Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kalia Got Her HOH Basket

in the storage room.  Her letter is from "her man" and after reading it to herself she read it to the group.  It started out "this is your favorite Bahamian...".

She got Nair which makes her happy. And a lot of packs of Twizzlers---she had to hide some last time because there weren't enough.  She didn't get any wine or booze, though.

Meanwhile Jordan lays across the bed she shared with Jeff.  Rachel went in the kitchen and came back, saying she is sorry for Jordan.

Jordan:  It's okay.  You've already been through it.  I'm glad you're here with me.

Now Rachel needs encouraging.

Jordan:  We just have a black cloud over us right now.

Jordan is Still Sobbing

and trying to get ahold of herself.

Jordan:  It's not just Jeff leavin''s trusting somebody who just stabs you in the back!  I trusted a Mom away from home....and I was tellin' her stuff.  And she was going right up there and telling it to them!

Shelly, in the kitchen:  I'm tired of hearing that I'm the worst person in the world!  They're acting like it's the end of the damn world!  If it was anybody else they would be out here, looking for alcohol.....

Shelly is really being hostile now, and openly nasty.  Is that an act to get in solid with Porsche and Kalia?  Or has she felt this way all along?


Jeff's HOH Pictures

This one is kind of ironic, huh?

You can see all of the pictures here.

Jordan: It's a Stupid Reality Show

She and Rachel talk about Dani's speech.  Jordan says it was rude and imitates her.

Rachel: Why is Dominic's speech a question every single time?

Jordan: Because nobody else had a good speech.  Why did I keep believing her?  He told me the whole time, but  I didn't listen.

Jordan:  I miss my family.

Jordan:  I did nothing but stick up for her!

She brightens for a minute, remembering that Julie Chen said that the twists were far from over.  She thinks they might get something, like a coup d'etat or something.

(She might, if it looks like CBS is going to be stuck with the newbies for three weeks.)

Jordan:  I only came back because Jeff wanted to do it.

Rachel: Brendon didn't even want to do it.  He had school.

Rachel Grabs the Spotlight

by attacking Shelly about her missing stuffed dog.  Daniele told her that Shelly hid the dog but Shelly denies it.

Rachel:  You're 41 years old!  This isn't even a game thing! It's a personal thing!  Daniele told me that Porsche hid Colonel Quackers and you hid my dog!  I'm going home next. You sent my fiance home and Jordan's......her boyfriend, and you're winning.  So give me my dog back!

After Rachel leaves Shelly goes off on her and says that whole thing was ridiculous.

Shelly:  At least now maybe I'll have enough cigarettes!

(Because Jeff bogarted all of them!)

Jordan says that Jeff hid his HOH bottle of wine and that she and Rachel should drink it before the competition.  Rachel goes to get some glasses.

The bottle of wine is in a drawer. Jordan looks at it while Rachel is out of the room and seems to come to her senses.  When Rachel returns she says they should wait until after the HOH competition.

Jordan:  After....if we lose, we can drink it.

Rachel sniffles and blames herself for not winning a few of the competitions.

Jordan:  I hope I get evicted next.

Rachel:  Oh, great Jordan.

Jordan:  And then you can get evicted.  And then the four of us will decide who wins.


Jordan: Can we get a coup d'etat please?

She thinks she looked like a psycho on the live show because she was crying.

Jordan: Daniele is a Fucking Bitch with Too Much Eye Shadow!

Jordan is inconsolable, but Rachel is trying.   She pulled her away from Shelly, who was yelling at her that she was upset, too.

Rachel:  We have to fight Jordan!  Brendon and Jeff are in the Jury House because they protected us!

Jordan:  Now I'm the fucking idiot, aren't I?  I'm the fucking idiot!  I should have never trusted her..what is wrong with me?  You told me from the beginning.  Why did I trust her?  I'm so stupid.  And the only reason the other two are with her is because of PT, and of Danielle.

(I hope they get Dr. Zachary on set, pronto.)

Jordan:  How could all three of us just suck so bad in the competition? I don't care anymore.  I'm gonna say just what I think from now on.  You can't trust anybody in here.

