she didn't get any shoes for them.  She just didn't have time to get over to the shoe area.  Kalia grabbbed several pair.  Jordan knows that a pair of Jessica Simpson platforms were there and is sick about not getting them.

The feeds cut out and when we return Adam is talking in detail about Aaron Spelling's death and who just bought the Spelling estate, which is one of the largest homes in California.

Adam:  There are literally rooms in that house that nobody every goes in.

Kalia, play-acting:  Oh, I totally forgot about that couch!  I didn't know where it was.

Now they discuss Tori having beef with her mom and getting cut off, financially.

Jordan: I Would Have Asked for My Humilitard Back

if I had to get stuck with Jessie in there.

They discussed that this is the 4th season in a row for Jessie on Big Brother.

Jordan:  He does love himself.  I mean, when you see him outside of this house he's okay and everything, but that is his persona.

Adam:  And who would come all the way over here for just an hour?  Would someone like Britney do that?

Adam explains the classic 90210 episode where Donna Martin got drunk at the prom and was expelled.  Adam goes into GREAT detail about he episode and Porsche tries to get him to stop by saying "I gotcha" a few times during his monologue.

Adam: If I had been up there with Jessie and watched you all up here with Tori, I would have gone crazy and probably torn the door down.

I think Big Brother had Adam go into the storage room so that Tori could enter the house safely.

Jordan:  No wonder they wanted us to look nice today.

The feeds cut out.

Adam mentions that one of his friends met Tori in Turks & Caicos and he and Tori discussed it.  Adam also got some Appletini mix and had a cocktail with Tori.  He is dancing around and is still very excited.

Kalia informs everyone about Tori's first wedding, and how she married her second husband after starring in a movie with him "like, one day after her divorce".  She starts talking about Tori's brief appearance with her mother on Troop Beverly Hills.  Adam mentions "Mother Can I Sleep With Danger" (a classic!) and Jordan mentions the Lifetime movie where Tori killled a cheerleader.

Oh Shit. It Was Jessie, Again.

And while Rachel was trapped with him, Tori Spelling actually came in the house and they had a shopping spree.

Jordan grabbed some sparkley things for Rachel.  Rachel admires a jacket that is "totally leather" from Calvin Klein that Porsche has.

They are all trying things on in the Dining Room.

Jordan:  I can't believe you got stuck with Jessie!

Rachel:  And I was watching you guys the whole time!

Jordan:  We could hear you down here!

Rachel got some T-shirts for the house guests from Jessie, I guess.

Adam:   Rachel, thank you very much.  You're getting the best wedding present ever.  You don't understand.....

(meeting Tori Spelling was his dream)

Jordan feels like she "racked up" and is giving Rachel things that she grabbed.  Rachel jokes that she "racked up" with T-shirts, too.  Jessie gave her a number of T-shirts to promote his new wrestling contract.  Rachel wants to give one to Brendon since it has Jessie's picture on it.  At least one of the T-shirts is signed by Jessie with a black magic marker.

Adam:  When Fara sees Sunday night's show, she is going to flip!

Rachel says Jessie had a lot of merchandise up there---protein shakes, etc, and she wasn't sure what she was allowed to take.  He had some cool thermoses with his picture on it but she didn't feel like she could take one.

Rachel starts describing how Jessie came out of the box and the feeds are cut frequently.   Turns out Rachel asked Jessie to sign T-shirts for the house guests.

Rachel:  I asked him, don't you want to sign one for Jordan?  He said, Oh Jordan (in a disgusted tone) and then he signed "To Jordan, I'm the winner!  Jessie".

The Pandora card said something about a "shopping spree with a celebrity" and they heard her say that downstairs.  Production asked her to lower her voice so they wouldn't overhear.  The card had a picture of Tori Spelling on it.  According to Rachel, she was pregnant and has some sort of wedding show now.

Jordan:  Did they have to talk you into it?

The feeds cut out on that.

There is also a huge tub of hair gel with Jessie's picture on it with the Young Gunz logo.

The doorbell rang and it was Tori and she had to keep ringing the bell because Adam had to put pants on.

Adam:  She was happy that I knew her birthday and the name of her store.

She kissed Adam and he is over the moon about it.

