Friday, August 26, 2011

Nominations are Coming Up

and while the newbies obsess about what just happened today, Rachel and Jordan are drilling with tea bags in Candy Land.

They are going through each eviction---where the person was from, how many times they were nominated, what the vote was, etc.

Outside Porsche says she is really mad at Rachel and Jordan because "they are all done up for nominations and she hasn't been able to get inside her HOH room to get ready".

Ha ha ha she is all about being on camera.

Porsche also wants to "hole up in there and drink her bottle of champagne". She asked Big Brother for some sort of champagne that she described to Adam as "the low end of the Kristal family".

Shelly is in the Spaceship Room, saying she is "going to chill until the nominations".

Shelly: Rachel Can Take Her Pregnant Ass and Go Play With Jordan!

Shelly is all upset.  Apparently Jordan and Rachel called Shelly a bitch.

Shelly, crying:  And now my kid has to see people speak to her mother that way!

Shelly badmouths Jordan and Jeff, saying  that Jordan did whatever he said.

Porsche came out and said she instantly regretted taking it.

Shelly gives her the routine peptalk about how she needs to fight hard, like she did yesterday.

Adam:  I would have been fucking pissed if you hadn't taken it.

Adam is thrilled because he knows there is no way he can go home this week.  If he and Shelly are on the block voting her out is a no brainer.  I think he will even throw it (shocker!), since having Rachel and Jordan around is good for his game.  And I don't think he likes Shelly, anyway.

Adam says Rachel can't get through a competition now without messing it up.

Porsche keeps bringing up how Jeff won $15,000 and she only got $5,000.

(Jeff picked the $10,000 snowball to open AFTER most of the other snowballs had been selected----the two situations don't even compare.)

So, To Clarify Pandora's Box

the nominations and the POV tomorrow will be played in duos.  The duos can be nominated together, and then can win together and take themselves off the block.

Meaning, Rachel and Jordan can both survive this week.  If Porsche nominates them and one of them wins the POV, Shelly and Adam would automatically be nominated as a duo.  And I think we all know what that means.

Porsche is struggling with what to do.  I'm not sure how the duos got teamed up, but they appear to be as follows

1.  Jordan & Rachel
2.  Adam & Shelly
3.  Kalia & Porsche

Jordan:  If we don't win, I don't know what is wrong with us!

Rachel:  Let's get up in the morning and drink coffee and take away all of the bad things that have happened to us.

Jordan:  Thank you Big Brother.

Rachel:  Thank you for the twist.  We get to save each other!  It's just what Brendon and Jeff would have wanted!

In the bathroom, Kalia is trying to pump up Porsche and get her head back in the game.

Porsche:  I wish I hadn't taken it.

Kalia:  But you did.  You can't undo it.   It's okay.  We're not going to lose!  We're not!

They think Shelly is a goner (!) based on the situation.

Porsche: Ahhhh. This blows!

Porsche's HOH room is still locked.

Porsche, into her microphone:  Can you just tell me when my room is open so I can poop and pee in peace?

Porsche Opened Pandora's Box and Just Eff'ed Herself!

A new twist has happened and everyone is buzzing over what has happened.  Porsche had a laminated card labeled "HOH #2" and they are now split into duos again.

Kalia:  It's like we're Final Three now.

Rachel is pumping up Jordan on the patio:  This is huge! Do you understand, this is our chance!

They high five.

Jordan:  We're goin' on the block sister!

Rachel:  And we're pullin' ourselves right back off!

I don't think Porsche has done nominations now.  She looks very stressed.  She went into the DR to ask a clarifying question and told them to keep coming up with ideas while she is gone.

Porsche opened Pandora's Box and tells them she "got five", which I guess is $5,000.  Shelly got called to the DR and now Rachel and Jordan walk in and chat with her.

Jordan:  I would've opened it, too.

Jordan: Evel Dick Hates Us!

Rachel:  No, he doesn't...

Jordan:  Yeah, I think he does.  We evicted his daughter!

Rachel:  He calls her The Bitch.  He said, Daniele, the Bitch?  They really don't get along....  Brendon and I wanted to leave on Day 6.  I wish we had...

Jordan:  But you have an experience.  You got a lot further than you did last year.

Rachel:  This time they wanted Brendon out first...

Jordan:  I hope folks at home are rootin' for us.

She said that in BB11, Jeff got a standing ovation when he got voted out and that was the first time that had happened that year.

Jordan:  I hope he got that again.  Jeff's a good guy.