Now we see Shelly crying with Porsche in the living room. I heard her say that "it's all going to be about that phone call now".  Porsche tells her this is the best thing that could ever happen to her, that she should try to be like Dr. Will, with the "circuitry and wires".

Shelly:  You're a good kid.

Porsche:  I do more than just cook and tan. It's not good to show all of your cards, know what I mean?

Kalia and Porsche Rejoice

and give shout outs to Dani in the Have Not Room.

Jordan sobs in the Purple Room and Adam just listens.  She even says the Eff word and now Shelly comes in and they start going at it.

OMG Jordan loses it and Rachel has to pull her away from Shelly.  Jordan is distraught.  And Shelly is angry.

Some Primp. Some Ponder.

What Will Rachel Do?

Is she going to vote for Dani or for Kalia?

I just watched a live conversation between Rachel and Shelly, and then Dani joined in.  Dani seems pretty sure that she is staying, since she thinks that Porsche, Shelly, and Rachel will vote to keep her.

But Rachel told Jeff and Jordan about this plan, and assured them she would vote out Dani (along with Adam and Jordan).

They only need three votes to evict, so it is all going to come down to Rachel's vote.

Rachel is pretty convincing with either side.  Dani evicted her fiance twice---will that influence her vote?

Shelly knows that America is going to hate her for turning on Jeff and Jordan.  (America doesn't exactly love you now, Shelly...)

Shelly:  I just don't want the two of them to have all of the money!  It isn't fair!

Adam: Cassi Had the Worst Effing Mouth

Adam:  What a trucker!

Jeff:  What?  Worse then us when we play pool?

Adam:  She was always saying 'thanks sweettits' and stuff like that.

The HOH lockdown is over and Jeff and Jordan have moved back into Candy Land.  They are laying in bed and talking to Adam and Rachel.  They discussed that PT was a joke-stealer and would repeat Jeff's jokes without giving him credit.

Jeff said that something feels weird in the house, but he can't put his finger on it.  For one thing, the missing items have started to reappear, but I think someone in the DR told Shelly or Rachel where to look.  "Mr. Quackers" was found floating in the HOH toilet tank, and the chess pieces have reappeared as well.

Jeff isn't so sure that the "snake game" will be used for the HOH competition.  When they got to practice the golf game, the instructions said to practice for the HOH.  But the note that they received last night said that "good balance may be rewarded".  He thinks it might be used for the POV and that's a good thing since he and Jordan are pretty good at it.

Jordan pointed out that just because Porsche was good at it last night, that doesn't mean she would be good at it today.

Porsche came in during the conversation and they switched to lighter topics.  Like the fact that the first week in the house, Porsche had really bad "beef jerky farts" in Candy Land, according to Adam.  Jeff adds that Porsche "blew one by the hot tub yesterday that slapped him in the face".

Adam:  Don't worry.  Nobody's shit doesn't stink in this house!  (funny)

Jeff:  When I walk in the room and smell perfume, I know Porsche's been farting.

Jeff says it will take him 10 minutes total to take a shower and get ready for tonight.  Adam has already showered.  Jordan plans to start getting ready around 2:30.  I think they have rehearsal first.

A Quiet Rachel is a Powerful Rachel

Rachel and Shelly were the only ones up for awhile.  They moved around the kitchen and sat together at the counter, eating and stirring coffee.  They could hear the crew setting up the backyard for tonight's show.

Shelly seems to think Rachel is on board to vote for Dani tonight---she talks in a low tone to Rachel, complimenting her calmness.

Shelly:  I think it's great that you aren't nervous.  Did you ever think we'd be working together?

Rachel:  Hmmmm.

(Shelly is going to be shocked tonight, in more ways than one.)

The HOH lock down has started, and there is dead silence in the HOH room.  I think everyone is laying down except Adam, who is eating his bacon-free breakfast.

Dick at Nite 8-15-11 Part 2

This is a recap of a Dick at Night episode from 8-15-11.  This show aired on Sunday night, after the blockbuster Thursday live show where Brendon came back in the house, and Dani won HOH.  This is a Super Duper episode with Keith, Dominic, and Cassi, who were just released into the general population.  This is the second half of the show---I watched about 85% of the entire episode.  I think I watched enough to get the gist of it.