Shelly Moore Post-Eviction Interview

Shelly did an interview with Inside TV after her eviction from the BB13 house last night.  I wonder if Production feels any obligation to tell her what has happened regarding the death threats against her family.

I'm guessing the answer is No, since they didn't tell Britney Haynes (BB12) that her house burned down last year while she was at the Jury House.  And Jun Song (BB4) said after the finale where she won the Big Prize,  the Producers led her to a conference room, handed her a telephone and that is how she learned her father was in a coma.

After September 11th, Production did tell Monica (BB2) that her cousin was missing from the World Trade Center, but that is the last time I am aware of Production giving them information about the outside world that is specific to them before the season ends.

Shelly Moore on her 'Big Brother' eviction: 'Emotionally, I did break'

Image Credit: CBS

Shelly Moore seemed resigned and a little bit relieved to sit down with Julie Chen on Thursday’s edition of Big Brother, but the outdoors executive from Prairieville, Ohio, knows she’s got some serious apologizing to do when she enters the Jury House.

“I am nervous,” the 41-year-old married mom told EW. “The first thing I want to do is give Jeff (Schroeder) a hug and tell him I’m sorry. It’s a game, I made a game move, but at least he’ll have the satisfaction of knowing it didn’t work and that his lovely girlfriend is still in the house. I hope she does well. There are a few people who don’t deserve to be in those final two chairs. I always hoped a genuinely good, kind and decent person throughout the game would make it to the end.”

Moore started the game thinking that she was one of those types of people; indeed, she was shocked to learn how stable and successful her life was compared to some of the other players. “In the first week when I learned the back stories of these people, the lives they’ve led, the difficult hardships they went through, I felt a little bad. I have such an amazing life. I’m here for the experience and to play the game to and to obviously win. But there are people who need this money to survive. It made it emotional for me. When you are playing a game you have to do things you don’t normally do in life. Things that make you successful in the Big Brother house, don’t make you successful out of it.”

Though she was thrilled that her fellow house guests didn’t obsess about her being the oldest player,  it put her in the position of having to act like everyone’s mom. “A lot of people came to me for motherly advice or reassurance, and it made it more emotional because people put their problems on me! Even Jordan said `I feel bad for you. Everybody brings their problems to you.’ I don’t know if the public got to see that.”

Not really, but it did get to see a lot of those crocodile tears. Moore admits that she shed far too many of them. “I hate that I cried,” she admitted. “It’s embarrassing but emotionally, I did break.” Her lowest moment occurred when Schroeder turned on her for betraying the veterans’ alliance – a move that she thought was necessary for her survival. Moore regrets not coming clean to Schroeder about her duplicity, but she still thinks she made the best decision to align herself with the vets (at least in the beginning).

“I didn’t want to stick with the newbies! A lot of them — Keith, Dominic, Adam – just wanted to take off and do different things, not have a little self-control,” Moore said. ”The veterans at least had a little more control over what went on in the game. With all the new people, everybody wanted to be the hero, the leader, everybody wanted to take over. I just didn’t think that was a good place to be. Given my age and the veterans’ experience, I thought those two things would mesh together. I always loved how Jeff and Jordan played the game, so I knew I would be playing with them.”

Cassi Books a TV Gig

According to TV Guide, Cassi Colvin will soon be appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful.   After BB11 and BB12, Jeff & Jordan and Brendon & Rachel both appeared on the same CBS soap opera.

I'm guessing that the producers of the Bold & the Beautiful took a look at who was left in the BB13 house and decided not to wait and cast the winner.  If it's Jordan or Rachel, it's been done before on their show.  And Kalia and Porsche wouldn't exactly garner much interest for them.

Nothing's an accident people.  Not in show business...

(I think they may draw more viewers if they cast Dominic, but that's just a guess based on who watches daytime TV.)

Interesting that she turned down America's Next Top Model years ago.  I've never heard her discuss that topic.

Exclusive: Big Brother's Cassi Colvin Guest Stars on The Bold and the Beautiful

Big Brother, Cassi

She was among the first to be ousted from the Big Brother house this season, but Cassi Colvin is wanted big time by The Bold and the Beautiful! The twangy, Texas-born model will appear on the CBS soap in a role that won't require much stretching — she'll play a runway model named Cassi who is involved with the hot new "Hope for the Future" fashion line. She will tape her scenes Sept. 15, the day after she appears on the Big Brother season finale, and will air mid-to-late October.