Rachel:  Yeah, he is.

TRIVIA.  Must be nomination time.

Jordan: It's Not Like He's Your Baby Daddy or Anything...

Jordan:  He's your fiance!

Rachel is kind of mad that Jordan said something about the pregnancy test right there out loud, without whispering.

Jordan: People know what we're talkin' about!

Rachel:  Well now they do!

Now they discuss how they can't seem to get a chance to talk to Adam.  The girls are "on him" all the time.

Jordan can't believe they "drank the Kool Aid" and let Brendon get voted out.

Jordan:  So we basically just got out all of the good players.

Rachel:  That happens every year.

Jordan:  People hate me and Jeff.

Rachel:  They're all jealous.  They hate me, too. The only reason why Jeff got voted out instead of me is because I haven't been winning anything.

Jordan:  But when you guys went upstairs, I didn't know what you were talking about.  And everybody was sayin' you were making deals up there and I didn't know.  People said we would never be able to get Brendon out.

Jordan Pulls it Together

and tells Rachel she might feel better if she took a shower and got ready.

Rachel went into the WC and told Jordan she wanted to tell her something when she got out.  BB asked Jordan to put her microphone on in preparation for this important conversation.

Rachel talks to Jordan while she is blowdrying, though, so we can't hear what she said.

But I know she was telling Jordan she thinks she is pregnant-she is over two weeks late and feels nauseous.  Jordan asked her if she "uses anything" and Rachel shakes her head no.

(Maybe they didn't plan to have sex in the house?)

Jordan asks the symptoms and tells Rachel maybe she is late due to stress.

Rachel:  I'm just frustrated that "they" won't.....

(I think Rachel asked BB for a pregnancy test and they said no.)

When we return Jordan is telling Rachel that after BB11 she and Jeff were inseparable for about two weeks.

Rachel:  How long were you in LA?

Jordan:  It must have been two weeks.

Rachel:  Where did you stay?

Jordan:  Well Jeff has friends out here....

Rachel:  So you stayed with them?

Jordan: And we stayed at a hotel one night.  The Standard?  But it's different out here...

Rachel:  I love The Standard!  But you pay so much for a little bitty room....

Rachel Has a Friend Now

in the house, which she didn't have last year.  She seems to be enjoying looking out for Jordan and cooking with her.  Shelly walked through with her arm around Porsche and Rachel laughed when she was gone.

Rachel:  So fucking ridiculous....

Shelly gets called to the DR.

Kalia walks through:  What are you eating?

Rachel:  Fried chicken.

Kalia:  What did you bread it with?

Rachel:  Flour.

Kalia babble about how she forgot that they have access to all of the foods.  Jordan cleans up the kitchen a little before sitting down with Rachel to eat.

Rachel and Jordan Plan Lunch

They want to fix a salad with romaine and Rachel is going to cook chicken on the stove.  I don't think Jordan has eaten since before the live show last night.

Jordan:  I don't know how to make chicken.

Rachel:  You don't?  I'll show you how.

Jordan:  Do you know how to do it right?  For real?

Rachel:  Yes!  Jeff and Adam used to eat my chicken all the time!

Jordan:  And they didn't get sick?

Rachel: No!

Rachel tells Jordan about her good bye message to Jeff.  She thanked him for everything he did for her and said she would take care of Jordan.  She thinks Dani is just getting to the Jury House now and Jeff will follow her later.

Rachel:  They do it differently for the double eviction weeks.

Jordan doesn't want any soda--she'll just drink tea.  Rachel wanted to hide some Diet Coke but Jordan says they don't need all of that drama.

Jordan calls out for Adam and walks off camera to talk to him.  The cameras don't let us go with her though.

Meanwhile, Shelly looks for the bright side outside with Porsche and Kalia.

Shelly:  No matter what happens, two of us will still be here, and all of the rest of us will get to sit in the front row on those stools at the finale!

(Is that really what Shelly is worried about?)

Kalia:  The only thing I need in my life is a half million dollars.  I have had a really bad couple of years, but this last year has just been blessed.

Kalia wants to "start a grown up life, finally owning something and driving something that doesn't belong to her mom".

Last night when I was watching the Live Show Aftermath on the feeds, Shelly was sitting at the dining room table with Porsche.  Porsche was trying to reassure her that she did the right thing by changing her alliance and Shelly did something that I thought was very telling...

Shelly, to Porsche:  Can you at least tell Daniele that I voted for her?  Will you tell her?