I recapped Part 1 already---you can read that here.

1.  Dick continues to berate the newbies on how much their game sucked, but it is good-natured ribbing.

2.  Keith asked Dick about the guy who appeared on Media Day, but never came into the house.  He wants to know what happened to him.  Dick explained that BB always casts an alternate, in case something happens between sequester and the show's kick-off.

3.  I believe that, but they don't have the alternates participate in Media Day, do they?  I'm thinking whoever that guy was should have been cast instead of Lawon.   A few years ago (BB9, maybe?) there were rumors of a guy who got booted from sequester because he tried to contact his girlfriend at home, so I just assumed this was what the problem was.

4.  Dick mentioned that Chelsia Hart from SuperPass scared someone during their interview and that girl decided to withdraw and go home.  If I remember correctly, that was from last year, and I think she was a latin women who was probably Sheriff Kathy's age.  I know Chelsia asks all of them if they're ready to have all of their secrets unearthed on the internet and put on blast forever.  She also asks if they're ready to have cameras on them at all times.  Maybe this scared that lady who left?  I believe this happened because Dick is in the know, but I wonder why Chelsia gets the blame for it.

5.  Dick mentions to the evicted newbies that SuperPass will approach them after the season is over and will offer them "a $50 gift card" in exchange for doing an interview.  Dom got a big laugh out of this, but I'll bet he will do it.  He seems to want to squeeze all of the publicity he can out of this, and who can blame him?  I could see him cast on a Saved By the Bell type of show---I think he is adorable and energetic and the camera loves him.  

6.  Dick repeats again that Nikki who puts on the Vegas bash every year hasn't given one cent to charity for the last few years, and even "stranded Jeff and Jordan at the airport".  Dick really, really doesn't want anyone to attend or buy the party live feeds.  (I can tell you that interviews from this party will find their way onto You Tube eventually.  The sound quality is usually terrible and the houseguests are super-wasted, so I don't recommend paying for them, but that's just me talking.)

7.  Dick told the newbies that the guy from TV Grapevine will interview them and then be a dick about it---he will try to start trouble during his interviews and get them to all fight with each other.

8.  Ed is throwing a party the day after the finale at Universal City Walk---probably at Howl at the Moon or the Hard Rock Cafe.  I'm not sure if the general public can attend, or if it is just for BB alumni and friends, but I'm sure Ed is planning a telecast of some sort for his website.

9.  ****SPOILER?****  Dick tweeted that he is in L.A. this week---I'm thinking he will appear on tonight's show somehow.  His appearance always causes a ratings spike and with Dani on the chopping block the timing is right.  I guess we'll see---this episode is sure to be action-packed so maybe they won't have the time.

10.  Dick might put on a Reality Cruise sometime in the future.  Dom is excited about this, but I think he should wait and get a load of the Big Brother fan base first.   Being stuck on  a cruise ship with some of the Super Fans might not exactly be a dream come true.   Once again, just me talking...

11.  Dick told us that the Big Brother 13 Finale will be on September 14th, for 90 minutes from 8:00 to 9:30 pm EST.  He will be doing interviews again live from the backyard.   I will cover and recap those interviews here....I can't wait to see what happens!

Who's Going Home Tonight?

Whoever it is will need the other houseguests to pack up their things for them, since they won't be expecting it.  Kalia and Dani will be packed and ready, of course, but if Dani goes in the first eviction I don't think Kalia will need to worry about it.

Who needs to win?

In my opinion, Jeff needs Jordan to win HOH, or he needs to win the POV.  If that is the case Rachel may need to worry.....  Otherwise I think Shelly and Porsche are likely to be targets in the second eviction.

I guess the good news for Dani is she won't be alone with Brendon for very long in the Jury House.

What's on Tap for Today?

Well, there are sure to be a lot of twists and turns before Allison Grodner clocks out tonight.  Everyone is still sleeping right now, but this is going to be an action-packed day.

Dani made a last-ditch effort to stay in the house yesterday, by approaching Rachel and trying to cut a deal.  She told Rachel that she had Shelly and Porsche's vote, and only needed her's to stay.  She also made a run at Adam, but he ended up telling her his gut instinct was to vote Dani out.