Though the 26-year-old Colvin hid her occupation from the other Big Brother contestants in an attempt to avoid envy, she told TV Guide Magazine before she went into the house that she's been modeling since age 11 and has had lucrative contracts in New York, Milan, Hong Kong and Sydney. Tyra Banks picked her for the first season of America's Next Top Model but Colvin took a pass. "The show wanted girls who [appeared to be] green so they wanted me to drop my agents," Colvin says. "I just couldn't do it. I wouldn't burn my bridges. And I have no regrets."

The Chenbot Tweets

and I guess she got the memo about pimping the Jury House hardcore.  Les probably handed her the memo at the breakfast table or something.

Do you think Julie actually types her own tweets?

Jordan: I Don't Really Know Jeff's Romantic Side

Jordan:  We sit in the recliner, watch movies and stuff our faces with food.  And we laugh!  Laugh at all kinds of stupid stuff.

Adam:  Is that Jeff's idea of a romantic evening?

Jordan:  Well, we live in different states, so I don't really know his romantic side.

Rachel is putting a lot of time into choosing her outfit and getting ready today.  She knows something big could happen and she wants to look good.

Rachel says that Brendon is always romantic and Jordan notes that the tone of their relationship is different from her relationship with Jeff.

Jordan:  Jeff's really good to talk to with advice and stuff...

TRIVIA.  I guess it's all about to go down in the Big Brother house!

Porsche's HOH Pictures

I like this picture of Adam, although I worry about him hitting the bottom of the pool at a bad angle.  (I am from Florida where swimming pool paralysis accidents are way too common...)

Porsche likes to be in the picture.

But this one's not too flattering, huh?  Shelly is nearly twice her age, and puts her to shame here.

Adam gets violent.

And here's Shelly, holding Rachel's puppy dog for ransom.  She should have staged the photo like a hostage photo, in my opinion.

You can see all of the HOH pictures here.

Big Brother Told Them to Wear Jeans

and Porsche is kind of complaining about it.  I think she knows those jeans aren't going to fit any better than they did last week.  Porsche mumbles that she "wants some new clothes".

(We want you to have new clothes too, Porsche.)

You can tell Kalia and Porsche are both getting paranoid about their situation.  When Jordan and Rachel came out of the Have Not Room Porsche asked Kalia twice if she had been in there with them.  (She wasn't in there with them.)

Jordan said earlier that it would be great if one of them went to the Jury House this week angry with the other one.  Rachel agreed that is brilliant, so there may be some head games coming as Jordan and Rachel start to work Jury Votes in their favor.

Jordan is blowdrying her hair now.  Do you think they would be more excited about getting ready today if they knew that a celebrity would be visiting them?  If Ashton Kutcher were to visit?

Pandora's Box is Pending

and we come back from a feed break and Rachel and Jordan are in the Have Not room discussing the situation. They obviously know that Production is setting it up in the HOH Room.

Jordan says she would open if if it looked like Jeff was coming back in the house for a day or two.  Rachel isn't sure what she would do, but she would like to see Brendon and/or win a honey moon trip.

Jordan describes how during BB11 Keven went upstairs, opened the Pandora's Box and was trapped, then money started blowing around the back yard.  They also discuss when Jessie came in the house to torment Britney during BB12.

Jordan:  Maybe you can go up there and see what it is...if it's something really good.....

Rachel:  What if Daniele comes back in the house for 24 hours?

They both groan.

Jordan thinks maybe it will be a "cool luxury thing, where everybody gets to do something".

Jordan:  I would want it to be a celebrity!

Rachel:  We had a celebrity!

Jordan:  I mean a real celebrity!

Rachel:  Jordan!  He was a big celebrity!

Jordan:  But a recent one....current.

Rachel describes David Hasselhoff's career and accomplishments, and then pimps CBS' new Same Name show.

Jordan:  I would want somebody like Carrie Underwood!

Jordan didn't even know what "that show Knightrider" was.  Rachel says "it was a movie".

(Ouch.  Good thing the Hoff isn't watching this.)

They joke about Jordan calling Rachel a handful.  Rachel says her mom will think that is hilarious.  I guess all is forgiven.