The implication being that Porsche would be evicted before Shelly and Shelly wanted her to work Dani's vote for her.  I'm not sure if Porsche caught that, but she didn't really answer.  Something interrupted their conversation.

Now the girls discuss Jeff---how direct and intimidating he could be.

Shelly:  They did break their word to people throughout the house, and throughout the game.  And it's like the pot calling the kettle black, because things didn't go her way!

Kalia:  Yeah, it's like, I crossed Daniele and this is what happened!  Do you know what I mean?  That's like, why I like, didn't make a lot of deals.

Shelly:  I'm excited about a three girl final.  Do you think the three of us can stick together?  And continue being open and honest?

(Adam isn't stupid....he should team up with Rachel or something to give himself a chance.)

Jordan is putting together a salad in the kitchen with Rachel, while Shelly bad mouths her on the patio.

Porsche thinks it is ironic that it took Dani leaving to pull the three of them together.

Shelly:  It's so weird that the last three weeks Daniele kind of peeled off her skin and played was neat to see and I told her "in her thing" that she didn't have to walk in (Dick's) shadow anymore.

Kalia:  Like, everybody hated her in the last house, and hated her dad and like, she said, like this time was like more enjoyable.  Know what I mean?

Porsche's HOH Room is Still Locked,

adding to the suspicion and paranoia that something might happen today with Pandora's Box.

Porsche, Kalia, Shelly and Adam just shook on a Final Four deal.  Porsche alerted the cameras to make sure they caught a shot of it.  (Is she for real?)

Adam:  This is our house!  They were just visitors in Our House!  They had their own house....

He brings up how stressful the application process they all were on pins and needles waiting to hear from casting.  And all the veterans did was answer a phone call and say, "yeah, I'll go on this year".

Porsche keeps trying to tell the others what the DR told her about her room and the feeds keep getting interrupted.


Jordan is still in that bed, believe it or not.  She and Rachel think the POV might be the OTEV challenge, which would be hard for Shelly and Kalia since it is so physical.

Porsche Wants to Solidify Final Four

I think she is going to nominate Rachel and Adam, with the plan for Rachel to go.

Adam: You better not fuck me.

Kalia:  We won't.  We won't.

Porsche:  We don't think Jordan will win POV.

Kalia:  She hasn't won anything.

Adam, to Porsche:  But neither did you, until a few days  ago....

Porsche: If one of us can't beat Jordan in a Veto, then I'll go!  Jesus!

Adam points out that Jordan was the last one on the stage with Kalia in the live show.  The girls seem to poo poo this--they are pretty sure that Jordan can't win.

Shelly points out that Jeff and Jordan seem to forget that  they put her on the block with Cassi as a pawn.

Kalia:  I think it's clear from our discussions that they pretty much had deals all over the house.

Shelly:  They were doing exactly the same thing!

Kalia:  They just can't believe that we beat them.  They're pissed off about that.  They should have made better game moves.  At least Rachel said, I'm up here because I didn't win the HOH or the POV.  And that's the have to win to keep yourself here.

Kalia is babbling nonstop...she knows that Jordan has been miserable all summer and it has not been a good experience for her.  Kalia thinks that there is a good chance that they will roll over and say vote us out.

Adam:  Not Rachel...she won't do that.

Kalia:  No, she will still put up a fight.

Shelly:  I can't wait to go in the booth on Thursday and vote her out.

Adam:  That's why I think both of them should be nominated.  Because god forbid Jordan wins and takes Rachel off the block.....

Porsche: I just don't think Jordan will win.

Adam:  But what if she's lucky? She had luck in her season.....

Porsche thinks Rachel will take prizes or a honeymoon trip.  She also thinks that Jordan will let Rachel win.

Shelly:  Don't you let her win a trip!  If it looks like she is going to win a trip, somebody take it from her.  I'm not gonna take it, because of Josie, but somebody has to...

Kalia points out that when she won HOH the first time, it was her against the house.  And when she and Dani were the last ones in the endurance competition, it was literally them against the house.

Kalia:  So it can win in that situation.

Adam has to defend himself against being aligned with Jeff the entire time in the house.  Kalia doesn't think there would be two big events in one week, but she can't help worrying about some special power that Jordan might receive.

Adam:  We can't control that.

Jordan sleeps during this entire time, with Rachel in the bed next to her.

Kalia:  I really don't think they are going to rally this week.  Remember that the people who rallied them before are gone now.  I think it's going to be a week long pity party.