This is the little meeting that is going to do Shelly in....Rachel went to Jeff and told him about it.  I don't think Dani knows she did this, but she had to know there was a strong possibility that Rachel wouldn't want to work with her.  She also knew it was her last chance---her last shot so she took it.  She had to.

So now Jeff and Jordan know that Shelly has been lying.   I think Shelly is at risk to go home tonight in the second eviction, if Jeff, Jordan, Rachel or Adam win the first HOH competition.   As of last night Jeff and Jordan said that they are cutting Shelly out of their alliance, and that Adam would be in their Final Four in her place.

I think Adam took the deal, but who knows, really.  It looks like he did.

Jeff said he wanted to wait until Dani was out of the house to confront Shelly and put it all out on the table.  They think Shelly is going to freak out since "she is a mother" and won't want that kind of image out there.

(Shelly hasn't even admitted to us in the DR what her strategy is all about---she seems to think the viewers don't see what she has been doing all season.)

I think there is a possibility that Dani might stay, but it is very, very slight.  I think Dani thinks she might stay, and told Porsche that she is going to try and look shocked if she gets the votes to stay.  She also said that "Kalia is going to die" if it happens.

(She needs to look shocked so that she can assure herself of  Kalia's vote at the end.)

Big Brother After Dark 8-24-11

I had insomnia last night so I watched a few hours of Big Brother After Dark on Showtime last night.  I usually don't watch it live---typically I DVR it and catch up on a few shows at once, but I couldn't sleep and tuned in.

A large device appeared in the backyard yesterday.  We can only assume that it is related to one of the competitions that will be held on tonight's live show.  (Since it is a double eviction we will see the first eviction, then a live HOH competition, nominations, a live POV competition, and the second eviction.  The second HOH competition will play out off-camera and we will probably know the results on Friday.)

It is a long piece of plywood shaped like a snake.  When I say long, it is probably at least 10 feet long.  It is about a foot wide and very windy.  It is mounted on some metal beams about 4 or 5 feet off the ground.  The objective was to balance a ball on the wood, and roll it all of the way to the end, where there was a small hole to catch it.

One of the competitions is sure to have this sort of skill.  The skill competitions typically give everyone a chance to win, since they are not based on brute strength.   The snake-shaped contraption is not the actual game, though.  While the houseguests used it, the camera would often catch the underside of the plywood, which showed a black line spray painted on the wood to indicate how the carpenter was to cut the wood.  It looked pretty homemade and would certainly be more gussied up for the live show.

(I wish I knew how to use a jigsaw.  How great would it be to just design something and whip it up?)

All of the houseguests were practicing with it, although I did not see Jeff or Dani using it.  (A big mistake on Jeff's part, since it could be a competition that he will play in, for the live POV.)  They may have tried it, but not when I was watching.

Jordan was very good at the contraption, and got three balls in a row at one point.  She appeared very calm and her experience with being on the live shows may help her during the competition.  It is generally recognized in the house that the skill competitions are the ones where Jordan has the best chance of winning.

Porsche was pretty good at it, and was kind of cocky about it.  Adam practiced for hours.  Rachel did too, and seemed to be in a sort of Stepford Rachel mode.  Rather calm, and trying to contain herself.

I saw Shelly try it twice, and she did shitty both times and made a big deal out of it.  (Shelly's ass is in trouble right now, so she'd better work a little harder.)  I saw her in the kitchen making a big deal about not wanting to practice in front of people, and hear all of the snide comments when she misses.  I think she was talking about Rachel, which is ironic since we all saw her confront Rachel this week about all of the smack-talking behind her back.  (Shelly is the WORST at the smack-talking behind people's backs.)

Dani is planning her speech for tomorrow night.  She told Porsche that "she is going to try to be nice, but she wants to beat Dom's speech".  She thinks that Porsche will like the second half of her speech.  She is very bitter about Jeff now, and seems to want to draw a huge target on his back.

When I watched, the Have Nots were just hours away from being able to eat.  It looked like Dani took bags of Pepperidge Farm cookies out of the kitchen cabinets and took them in the Have Not room.  Maybe they were leftover from her HOH basket.....